Hayden Edward Vickers
November 23, 2008 - February 19, 2011
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Police were called to the home of Franklin Ramey and Amber Vickers with the claim that there was an injured child who needed help. As it too often turns out, the child, Hayden Vickers, needed help LONG before this call came in. In the home with the two adults were three children, Hayden, his twin sister Hannah and his one year old sister Haylie. Amber had decided to go to her grandmothers house for the day because she needed a break. Amber left the children in the care of Franklin. Amber later got a call from Franklin saying that her son, Hayden was in trouble. Hayden had Cerebral Palsy and he was a special needs child. Hayden's great grandmother, Vivian Wilkes said that when Amber got the call, she left immediately for home:

"She was pale as a ghost. She left right away"

Amber called 911 and when she got home, her father was already there with Paramedics. When Police arrived, Hayden was transported to Hendrick Medical Center where it was determined that he needed to be flown to Cook Children's Hospital. At 2:30 p.m. the following day, Hayden Edward Vickers was pronounced dead and the Police said he had suffered abusive head trauma. Police said that it seemed as though Franklin had tried to wash Hayden with cold water since when they got there, his temperature was only 84 degrees. Reports said that the blow to Hayden's head that day was so severed that it caused a hemorrhage and severed his retina.

Franklin Edward Jamey Jr. was the 31 live in boyfriend of Amber and he was arrested and charged with first degree murder, he was not eligible for bail because he was already out on a bond for a felony burglary charge.

Hayden's father was upset about the death of his son, however, he had this to say:

"It is so surreal. I find solace in the fact that my son is in a better place and he doesn't
feel the pain we feel here on Earth"
Ralph Fernandez

Ralph was able to confirm reports that Hayden had a visible fist imprint on his head and he was not able to understand how anyone could harm his child:

"I lost a son and now another family member is losing their son. It would not have happened
had he not made the decision to take another life"

Hayden and Hannah had been born at only 25 weeks of Amber's pregnancy, each of them had medical problems due to being premature. By the age of two, Hayden had already had eight operations and had spent the equivalent of one year of his life in the hospital. Hayden's family said he was a joyful little boy and was always happy:

"He love to be snuggled and he loved to laugh. He was a beautiful baby boy. We
counted every day with him as a blessing because of all he had been through"
Vivian Wilkes

Vivian said that Amber had no idea that Franklin was a violent man and they were learning about his criminal past which included prison time for burglary, a crime he served 281 days in prison for and was out on parole for when he moved in with Amber. Franklin also had many misdemeanor charges which he had been in jail for, those charges included  assault, unlawful carrying of a weapon and possession of Marijuana. Vivian said that Amber never saw Franklin acting violently at all, she had no idea about his past.

Hayden had just begun to talk a little bit as well as crawling around:

"We counted every day with him as a blessing because of all he had been through"
Vivian Wilkes

Ralph found some comfort in the fact that Hayden's organs were donated and would bring life to other children:

"I know I'll be able to see him again one day. Right now, I'm just trying to be strong for Amber
and the girls"

In November of 2011, a trail ended with a hung jury:

"Apparently the jury, we don't know exactly, couldn't reach a verdict. It just means it will go back
on the court's docket and it will be rescheduled, probably for sometime in the Spring would be
my guess"
Assistant District Attorney Joel Wilks

Franklin was still in custody and was facing life in prison. Franklin's Lawyer, Jeff Johnson said that he appreciated the hard work that the jury had put into doing their job:

"We'll perhaps talk to jurors to find out what we could do better. This was a very, very good
jury so we'll just try to learn as much as we can from them"

In court, Franklin claimed that he had been giving the other children a bath when he heard a thump in the other room and had been Hayden, falling off of the bed. Eventually, Franklin admitted that he had hit and slapped Hayden and then thrown him on the bed. The Medical Examiner, Marc Krouse, stated that Hayden's death was a result of blunt force trauma to the head, leading to massive brain damage and eventually brain death. In court, Marc said that Hayden's brain had suffered so much damage that it had to be soaked for over three months in a Formaldehyde fixative before more testing could be done. Pictures were shown of the damage to Hayden's head, face and skull and Marc said these injuries ruled out accidental falling as a cause of death.

In March of 2012, having struck a plea deal allowing him to plead to a lesser charge of injury to a child and assault causing bodily injury, Franklin Edward Ramey Jr. was given a sentence of ONLY 30 years in prison. Jeff Johnson said that Franklin had admitted what he had done to Hayden and that he was responsible for his death, though he added that it was not something he had intentionally done.

I get so angry when I see Lawyers saying things like that. It doesn't MATTER if he MEANT to kill a child by punching him in the head, the child isn't any less dead. Franklin should NEVER get out of prison after what he did to this defenseless little Angel.

There are no reports saying that Amber was ever charged, only that Franklin was the only one home when Hayden was injured. I find it impossible to believe that this man had not hurt this child and probably the other two, before this incident. Amber said that during the year they were together, he never yelled at the children or spanked them. It's impossible to believe that a man with a violent history was able to control it for a year and NEVER laid a hand on the children in the home and then one day just snapped and killed one of them.

I was unable to find an obituary for Hayden, but found this information:

Thursday, 2-24-11 from 6 to 8 p.m. CST

Funeral Service:
Friday, 2-24-11 at 2 p.m. CST

Church On The Rock
1228 Grape St.
Abilene, TX

Fort Phantom Baptist Church Cemetery
11343 S FM 600
Abilene, TX

Thank you goes out to Denise for caring about this little Angel enough to know he deserved to be honored as well as memorialized.

Death occurred in the state of Texas
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