Honey Veus
2012 - April 13, 2013

Honey Veus didn't stand a chance against her father. This one year old little Angel was at the mercy of a man who admitted that he felt relief when he was able to cause her pain. Rony Veus was 23 years old when his sick obsession took the life of this little Angel.

A call came in to 911 and Paramedics responded to the home where they were told that a child was not breathing and had no pulse. Rony was trying to perform CPR on his daughter when they arrived and he said he had found her unconscious. Honey was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that she had been abused. Rony said that he had been visiting the Philippines where Honey and her mother lived and that he had brought her home with the injuries she had.

Rony eventually admitted to Police that he had been having fantasies about hurting his daughter and that when he did hurt her, he was relieved by it. Rony also admitted to Police that to find relief, he had pulled her hair, pushed her down, threw her on the bed and forced her to eat Cinnamon as well as burning her feet with a cigar. It was reported that Rony also said that he was suffering from depression as well as Schizophrenia and that he wanted to get medical help for his mental condition.

Honey was in a coma for three days with bleeding on her brain and burns on her feet and Rony was arrested and held on assault charges. Rony went before the court and was granted a bail of only $20,000. and was ordered not to have any contact with Honey at all:

"He described that when he caused physical pain to his daughter and harmed her, in some strange
way it brought him relief. It made him feel better, as disturbing as that sounds"
Officer Steven Popp

A neighbor was in shock over what had happened:

"It's very disturbing. I've got kids, grand kids, great grand kids and that's very disturbing. I
wouldn't encourage and I wouldn't tolerate it"
Alwyn Shaples

When Honey died, Rony's charge was changed to murder. Rony's mother said that she never thought her son would hurt her granddaughter, but she had suspicions that things were not right:

"I asked him, what's going on. He said he don't know. I said, what did you do with the baby, I see
something on her feet. He say he don't know"
Maritelle Thelemaque

After Honey died, Rony's bond was revoked. It was said that Rony had been abusing Honey for at least a month before her death:

"Coming from her father, I mean, It's very saddening and disheartening. Mr. Veus
admitted to burning his child on the foot with a cigar as well as holding her in the air
upside down for long periods of time pushing her on the ground, throwing her across
the room"
Apopka Police

As of today's date, I am unable to find any information about a conviction or other information in this case.

Death occurred in the state of Florida
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