Danielle Louise Reid
April 23, 1997 - November 6, 2002
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On November 6, 2002, Danielle Reid was murdered by her mothers boyfriend, Lee Gaytor, and then her mother and Lee's' brother carried Danielle's body, which they had placed in a suitcase and weighed down with bricks, through Inverness city center and threw it into Caledonian Canal in Edinburgh.

Lee Gaytor has admitted that while he and Tracy, Danielle's mother, were using amphetamines, he beat Danielle on her head and on her body and then threw her down a flight of stairs. Danielle was locked in a room for over two hours while she was beaten and then she was thrown down the stairs.

Lee had told Tracy that Danielle was devil and that is why he was beating her. Danielle was left at the bottom of the stairs, in pain and bleeding from head trauma. After Danielle died, Tracy helped Lee clean up the blood off of the walls and they placed her body into the suitcase that they used to carry her through the city. 

Neighbors had seen Danielle on the streets before she was murdered. She was not supervised so they would often take her home with them. Danielle was said to have been a happy go lucky girl who smiled all the time. All of the neighbors saw her neglect, none of them reported it. I have to wonder why!

For the last few weeks of her life, she didn't have very much to smile about. Danielle was beaten, rarely fed and was stuck in her bedroom for long periods of time while her mother and her boyfriend did drugs. She wore a mask, in the form of a smile, to cover it all up.

Danielle was taken out of Crown Primary School when her mother claimed they were moving to Manchester. No one knew which school she had transferred to since normal procedure called for a transfer of school records when the new school asked for them. There was never a request for records to be transferred.

Relatives became concerned when they would ask to see Danielle and for three months, they were given excuses about why they couldn't. On January 1, 2003, the police were called to Tracy's home after a relative was told that Danielle had been killed. Police divers recovered her body from the canal six days later. Danielle's body had been there for three months. Tracy admitted to her part in what happened to Danielle.

Lee will serve a minimum of 18 years in prison. For their participation in covering up the murder and disposing of Danielle's body, Tracy Reid will serve eight years and Chris Gator will serve only one year.

The court, Lord Hardie Stated the following:

"Your daughter could have survived if a doctor had been called, to that extent, you are 
responsible for her death"

The High Court in Edinburgh said: 

"Danielle’s death and the disposal of her body, would not be fit for the most gruesome novel".

Det Insp Stevie Mackay, of Northern Constabulary, said: 

"Today’s verdict reflects the severity of this heinous crime perpetrated against a defenseless young child."

Reid’s mother, Cathy Gordon, disowned her daughter and stated the following:

"They should put all three in a cell and throw away the key." 



September 2003 - Tracy Reid filed an appeal stating that her sentence was excessive for her participation in the crime that was committed against Danielle. Tracy was sent to prison on September 1 after a hearing that lasted for three days to determine if she was responsible for her actions. The Judge Lord Hardie, dismissed a claim from psychologist Dr Mairead Tagg which stated that Tracy was under the influence of Lee Gaytor and was not responsible for her part in this crime. The Judge said:

"Although you did not inflict the fatal injuries on Danielle, it is clear that if you had summoned 
medical assistance she would probably have lived. Whether your conduct was influenced by t
he abuse of drugs or mere selfishness will remain a matter of speculation."
Judge, Lord Hardie

Lee Gaytor was sentenced to life in prison of which he must serve a minimum of ONLY 18 years.

Christopher Gaytor was sentenced to ONLY one year for his participation in the crime against Danielle.

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Death occurred in Scotland

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