Joshua Ray Minton
November 8, 2004 - May 17, 2007
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In the year 2002 Vicki Leigh Chiles decided she wanted to start a home run daycare center. Vicki decided to call her in home day care "Noah's Ark Daycare". There is nothing wrong with in home daycare, but it takes a special kind of person to actually be able to work with children, that's my opinion. That's not say that people don't love children, just to say that in some cases, there ARE people who should NOT work with them and Vicki is one of those people.

Below are the occasions that the Department Of Human Services had a chance tot intervene in the abuse and neglect that was going on in that home, but failed to protect the children there:

August 29, 2003 - DHS arrives at the home to find that Vicki has gone to pick up some children at their school. Vicki has left her mother in charge of the home day care. Vicki's mother is asleep in a back room and there is a child sleeping on the floor of the living room, alone and unsupervised. Vicki is allowed to remain open as a home daycare.

August 13, 2004 - A complaint goes out to DHS that children have been left alone and unsupervised which resulted in inappropriate behavior. Vicki is allowed to remain open as a home daycare.

September 9, 2004 - A complaint goes out that Vicki has abused two children in her care, a two year old and a six year old. Allegations state that Vicki has kicked, slapped, pinched and thrown these children around. Vicki is allowed to remain open as a home daycare.

September 16, 2004 - DHS ASKS Vicki to voluntarily shut down her day care so that an investigation can be done at this time. Vicki refuses to shut down and miraculously, DHS finds insufficient evidence to support the allegations. Vicki is allowed to remain open as a home daycare.

I have to stop here and wonder, why was Vicki given a choice? That should NEVER have happened. Vicki should have been shut down until the investigation was done.

December 7, 2004 - DHS is notified that Vicki has left children, including and infant in the front seat, of a van that is running. Vicki says that she had forgotten her house key and needed to go get it. Vicki is allowed to remain open as a home daycare.

November 7, 2005 - DHS is called with a complaint that Vicki's m other spanked a child, one child was slapped and an 11 month old baby was left unsupervised in a room while that child was crying. Once again, DHS ASKS Vicki to shut down her day care so they can investigate and once again she refuses. In December, it is confirmed that Vicki's mother spanked the child in an unacceptable way, the other charges are not able to be confirmed. Vicki is allowed to remain open as a home daycare.

January 19, 2006 - DHS FINALLY does a proper check and there are at least eight problems in the home that range from dangerous, broken plastic in the back yard to electrical outlets left uncovered. The next day a conference is held between Vicki and DHS Officials. The Regional Program Manger says that due to the allegations of abuse being so similar, it is clear that Vicki is using inappropriate means of discipline on the children she is left in charge of. Catherine Woldridge informs Vicki that any more complaints would result in her losing her home daycare license. Vicki is allowed to remain open as a home daycare.

April 26, 2006 - Children are found in the home strapped into their car seats sitting in front of the television alone and unsupervised. In the sink, bleach and other cleaning supplies are found, these items were found to be accessible to the children. Vicki is allowed to remain open as a home daycare.

April 10, 2007 - DHS receives a complaint that an eight year old boy has been hit several times with a fly swatter. Upon examining the child, it is clear by the marks on his back and arms that he has been hit with a fly swatter many times. Vicki is interviewed and admits that this child had done something wrong and that she got out of control when she was hitting him. Three days after the interview, Vicki is ASKED to shut down her home day care and refuses. (This is the THIRD time they have ASKED her and remember, at this point, she had already been told any more complaints would result in her license being taken away.)

Vicki makes a comment about how she knows that the children in her care need to feel safe and from that point on she says she will not be hitting the children, only hugging them. In May of 2007, Prosecutors file charges against Vicki for felony child abuse and a warrant is issued for her arrest. FINALLY after five years of complaints and abused children, DHS starts the process to take away her license. It wouldn't be in time to save the life of Joshua.

During this time, Joshua's father and mother had been asking around trying to find daycare for their children. People had recommended Vicki, I guess they didn't know about the house of horrors or they never would have recommended her. On May 17, 2007, Kathryn Minton dropped her children off at Vicki's home so that she could go to a Doctors appointment. Joshua's sister was fine but Vicki thought Joshua was being too whiny when it was nap time, so she tape him up and put him to bed. Vicki used Masking Tape to tape Joshua's hands together and the proceeded to put tape over his mouth and then put him a back bedroom alone.

When Vicki went back to get him, Joshua was unconscious. Taking care to remove the tape first, she then called 911 and started CPR. At that time, DHS showed up for an unscheduled visit to ONCE AGAIN ask Vicki to voluntarily close down her day care, she doesn't answer the door right away and when she does they find Vicki doing CPR on Joshua. When the Paramedics showed up Joshua was already showing no signs of life. Vicki was told by DHS workers that she needed to call the parents of the remaining children and close for the day. Vicki refuses saying that she is going to remain open until she is found to be unfit and her home to be harmful to children.

At 3:00 p.m. Joshua is taken to the hospital. At 3:30, Vicki made the decision to close stating that she would reopen when DHS cleared her of any wrong doing. At 5:00 p.m. Vicki was arrested while Joshua was being life flighted to a different hospital, then at 10:22 p.m. he died. Robert said that on Joshua's face, you could see bruising where the tape had been on his mouth.

On May 18, 2007 an emergency shut down noticed is ordered for the home day care and Vicki is served while she is in prison. Vicki then said she would agree to stop doing child care in her home. This is SICKENING to me that a child had to die before she was FORCED to AGREE to shut down.

"The emergency order was issued the morning after the felony was filed. Two DHS workers went
to execute the emergency order to cease operations immediately on Thursday. They were going
to stay until the facility was completely closed down"
George Johnson Jr. - DHS Spokesperson

On May 25, 2007, Vicki Leigh Chiles, who was 42 years old at the time was charged with first degree murder, she was held without bond. Kathyrn said:

"I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. I'm still having a hard time dealing with it. You had'
no right to take him from us. That's all I can say to her. You had no right"

Kathryn Minton

"I was cleaning my truck out the other and I found a little hat and shoes and I just lost it again"
Robert Minton

An autopsy was done and it showed that Joshua died as a result of suffocation with excess fluid on his brain and lungs which was a result of having his mouth taped closed. In April of 2008, Vicki's trial began. Vicki is found guilty and the Judge sentence her to the jury's recommendation of life without parole. In May, Vicki plead guilty to charges of hitting the eight year old child, with the fly swatter and was sentenced to one year to run concurrently with her life sentence. This SHOULD have been the end of this story, sadly, it wasn't.

The State Court Of Criminal Appeals made a HUGE mistake when they voted unanimously to reduce Vicki's sentence on August 26, 21010, from life without parole, to only 30 years in prison. The opinion was that the jury did not understand the meaning behind "life without parole" and the instructions they had been given when deciding that they could also decide on parole after 45 years:

"We are not convinced, therefore, that the sentence of life without parole was impose by a
properly informed jury. Consequently, under the unique circumstances of this case, the sentence
of life without parole shocks the Court's conscience"
Appeals Judge - Charles Johnson

What SHOULD shock your conscience is that you are letting a child killer out of prison to possibly harm another child in the future. With time served, Vicki would have to serve only 85% of her 30 years sentence, which would mean she would have about 25 years before she would be eligible for parole. Let's hope that a jury has more sense than the Appeals Court.

I have to wonder what the members of the jury felt in this situation. They did their job, they convicted and sentenced this woman and then to be told they did it WRONG because they were too ignorant to figure it out? What's the point of having a jury? Why not just let the Appeals Court make ALL of the decision?

In February of 2009, Joshua's parents sued DHS and were awarded $700,000. in a settlement. There is a list of day care workers who have had confirmed cases of child abuse or neglect against them that is created and is called "Joshua's List". Daniel Graves, the lawyer for Robert and Kathryn were left wanting to know where the justice for their son had gone. I am left wondering the same thing.

Death occurred in the state of Oklahoma
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