Bobby Louch
March 5, 2007 - December 29, 2008
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The story of Bobby Louch is one that is compared to that of Peter Connelly. Bobby was taken to the hospital with a broken leg, his mother, Collette Harris, who was 30 years old at the time. Collette told hospital staff that Bobby was a clumsy boy and had jumped off of the couch, which caused him to break his leg. Hospital staff was skeptical since he also had bruises on his head and a full abused child exam was done, that was in December of 2008 and hospital staff decided his injuries were accidental and sent him home. It would only be 20 days later that Bobby was seen again, this time, he was dead. It had only been a month before that Peter Connelly had died of abuse.

Before Bobby's death, Collette had told Dan Louch, Bobby's biological father, that he had banged his head on his bed and that is how he got the bruises. Collette had asked Dan to take care of Bobby for a week, saying she needed a break. Bobby had a cast on his leg on December 16th when he went to stay with his father. Bobby went back to his mother's house on December 27 and he appeared to be bruise free. On December 28 a friend of Collette's noticed that he had a mark on his chest and when she asked why he was not taken to the hospital collette said:

"How could I take him to the hospital with bruises like that? They will think I'm beating him up"

On december 29th at around 2:30 a.m., a neighbor would hear a baby crying and saying "mommy", but didn't do anything to find out what was going on. At 9:30 a.m. on the 29th, Collette called 999:

"My baby's dead, please, my baby. I just woke up, he's covered in bruises all over his face.
Please help"

Paramedics arrived to find Bobby covered in bruises, but he was already dead. When Dan arrived at the hospital, Collette was in a panic and she was said to have told him she didn't do it. Collette denied hurting Bobby and tried to place the blame on James Phillips, her boyfriend. When Collette was questioned about the injuries her son had, she gave several different versions of what happened, according to Prosecutor Richard Whittam.

In court the Pediatrician who had seen Bobby said that he had been extra careful while examining him when he had a broken leg:

"I examined the skin carefully to look for any suspicious bruises. This is immediately after
Baby Peter so we were snowed with referrals. We have to make a judgment on what we
see and what the interaction was. This confirmed an accident"
Mariana Da Costa

In court the injuries that Bobby had suffered became clear. Bobby had two broken ribs, bleeding on his spine, severe damage to his abdomen which included his liver, intestines and pancreas and he had massive brain damage. Bobby had been kicked so hard in the stomach it damaged his internal organs, he also had a burn mark on his hand that looked as though he had touch a hot oven door either on accident or by force. Bobby had over 80 different bruises and injuries, some old some new, when he died that day.

Richard Whittam said:

"There is compelling evidence that the multiple injuries were the result of deliberate and
repeated violence"

Though he had been arrested on drug related charges, James Phillips was cleared of any wrong doing in the death of Bobby. Collette Harris was found guilty of murder and Judge Peter Beaumont had this to say:

"This is a terrible thing you did for reasons which are quite incomprehensible"

Collette screamed "Oh my God", after hearing that she had been found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole after 16 years. Collette should be happy, she got off easy compared to what she put Bobby through.

Dan Louch had this to say in a statement read by Paul Maddox with the Police:

"I wish to thank all the officers from the Metropolitan Polices Child Abuse Major
Investigation Team for all their hard work and dedication. Also, the Crowns
Prosecution service and all medical experts and witnesses involved in bringing
to account the person for the death of my son, Bobby Louch.
Bobby was our little
Angel and had his whole life to look forward to, but was so cruelly denied this

for reasons we still can't  fully comprehend. This conviction can now bring to a close
the traumatic and devastating
quest to find some answers as to what happened
to Bobby. Now we, as a family, can fully lay him to rest and complete our grieving
Dan Louch

I'd like to add on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service, The murder
of a child is an unacceptable and tragic event. None more so than one
at the hands of a parent. I would like to thank the jury, who returned a
verdict of guilty having listened to a harrowing account of Bobby's last
few days. I would also like to thank the grieved family, Who have remained
dignified throughout this very difficult period"
Paul Maddox

Andrew Flannagan, Chief Executive of the National Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Children said:

"While governments change, child abuse does not. We need continuous high level political leadership
to protect children from such horrendous cruelty"

Death occurred in England
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