Amina Agboola
October 7, 2011 - November 21, 2013

When a child is in diapers and that diaper is put to use by that child in the way it is intended to be used, NOBODY should have a problem with that. Dean Harris, the 19 year old boyfriend of 29 year old mother Sarah Racquemen, was apparently not smart enough to know that. Dean kicked Amina Agboola in the stomach so hard that it split her liver in half and sent her flying six feet across the room, all because he was angry at her for proper usage of a diaper she was wearing at the time. In other words, Dean didn't want to change a poopy diaper so he killed a child instead.

Sarah had been told repeatedly that this man was a danger, so I can't figure out WHY she would stay with him or WHY any child protection agency wouldn't remove this child from her care if she was willing to put her in that danger. Dean called for help when he realized that he had hurt Amina very badly, but he lied and said she fell off of the toilet. Later, dean finally admitted what he had done but said he didn't mean to hurt her that badly. So Dean figures it's okay to kick a child as long as he doesn't mean to hurt her badly? I don't know how he expected NOT to hurt her badly, she was two years old.

Paramedics arrived found Amina in the home, she was unconscious and unresponsive, her pupils were dilated and she could not breath properly. Amina was taken to the hospital where Doctors found that she had injuries in different stages of healing that included a broken arm, bruises on her head and bite marks on her cheeks and arms. A search of the home showed Police that there was not enough food in the home. Sarah was taking her oldest daughter to school that morning and though she had been warned about Dean being violent, she left Amina alone with him. Sarah knew about his violent tendencies and she MUST have known that he was abusing her child, yet she didn't do anything to help her:

"I believe in second chances, I gave him the benefit of the doubt"

Where is Amina's second chance? She doesn't get one because you are too stupid and selfish to realize that your daughter is a gift from God, not someone who didn't matter, which is the way you seem to feel about her. You don't take chances with your children, you don't allow a child abuser into your home because they deserve a second chance. Amina is dead and you are partly to blame for that if the law says so or not.

People left stuffed animals and other items for Amina, outside of her home.

Dean Harris was arrested and was said to have told another prisoner that he knew he was a psychopath and said that he was frustrated with Amina because she kept soiling her diapers.

The opening statement in court was this:

"The evidence demonstrates that in the period leading up to Amina Agboola's death,
Sarah Racquemen was repeatedly warned by professionals that Dean Harris posed
a risk of serious physical harm to children but she chose to ignore those warnings, that
was to prove, unfortunately, a fatal decision"
Prosecutor - Zoe Johnson

It came out in court that Sarah had met Dean only five months earlier and that he lived next door to her. Social Services had warned her over and over that he was an abuser of children and women and that he was using drugs. Sarah had been in a bad relationship before this one and had been the victim of domestic abuse, even so, she allowed Dean to stay in her life because she said she being a single parent was stressful. Sarah said that she had not allowed Dean to be alone with Amina up to the day she left her alone with him and he killed her. Sorry, Sarah, you KNEW he was abusing her even when you were there with them, you allowed your daughter to be alone with him when you KNEW he was a dangerous man. You should be in prison for the rest of your life!

Sarah said that on the day she left Amina alone with Dean, she was not in her right mind because the dog was barking and Amina was crying and saying she didn't want to go any where. Sarah told the court that she had been called by Dean before he called for help:

"I received a phone call. Dean rang me and then he said Amina had feel off the toilet and that
she was going out of conscious, was bleeding out of her mouth. I said a couple of times, get
off the phone and ring the ambulance. I cut him off the phone:

The prosecutor asked Dean in court if he was aware of what he was doing when he kicked Amina:

"To a certain degree, yes. I did not intend to kick her. It just happened in a split second
because I was frustrated"

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Hutchinson said:

"There is never an excuse to hit child and he should have had no doubt what the potential
consequences were of using such force on a two year old"

In August of 2014, Dean Harris, who was 20 years old by then, was sentence to 17 years to life for killing Amina. Dean had been found guilty of murder earlier in the year. Sarah had been given a suspended sentence after she was acquitted of causing or allowing the death of Amina, she was, however, convicted of neglect in charges related to two other children.

Detective Inspector Alan Page said:

"This was a horrendous case. There can be no justification for using violence against any
child and Harris will have to deal with the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life.
While no sentence can ease the pain felt by Amina's family, hopefully they will now be able to
start moving on with their lives"

Reuben Agboola, Amina's biological father was happy with the sentence:

"I am please with the sentence Dean Harris has received today.
However, the grief feels like it has no end. I think about Amina constantly. I still cry

every day. I go through the motions of living but inside I am somewhere else thinking
about my daughter all the time. No one understands the pain except those people
who are experiencing it. My heart reaches out to every parent on Earth who is
suffering the loss of a child"

Reuben in happier days

Reuben let balloons go in celebration and memory of Amina.

An online news story reported:

Dean Harris wrote a confession letter to Amina Agboola's family confessing that he killed her.

The letter, parts of which have been released by Cambridgeshire Police, describe the moment he killed Amina.

In the note Harris then apologises to her family - saying 'only wish I could take all this back.'

It reads: "At this point I can remember saying 'for -- sake Mina', I was already in a standing position and the next thing I knew I had kicked her in the stomach."

"She had gone backwards and landed on her front about six feet away. I realised what I had done and went to pick her up."

She was crying at this point and I could tell it had winded her because of the way she was talking.

"I picked her up to comfort her, I checked her stomach to see if she was OK. I held her in my arms for around three minutes until she stopped crying."

"When I went to put her down on the floor to further see if she was OK I noticed that she had become limp....I then panicked."

"Everything else that happened after this point, the phone calls, the ambulance, is well documented."

"I only wish I could take all this back but I can't so I hope the family can find some closure."

"I would further like to add that none of this was Sarah's fault, she has lost a child, so I think she has suffered enough."

"I am truly sorry for what I have done. I can no longer cause further anguish by continuing to lie.'"

Site creators note: I am truly sickened by the fact that Sarah has gotten away with as much as she did. Sarah knew this man was violent and a danger to her children. She KNEW that her daughter was being abused and she didn't LOSE a daughter, she offered up a daughter to a KNOWN child abuser and now that child is dead. Child Protective Services should take some of the blame for allowing children to be in a home with a man they ALSO knew was violent. You don't just WARN someone about potential trouble, you avoid it by giving that person a choice, either get rid of the danger to the children or take the children away from a mother who REFUSES to protect those children herself.

Thank you to Rayne for sending me this story and allowing Amina to be among the Angel memorials on my site.

Death occurred in England
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