Jakob Brown
- March 3, 2008
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When Jakob Brown was only eight months old his mother, Tracey Brown, started dating a man named Gregory Wayne Hill. It didn't take long for Jakob to start suffering at the hands of this man when Tracey started leaving them alone together. Jakob suffered bite marks on his arms, hemorrhaging on his head, blood in his diaper and visible injuries on his shoulders, face, neck and head. At one point, Gregory spent time in a hospital for depression and during that time, Jakob was injury free. Why didn't Tracey do anything to help her son, like, oh I don't know, LEAVE THIS MAN!?!

Gregory was always able to lie his way out of the injuries he caused to Jakob, telling his Preschool Teachers that the bruises and scratches he had were because he had fallen out of the shower and had begun biting himself. That was three days before he died and when the staff at the school undressed Jakob, they saw that he had a fresh cut on his shoulder and an inflamed bruise in his pelvic area. From the years 2006 to 2008, this man had been abusing Jakob and even though she MUST have known something was going on, his mother decided that on March 3, 2008, she was going to leave her defenseless child alone with this man and it would be the last time she made that mistake!

The first hit to Jakob that day was reported to have been to his abdomen and was said to be so hard that it tore open his stomach lining and his intestines, the second hit came to his head and it cause a fractured skull and his brain began to swell. Gregory put Jakob to bed and left him there, in pain, all alone. When Tracey got home, she found Jakob in his bed, unconscious with blood and what appeared to be vomit on his face, Jakob was not breathing. Gregory said that Jakob had fallen on the cement twice during the day, but after each fall he had been able to get up and walk around. Jakob was taken to Campbelltown Hospital where he died.

For five years, Gregory denied hurting Jakob in any way at all, but in in December of 2013 Gregory finally plead guilty to murder. In July of 2014, Gregory Wayne Hill, who was 40 years old at the time, was sentenced to 27 years and six months in prison, he would not be eligible for parole for 20 years and six months:

"Justice was served. I hope he rots in Hell for the rest of his life. Greg Hill, you're a piece of
s**t that's all you are. YOu don't deserve to go to jail you deserve a death penalty"
Darren Gibson - Jakob's Father

"He was gorgeous. He didn't deserve what happened to him"
Tracey Brown

You're right, Tracey, he didn't deserve what happened to him and it hurts my heart that you didn't do anything to protect your son from this man who OBVIOUSLY had been abusing him and there is NO way you'll ever convince me that you were NOT aware that something was going on for the two years that you left your son at the mercy of this man.

Reports said that the Department Of Community Services had been in Gregory's life at the time of Jakob's death and Detective Sergeant David Scholfield said that this investigation had been "difficult and confronting":

"I can only imagine what that poor child went through"

In court it was said that it was a "mystery" why Gregory didn't get help for Jakob after the first hit:

"For reasons which remain completely unexplained, the offenders response was not to ensure
that care was administered. Rather his response was to cause even more pain to Jakob by
inflicting a second blow of sufficient force to cause what Dr. Little described as a massive
fracture to his skull, which ultimately led to his death"
Justice Bellew

Certainly people are not so ignorant that they can't realize he didn't get this child any help because he KNEW that he had caused the injuries and would face prison time for child abuse!?! Medical Professionals said that Jakob would have been in extreme amounts of pain and would have been unable to eat or even to move because the contents of his stomach were spilled into his abdomen and were making him sicker.

A victim impact statement was read in court:

"The last memory of my son was him lying lifeless in a hospital bed with a
tube coming out of his mouth. He was a brave, happy, handsome little boy.
he was the light of my life"
Darren Gibson

The Defense Lawyer, Mark Dennis said that Gregory had been suffering from depression and that he was in chronic pain that was the result of a truck accident he had been in a few years earlier while he had been a truck driver:

"The murder was slightly below the middle range of seriousness for this type of offense"

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Is he trying to say that it could have been worse? It never ceases to amaze me the things that come out of the Defense Attorney's mouths when they are trying to get their client out of murdering a child. Crown Prosecutor Christopher Maxwell QC said:

"Depressed or not depressed, in pain or not in pain, he would have known he was a danger
to that child. He knew that when he inflicted the blow to the abdomen and he knew when he
inflicted the final blow"

A neighbor testified that Jakob could be heard crying and seemed to be in distress, why didn't this neighbor call the Police? Det. Supt. Mick Willing said that there were similarities in Jakob's case and others they had seen in the past:

"Usually there has been some kind of physical abuse of the abuser. There is some kind
of history of that"

In a lot of the cases, the abuser is not the biological parent of the child they are abusing and they started a relationship with someone who already had at least one child. The abuser, for whatever reason, ends up taking out their frustrations on the child.  Mick Willing said what I have said time and time again, that it is disturbing that in a lot of the cases he sees, the parent of the child is aware of the abuse their child is going through, but they ignore it for whatever reason:

"There is a new boyfriend, new partner and for whatever reason, they abuse the child. Why? I can't
answer that question"

Mick Willing said that that hardest thing to deal with is that these children are so innocent and their lives are taken away so young:

"They haven't the opportunity of life that older people have had"

Thank you to Alison for giving me the opportunity to honor this little Angel by sending me his story.


On March 6, 2018 I received an e-mail from one of Jakob's family members. This person was upset about how this page was written and the fact that I included my opinions about how Tracey had known about the abuse of Jakob and did nothing to help him. The e-mail sent to me was very polite and in no way mean at all. I appreciate that and let the person know that if she and her family would like to tell their side of this, I would print what they say without changing a word. I never want to print inaccurate or false information on my pages and will give the opportunity for people to tell their side if they choose to do so.

Death occurred in Australia
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