Angelle Jenesis Negron
April 16, 2012 - February 19, 2013
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Jesus "Jessie" Espinoza decided that he wanted to take his girlfriends daughter to watch the Super Bowl at his home, Jessie never brought Angelle back to her mother and while she was texting him the whole time he supposedly had her daughter, Jessie kept telling her things like, they were at Disneyland:

"Don't worry, we're having fun"

It had been two weeks since Pompey Morales had seen her granddaughter after Jessie and his daughter, Linda Espinoza took her for a visit:

"He was supposed to be back this Sunday, but he didn't show up. On Saturday night, she
they never went nowhere"

Pompey was talking about Linda, who had promised they would have Angelle back home safe by 8:00 a.m. Sunday. On Saturday afternoon, Linda had sent a picture through a text message and in the picture was Angelle with a black eye. Linda would later tell police that her father had abused this little Angel:

"She confessed and said she wasn't going to to cover up any more for her dad's lie. We didn't
where Angelle was at"

Pompey reported her granddaughter missing, though and Amber Alert was never issued.

The family put up flyers asking for help from the public to find this little girl.
People around town kept saying that Jessie was a good man and would never hurt a child. A Facebook message alerted Pompey to the fact that Jessie was at the Greyhound bus stop with two duffle bags around midnight on Sunday.

Susan Morales had been dating Jessie for less than six months, though he would often stop by the house and take Angelle, he was someone the family trusted. Susan was in drug rehab at the time he took her and never brought Angelle back:

"When he came here, he would b nice. He bonded with the
baby. We didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary, until
he didn't bring her back. I just want him to be punished. She
did not deserve that kind of death. I just want justice for my

Jesus Espinoza was arrested and booked in to jail at 12:35 p.m. on suspicion of murder, child endangerment and child stealing. After his arrest, Jessie gave Police a general location where they would be able to find Angelle's body, he also indicated that he had been on his way to Mexico when he was at the bus station.

That Tuesday, Angelle's little body was found at 9:00 a.m., she had been shoved under some brushed just outside the city limits, it had been three
days since Pompey had reported her missing:

"We had to ID the baby's body. We never thought this would happen to our grandchild.
We have to stay strong"
Pompey Morales

Pompey and her family were shocked and devastated to find out that Angelle was dead. When asked if they regretted not issuing an Amber Alert the Police responded:

"It's not a matter of regret. We didn't meet the criteria so we have no ability
to issue one"

It was said that due to lack of a vehicle description, an Amber Alert could not be issued. It was reported that other then Jessie, no one else would face charges in the death of Angelle.

The only thing left for Pompey and her family to do, was make arrangements to bury this precious little baby girl. Plans were made to bury her in Salinas and her service was to be held at Our Lady Of Refuge Church with her burial taking place at the Castorville District Cemetery. A memorial trust fund was set up to help cover the costs of Angelle's funeral.

Jesus Vargus Espinoza, who was 47 years old at the time, plead not guilty to charges of murder, child endangerment and child endangerment causing death, his first hearing was scheduled for March and he was held without bail. Susan Morales was inside the courtroom that day and as she left she said:

"I have questions and no answers and he has them all"

In another interview, Susan had said that she knew Jessie had a bad temper when he was drinking. I have to ask myself, WHY would she continue to date someone like that and WHY would she not tell her family to keep her child away from someone like that? Those would be the questions I have that are not going to be answered.

This is where the story seems to end, nothing further was reported. I am unable to find out about any conviction or sentence in this case.


It's been just a few days since I posted this story and already someone has sent me an update, I am so thankful for that.'

In June of 2013, Jesus Vargas Espinoza, who was 47 years old at the time, having been found guilty of assaulting and killing a child under the age of eight years old, was sentenced to 25 years to life, in prison.

I want to thank the person who sent this to me, unfortunately, I have lost that e-mail and do not have a name, I am still now and will continue to be grateful for all of the people who visit my site, remember the children, sends names of Angels who need to be memorialized and send updates to me. Together, we are honoring these Angels, as it should be!


Baby Angelle Jenesis Negron, 10 months, of Castroville, passed away Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

She was born April 16, 2012, in Santa Cruz.Angelle is survived by her mother, Susan Morales; father, Anthony Joe Negron; grandparents Joe and Pompey Morales; great-grandmother, Consuelo Escareno; sisters, Laura Marquez, Alexus Morales and Christen Negron; brothers, Abel Aguilera, Armando Bravo, Anthony and Joseph Negron; nieces, Ashlee and Gabriella; nephews, Isaish Valdivia, Joziah, Roman and Nathan; uncles, Joey, Marco, Fernando and Anthony Morales; aunts, Val, Marina, Brittany and Patty; also G.H. Family.

Thank you goes out Janet for bringing this little Angel to my attention.

Death occurred in the state of California
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