Justice W. Robinson
July 3, 2003 - November 12, 2004
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Raiden A. Robinson
September 27, 2004 - November 12, 2004
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In a home where the refrigerator was full of full and the pantry had food and baby formula, why did two children starve to death? Marie Robinson knows why, because she is the mother of these two precious little Angels who died because she would not feed them. Marie had three children living in the home and one of them, a 2 1/2 year old boy, was lucky enough to be old enough crawl around on the floor and look for food. I

Police responded to the home and found Marie, who was 36 years old at that time, passed and her blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit for drivers. In Marie's room were over 300 empty beer cans. Marie was on food stamps, but reports said that she would buy food and then later return it to buy beer. In the home, Police found uncooked noodles, rice and empty food wrappers all over the apartment.

These three boys were not the first children that Marie had given birth two and in fact, she had been married for 12 years to Mark Robinson and she had four children with him. When the couple divorced, Mark said:

"Respondent is an alcoholic. She needs treatment. I cannot trust Marie to care for our four
children. Not only will she continue to drink, but she frequently passes out"

Mark old of how his mother moved in to help take care of the children and Elsie Robinson said that her daughter-in-law had a mixed kind of personality:

"A Doctor Jekyl and Mr. Hide personality. She can have a lovely personality one minute, but when
she is drinking, she is mean both in words and attitude. Marie will often drink and stay drunk
for days. If she does not have beer, she searches the house for anything with alcohol in it, like
Listerine, Vanilla. If Mark does not allow her to take the car, she just wanders off on foot. I believe
that Marie needs help and will not get it until something drastic occurs"

Mark was fighting Marie for custody and a Judge granted him custody of the four boys.

After the death of her two boys, Marie told Police that she had felt she was a very good mother and that her children were all very good eaters and that she had only started drinking when she had found Raiden dead in his bassinet. Rather than call for help, Marie put a blanket over her son.

Social Services had been in the life of this family for at least two years and of course they were running around trying to figure out what had gone wrong. Prosecutor Norm Maleng was going to charge Marie with two counts of second degree murder and one count of endangerment related to her son who was still alive and said that these children were among the most tragic of all of the cases he had ever handled:

"The degree of neglect is unfathomable"

Norm Maleng was going to ask to the Judge for a sentence that would exceed the 36 years which was the maximum allowed in this kind of case.

Christopher Bone, father of the children was so overwhelmed that he was not able to speak to reporters but his Lawyer, Carol Johnston said that the pain he was feeling was intense over this loss. The surviving child was living with Christopher's mother.

The Department Of Social And Health Services had received at least four complaints about Marie and her neglect of these children over the two years prior to the death of the Justice and Raiden. At least two of those complaints resulted in visits by a Social Worker. In October of 2003, it was determined that the children weren't in any danger according to Kathy Spears, a spokeswoman for DSHS, though she said she couldn't comment on any of the other complaints as the Department was searching for the paper work, she also wouldn't comment on any knowledge of DSHS that Marie was an alcoholic who has previously lost four children.

Department records did indicate that Christopher and Marie had met at and Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and that after their first son turned nine months old, Marie accused Christopher of raping her in front of the child, that was in September of 2002. Christopher admitted at first what he had done and changed his plea after Marie recanted her allegations against him. DSHS says that Marie repeatedly turned them down when they offered to help her and that there had been several visits by nurses who were turned away with help refused:

"There were multiple contacts by our folks with this woman, mainly around her parenting issues,
but if she doesn't to play, there isn't anything we can do. It's a voluntary program"
Scott Lindquist - Public Health Director

Of course after the deaths, DSHS was all about doing a complete investigation. Christopher had only recently been released from Prison and was unemployed and through the Church Of The Nazarene, a fund was set up to help with the costs of burying these precious little boys.

In January of 2007, Judge Helen Halpert dismissed that charges against Marie, who was by then 39 years old, and committed her to a State Mental Hospital saying she was dangerously, mentally ill. The Judge said she had no choice because Marie was not found to be mentally fit to stand trial:

"I realize a tragedy of this magnitude will likely be with the family forever"

Christopher Bone was crying in court and said that Marie needed to be held accountable for what she had done to their children:

"It's painful. I think it's a moral issue. I have to come to some part of me so that I forgive"

If there ever comes a time when Marie is found fit to stand trial, Prosecutors in the case would be able to recharge her with two counts of second degree murder and reckless endangerment of a child:

"If that happens, we will immediately initiate criminal proceedings and do our level best to see
that she is held responsible for the death of her two sons. She killed two boys, that's a good
indication that she's not safe to be out on her own"
Deputy Prosecutor - Rich Anderson

Judge Helen Halpert said that Marie didn't have a rational understanding of what was going on in court, though she had been in treatment for two years to help her. Marie told Psychologist at the Western State Hospital that her children were not really dead and that Police had found something along the line of dolls that looked like her children. Marie said she knew that her children had been taken to England by "secret Police" until such time as she stops investigating the time space continuum and that she knew her children would not be harmed. Marie felt that she was being brainwashed as well as manipulated by the "secret Police" and that she was on video surveillance. Marie was diagnosed with alcohol dependence, major depression, paranoid Schizophrenia and other mental disorders. While the Psychologist felt that she might be exaggerating some of her symptoms, he felt that she was suffering from real depression, anxiety and psychosis.

Marie was sent to Western State Hospital and the duration would depend on the length of time she would be considered to be a danger to herself and others. Colleen O'Conner, Marie's Lawyer said that Marie had been drinking she was 14 years old and had started to numb the pain and memory of having been sexually abused adding that Marie had been on a waiting list for alcohol rehabilitation when her children died.

After Justice and Raiden died, a settlement was won in the amount of  $2 million dollars, the bulk of which went into an account trust fund for Phoenix, the brother who survived.

In November of 2007 it was found that Marie no longer fit the qualification for a civil commitment, which meant she could then stand trial, which she did. Standing before Superior Court Judge Michael Hayden, Marie was sentenced to 34 years in prison for starving her children to death. Marie had plead guilty to reduced charges of manslaughter. It was reported that the standard sentence for manslaughter was 13 to 17 years.

Deaths occurred in the state of Washington
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