Tylea-Marisol Grace Moore
December 31, 2013 - July 4, 2014
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Alexis Botello, a 17 year old,  will never be in the running for Mother Of The Year. Another child has paid the price for a mother who never should have had a child in the first place. Alexis had a boyfriend named Joshua Markus Beard who was 20 years old and when she graduated from High School just a few week earlier, they began living together.

On a day when children should be celebrating and watching fireworks, Joshua decided that Tylea wasn't going to be doing anything fun. Joshua started to push this little Angel as well as yell her, when Alexis began to yell at him, Joshua started punching Tylea leaving bruises all over her body, that wasn't enough for him, Joshua thought that this little girl deserved to be bitten as well. Calling her "little demon", Joshau picked her up and threw her on the bed with such force thatshe bounced up and landed on the floor. Once again, not enough for Josuah who started to stomp on her stomach. Tylea's little body gave out and she stopped breathing, when CPR failed, Tylea died.

At that point, Alexis did what any good mother would do, (Yep, that's sarcasm there) Alexis watched Joshua load this little Angels body into the trunk of her car and drove to Walmart to buy gloves and shovels. Under a bridge in a remote area they dug a grave, burying Tylea in a diaper, wrapped in a blue blanket. Joshua covered the grave with logs and rocks and they left, leaving the shovels under the bridge. Joshua and Alexis drove off and rented a room at the Extended Stay hotel, in Joshua's name.

The next day, Joshua was arrested on drug and traffic violations, though at that point, no one knew what he had done to Tylea except Alexis. Joshua tried to call Alexis and when he could not reach her, he sent his aunt, Trina McKenzie, to the Extended Stay hotel. When Trina asked Alexis where Tylea was, Alexis lied and said she was with Angela Botello, Alexis' mother who said she had not seen Tylea in over a month. On Sunday, the 6th of July, Police were called to the hotel on a report of a missing child. When Police first questioned her, Alexis said she had not seen Tylea in two days, but she ended up telling them that Joshua had killed her and she lead Police to the bridge where they had buried Tylea.
Alexis had the nerve to try to defend Josuah:

"He didn't mean to do it"

WHAT? How do you NOT mean to kill a child with all that he did to her? Richardo Botello, Alexis' father, said that he had talked to Alexis on Sunday and she was not giving much information about what happened:

"I asked her what happened and where was Tylea. At first she said she hadn't seen the
baby in a while, then two days. What mother doesn't konw when she last saw her baby.
I had not talked to them in a while because I wasn't happy with their situation"

Joshua had apparently told Alexis not to say anything to anyone about what had happened to Tylea.

Tylea's biological father is a U.S. Marine and was expected to return home that week. While in jail, Joshua was charged in Tylea's death and was facing a capital murder charge even though at that time the Medical Examiners Office had not officially identified Tylea's body as being her:

"We do believe we have enough evidence ot charge Mr. Beard who is in our jail"
Christoper Cook - Police Spokesman

Joshua's bail was set at $1 million dollars and though no charges had been filed against Alexis at that time, the investigation was still very new:

"We are not fuling out anything if there are additional charges or additional people arrested.
The mom's cooperating with us at this point"

On July 8 of 2014, it was reported that Alexis was arrested and charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence as well as injury to a child. Alexis was a given $125,000. bond. Alexis said she couldn't believe that Tylea was gone. Why not Alexis, you watched her get beaten, you watched her die, you helped bury her, saying you can't believe she is gone is a ridiculous statement.

Alexis said that she and Joshua had been fighting because she yelled at him and told him to stop hitting Tylea who was just a child and didn't understand. When Joshua went to sleep, Alexis put Tylea to bed and the next morning, she had bruises over her entire body, bite marks on her face and two cutes on her mouth:

"This is an unfortunate, just tragic, tragic case. Number one, we thought we were dealing
with a missing child. That already is unnerving for a community. But then, when foul play is
supsected early on, it is just very traumatic for all of our officers, detectives and also all our
crime scene personel working the case"
Christopher Cook

Tylea's grandmother set up a site on "Go Fund Me" to try to raise $20,000. to build a playground in her memory.


Tylea-Marisol Grace Moore
2012 - 2013

Tylea-Marisol Grace Moore, 1 year old, passed away Monday, July 7, 2014.

Funeral: Has been held in White's Chapel of Memories.

Interment: Memory Gardens of the Valley.

Tylea-Marisol Grace Moore was born Dec. 31, 2012, in Weatherford, daughter of Chris Moore and Alexis Botello. She loved TV shows, especially "Dora the Explorer" and "Sofia the First," and really loved making wishes as she would blow on dandelions. Tylea had a cute personality and loved everybody. She liked to dance and make silly faces and adored her "Lambie."

Survivors: Parents, Chris Moore and Alexis Botello; grandparents, Mike Moore, Mary Moore and Angela Botello, all of Weatherford, and Ricardo Botello and wife, Cristin, of San Antonio; great-grandparents, Forrest and Marjorie King of Weatherford, Mackey and Pat Moore of Aledo, and Rick and Dollie Bedwell of Fort Worth; great-great-grandmother, Grandma Love of Florida; and a host of loving aunts, uncles and cousins.

Published in Star-Telegram on July 27, 2014

Read more here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dfw/obituary.aspx?pid=171869186#storylink=cpy

Death occurred in the state of Texas
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