Trenton Lewis St. Clair
February 17, 2007 - September 13, 2011
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Trenton's grandmother lovs him so much that she called Children And Youth Services to report that she felt he was being abused in the home he lived in with his 27 year old mother, Heather Forsythe and her boyfriend, Patrick Roy Haney who was also 27 years old. Sharon called and it seemed that no one wanted to listen:

"I called CYS time and time again and I told them there's abuse going on and I never got
a call back. Today, I got one back. It's too late. My baby's dead"
Sharon Smitley

Sharon had been calling in the weeks before Trenton died trying to get someone to listen. As it too often happens, a child was abused to death and FINALLY, people want to listen. Patrick and Heather were arrested after it was determined that his death was abuse related. Patrick was charged with criminal homicide and Heather was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. It was determined that Trenton had been being abused since July and that it only ended when he was taken to a hospital in West Virginia where he ended up dying.

Police reports say that Heather admitted that Patrick had been abusing Trenton for days and he even told Police that he hit Trenton in the face and smacked him in the back of the head. Heather said that Patrick had been beating on Trenton for a few weeks by pulling his hair, slapping him in the face and hitting him on the back all the while, leaving bruises over his entire body. It was said that Patrick choked Trenton and was the one who ended up killing him. Police were told by Patrick that he beat on Trenton because he refused to listen to him.

When the couple would go out to eat at a restaurant in their town, the waitress saw them and wondered about Trenton's condition and noticed that Trenton seemed to be afraid of Patrick:

"They just came in to eat several times. I thought he didn't look good because he had black
and blue marks all over him. She said he had food allergies and that he couldn't eat very much.
Whatever that said, that little boy did. That's all. What could he do? He's four year old. A little
innocent baby"
Brenda Newman

Even the Mayor, Carl Ables, said that he was upset because it was known that Children's Services had been called and he wanted the laws to change:

"It's sick. It is sick. Something needs to change in these laws, especially when they've been
called out and called out and called out. Sometimes it's time to change something"

Once again I am left wondering how a mother could sacrifice her child for a man, or for ANY other reason. Children rely on us for protection, love, guidance and to take care of them. So many children are let down, not only by the system that is put in place to protect them, but by those who have the inability to see how blessed they are to even have these precious Angels in their lives.

In March of 2014, Heather Forsythe was allowed to plead to a lesser charge of child endangerment and in April of 2014, at the age of 30 years old, she was sentenced by Judge John Wagner to only two and half to five years for not protecting her son from Patrick. As part of her plea deal Heather agreed to testify against Patrick, no surprise there, Heather was allowed to play down her own role in the death of this precious gift that had been given to her, in order to get less time and claim less responsibility for the suffering this Angel had to go through.

It had been almost two years since Trenton had died and FINALLY court was in session. On the stand was the Doctor who had treated Trenton when he was brought to the hospital. Looking at pictures of Trenton was an emotional time for Dr. Hollynn Larabee as she told the jury that this had been the worst case of child abuse she had ever seen:

"He was essentially dead when the got there. It immediately evident that the child had been
beaten. There was blood around his mouth. Around his mouth was blue from lack of oxygen.
There were no signs of life. I was able to start his heart four time, but I couldn't keep it started.
There was a large amount of bruising"

Dr. Larabee had to put tubes into Trenton's lungs as well as his stomach and she told of how he was bruised from head to toe and had a swollen abdomen. On Trenton's body were circular bruises and Dr. Larabee said that those kinds of bruises were made by fingers not by falling and that the bruises were the result of intentional trauma and she said that it was done with a great deal of force, but that if Trenton had been treated soon enough, he would have lived:

"Peritonitis is very treatable, it's a relatively easy surgical thing to treat. That was part
of what made treating this case difficult. If he'd been brought in earlier, he likely would
have survived. Trenton died of intentional injuries. Non-accidental trauma" Child abuse"

Jeremy Davis was Patrick's Lawyer and he asked if Dr. Larabee was positive that Trenton could not get these injuries falling down the stairs and she replied by telling him that in 13 years, she had never seen these types of injuries from a child falling down the stairs.

Patrick took the stand to defend himself and claimed that he had never hit Trenton and that he could only guess that Trenton had tried to climb on a desk to get a cat and had fallen. This was a different story than he had told Police at the hospital, he said that Trenton had fallen down the stairs. Patrick said that on September 13th, Heather had woken him up to tell him that Trenton was not responding to her and when she tried to pick him up, he went limp:

"I gave him a little kiss, his mouth was cold. No air was coming out"

At at that point in his testimony, Patrick denied ever having told Police that he had seen Trenton fall down the stairs adding that he was only telling them what Heather had told him. Patrick also denied saying that he had slapped and hit Trenton at any time. Assistant District Attorney Mark Mehalov asked Patrick about the condition of Trenton between September 10 and September 13, which is the period of time that Heather said he had been beating on him:

"Did he complain that his belly hurt"


"Did he seem tired"


"He was just regular old Trenton then, playing"

Patrick said that Trenton had seemed fine on those days.

During closing arguments, Jeremy Davis said that the only witness to say that Patrick had beaten Trenton, was Heather and that she had already plead guilty to child endangerment and had agreed to testify against Patrick so that the charge of homicide against her would be dropped:

"She wants you to believe she saw a man abusing her child and she couldn't get help. It
doesn't add up, ladies and gentlemen"

Jeremy brought up the fact that Heather could have called for help at any time because she did have access to a cell phone. Mark Mehalov told the jury of how Heather had said that Patrick hated children and had always wanted her to send Trenton away:

"He didn't care about this kid. He wanted this kid gone"

Mark told of how Patrick tried to play down the abuse he had heaped upon Trenton by saying that he never may have slapped him, but he had never beaten on him:

"Nothing we can do is going to bring him back to his family, but we can do justice for him.
There is no better example of malice than what you see in these pictures. Hatred, hardness
of the heart, evil. This child died at the hands of this man. He did the beating. He put Trenton
on that slab. You go back and check that box guilty"

In March of 2014, a jury took 90 minutes to deliberate before finding Patrick Ray Haney Jr., who was 29 years old at the time, guilty of of first degree murder. The prosecution was seeking the death penalty in Patrick's case and the jury would have to be in court again to decide if he would actually be put to death. Patrick didn't show any emotion as the verdict was read.

Sharon Smitley and one of Trenton's aunts were happy about the verdict :

"We got it. This is the happiest day of my life. We did it. It's been too long coming. I'd like to
thank Mark Mehalov, Trooper Hames Pierce and all the doctors with this case. They've done
a fantastic job"

"Our baby finally got his justice"
Aunt - Kathy Forsythe

In court in March of 2014, Heather told of finding bruises on Trenton's body and when she would ask Patrick about them, he always seemed to have an explanation. I call BS on that Heather, you KNEW what was going on and didn't care one bit! Heather said that the bruises become more frequent and got worse in the last week of Trenton's life and that she had come home on and caught Patrick hitting Trenton. Heather said she had a cell phone but was unable to reach any of her family.

Sharon had seen the pictures of Trenton's injuries and she said that they were very upsetting to her:

"I did get a glimpse of the pictures. They're bad and really upsetting. I believe he
deserves to die as well - a long hard death. I'm sorry if I sound cold and cruel, but
what he did to my grandson was colder and crueler than anybody could imagine"
Sharon Smitley

The jury sentenced Patrick to death. Trenton's father said he doesn't blame Heather for what happened:

"I don't know how somebody can, would even hit him. I was an awesome dad, she'll
tell you the same. We did everything together, swim, walks in the park, rode his little
quad. I don't think she saw it, I don't think, I mean, nothing to do with it, I think she had
nothing to do with it.

Joseph had spent time with Trenton before he died and he also suspected some abuse was taking place and he called CYS who claimed they found no signs of abuse on Trenton. Joseph already had Trenton's name tattooed on his arm, after he died, Trenton's birth and death dates were added to the tattoo.


Trenton Lewis St. Clair, age 4 of Point Marion, Pa. passed away September 13, 2011 at West Virginia University Hospital, Morgantown, W.Va.

He was born in Uniontown, PA on February 17, 2007, the son of the Joseph St. Clair, Lake Lynn, PA and Heather Forsythe, Pt. Marion, PA.

He is survived by his parents, grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and many friends.

He was predeceased by great grandmother, Zona Gail Wolfe, great grandparents, Edna and Herbert St. Clair and grandmother, Ruth Forsythe

Family and friends will be received in the JOHN S. MAYKUTH, JR. FUNERAL HOME, 7 River Ave., Masontown, Pa. on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 from 2 to 5 p.m. and Wednesday until 10 a.m. Greendale Cemetery in Masontown,PA

Death occurred in the state of Pennsylvania
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