Tiffany Hubbard
1983 - September 30, 1986
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Tiffany Hubbard's life seems to have started and ended in turmoil. Tiffany was taken away fro her mother by Children's Services who claimed that her living conditions were bad and placed in the home of her father, Jeffrey Hubbard. A previous psychological evaluation had been done on Jeffrey and it was found that he had grown up on in home filled with violence, raised by a father who was an alcoholic after his mother abandoned him. Jeffrey was not found to be mentally ill, though he was found to be a man who had underlying anger issues and was very immature. At the age of 17, Jeffrey was convicted of molesting a seven year old little girl. With all of this information, a Juvenile Court Judge, David Niehause, ruled that Tiffany would go to live with Jeffrey.

Jeffrey often beat Tiffany with a belt or a wooden board during the time he had her. Tiffany would have accidents on the floor and this angered Jeffrey to the point that Tiffany was forced to stay in the bathroom of his home with a werewolf mask that terrified her. Jeffrey had a girlfriend who said that Tiffany was forced to lick up feces off of the floor. This woman did nothing to help Tiffany and instead after being beaten, Tiffany was left by Jeffrey and this girlfriend, naked, moaning and crying on the bathroom floor. Tiffany was rarely fed and when she did eat, she was forced by her father, who held her head back, to eat soup out of can, the soup was not even cooked.

It was reported that on the last day of her life, Tiffany was beaten with a wooden board and left on the cold bathroom floor to die alone. Tiffany had only been with her father for about 27 days and he had beaten her and raped her as often as he wanted to and this monster and his monster girlfriend did nothing to help Tiffany, they even stepped over her body when they had to use the bathroom. Jeffrey would become so hot and sweaty after beating Tiffany that he would have to take a break and drink a Dr. Pepper, poor Jeffrey. (Note the sarcasm in that statement)

Tiffany was strong little girl who tried to live, tried to hold on, but Gangrene was slowly killing her. Police found Tiffany curled up in a ball under the bathroom sink, with her were the werewolf mask and the wooden board used to beat her. Tiffany's body was covered in bruises and wounds that were infected with Gangrene, she was emaciated so badly that it was said all over her bones could be seen through her skin. Sadly, two days prior to this, a Caseworker had visited the home and though she could have, she didn't insist that Jeffrey let her see Tiffany because she was told the child was sleeping.

Jeffrey was arrested and he said that he had beaten Tiffany to get even with her mother. Jeffrey plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and felonious sexual penetration and was sentenced to ten years to life and was labeled a sexual predator. Jeffrey never showed an ounce of remorse for what he did to Tiffany and I can't find any reports on if the girlfriend was prosecuted for her part in the abuse of this little Angel.

Tiffany's mother didn't want Jeffrey to get out and and attended his parole hearings hoping that she could keep him in prison. Madge Burton started Victim's United and she was helping to ensure that Jeffrey remained in prison:

"I want him to stay behind bars. He shouldn't be allowed to roam the streets. He didn't give Tiffany
a chance to roam the streets. He didn't give her a chance to grow up. He shouldn't be given a given
a second chance. He showed Butler County the real face of evil"

So far, every time Jeffrey has come up for parole, he has been denied and his next parole hearing is set for May of 2022, let's hope that he NEVER gets out.

Thank you again to Julie for allowing another gone to soon Angel, to be memorialized.

Death occurred in the state of Ohio
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