Bryce Ashton Duane Pelfrey
June 12, 2012 - August 4, 2013
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Ashli Pelfrey went to work on August 2, 2013 and left her 14 month old son and six year old daughter with her boyfriend, Dylan Tompkins, to baby-sit. Bryce was sitting in his highchair when Ashli left for work that night about 9:50. Ashli received a phone call less than an hour later:

"He said there is something wrong with Bryce, he's choking"

Dylan claimed that Bryce had fallen and had scratches as well as bruises on his head and was not walking very steady. Dylan said he took Bryce out of the highchair and gave him a bottle. Police were called and arrived at the home and found Bryce to be unresponsive. Bryce was taken to Fort Hamilton Hospital and eventually moved to Cincinnati Children's Hospital where he died on August 4. Dylan was arrested and charged with on count of child endangerment and one count of murder.

In August of 2013 Dylan Tompkins, who was 20 years old at the time sat in court staring at the table, Dylan didn't even look up when Ashli took the stand to talk about Bryce and the last time she had seen him alive. The Prosecutor, Geoff Modderman asked her if she had ever suspected that Dylan had caused the marks on her son, through tears she said:

"No, I trusted him"

Dylan had told Police that after he gave Bryce a bottle that day, he started to vomit. Dylan said he wanted to make sure that Bryce was not going to throw up any more so he squeezed him against his own body and then proceeded to hit him on the back a few times using half of his strength. Bryce seemed to go limp and became unresponsive so Dylan began to shake him for what he said was 35 to 40 seconds. At autopsy, Bryce had bruises and scrapes on his forehead and bruises in the middle of his back. The Coroner, Dr. Wayne Ralston said that the cause of death is consistent with head trauma and Dylan had admitted that he caused the injuries.

In court it was said that Dylan had a previous conviction for domestic violence against a former girlfriend who was also the mother of his child. After court, family and friends were outside of the courtroom and some held up signs in support of Bryce and his family:

"My daughter didn't know about that, she would not have been with him if she had. This monster
would not even raise his head up. This monster needs to get what is coming to him"
Duane Pelfrey - Bryce's grandfather

A year later, in August of 2014, Dylan Tompkins was in court again after having been found guilty of murder and felony child endangerment. Dylan had chosen to have a Judge hear his case rather than have a jury trial and Judge Michael Sage listened to closing arguments before sentencing Dylan.

Dr. Robert Shapiro said in court that what happened to Bryce was not an accident and though Dylan tried to say some of the injuries were from when he tried to do CPR, the injuries could not have been caused in this way:

"None of those actions were the case of Bryce's injuries. It would have taken
more force"

Bryce's brain was swollen and it was said that this could not have been caused by him choking or by a fall, but had most likely been caused by his being violently shaken. Donald Leroy, Dylan's Lawyer said that Dylan had been in a panic when Bryce had become sick:

"He was faced with a baby that stopped breathing, a baby that was vomiting and he tried the
best he could do in the situation. He did not intend to harm Bryce"

Dylan said:

"As you know this was a tragic event. I am very sorry for my actions. I want to apologize to
the family. I am truly sorry for their loss. I'm sorry for my actions and I know what happened
on my watch was my problem"

Prosecutors said that Dylan was reckless with Bryce:

"This defendant killed this kid"

Family members had this to say:

"He did not deserve what that monster did to him. That man does not deserve to be on the face
of the earth, but I want him to know he did not break me and did not break Ashli"
Shari Barnett - Grandmother of Bryce

"It is very hard to see him, but I am glad for the verdict. It won't bring my son back, it's never going
to bring my son back, but at least justice is served for my son"
Ashli Pelfrey

Michael's father said:

"I just want everybody to know that not everybody is trustworthy and our kids are the most
valuable things we have. We'll all be affected by this for the rest of our lives"
Michael Meyer

Judge Michael sage said that the evidence against Dylan was convincing and that what happened to Bryce was not an accident and he sentenced Dylan to 15 years in prison.


PELFREY, Bryce Ashton Duane just over 1 year old, passed away Sunday August 4, 2013.

He was born June 12, 2012 in Hamilton. Bryce, a beautiful baby boy loved greatly by many, is survived by his mother Ashli R. Pelfrey; his father Michael Meyer; his sister Jayla; grandparents Shari L. (Ali Courtney "Peepaw") Barrett, Duane (Pamela Gregory) Pelfrey, Mary M. (Kevin) Burnes, and Arthur J. Meyer, II; great grandparents Doris (Gary) Singleton and Raymond (Shari) Pelfrey; aunts Amber Lynn (Matt Sloan) Pelfrey and Samantha J. Treglia; uncles Kaycee (Katherine) Pelfrey, Arthur J. Meyer, III, and David M. Sloan; great uncles Greg (Stephanie) Pelfrey, James Pelfrey, and Eddie Wagers; great aunts Patricia Singleton and Jessica Pelfrey Salas and cousins Shannon Williams, Jace M. Sloan, Gage Sloan, Kali Pelfrey, Kaden Pelfrey, Kiela Pelfrey, and Katie Verdon. Bryce will be deeply missed.

Visitation at THE WEBSTER FUNERAL HOME 3080 Homeward Way at Rt. 4, Fairfield on Saturday August 10, 2103 from 10:00 AM until the time of the funeral service at 12:00 PM. Burial to follow in Rose Hill Burial Park.

Thank you to Julie for sending me this special little Angel's name so his story could be told.

Death occurred in the state of Kentucky
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