Devin Lee Parsons
April 17, 1999 - June 3, 2011
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In April of 1999, a report came in to the Department Of Children's Services about the neglect of a three day old baby boy, this would be the beginning of years of complaints about the treatment of the children in the care of Randy and Tasha Parsons and later in the life of the children, Waldo Jones Jr. the man she was living with. Throughout their lives, DCS visited the home and did determine that child abuse and neglect were taking place, the family was referred to a  counselor. The children in the home, Devin and his older brother and sister, were never removed from the home.

By the time Devin Parsons was 12 years old, things had become much worse in the home. Reports say that Devin was excited on the morning of June2, 2011, it was the last day of school. That day, Devin went to a book fair, played games and accepted an award for achievements in reading. Devin spoke to the mother of another student:

"Mrs. Hoegeman, I haven't seen you in awhile. Look, I got an award this year"

Devin hugged Nocle Hoegeman and then the last bell of the school year rang and Devin got ready to start his Summer. For his 12th birthday, Devin had been given a new fishing pole and he couldn't wait to go fishing. Devin looked forward to playing with his, brother, sister and his friends his neighborhood. Devin rode the bus home, though home for Devin was not a happy place. Devin was returning to a home where drugs and domestic violence were a part of daily life.

For the past 12 years of his life, Devin and his siblings had been part of the system with complaints being made at least 18 times about the abuse and neglect the chidlren had been suffering through. Oddly, CPS never took the children out of the home, not even to investigate, their approach was to encourage Tasha to take better care of ther children and then the case would be monitored for a short time.

Public records indicate that the problems with Devin were that his mother never took care of him the way he needed since he was born with health troubles that meant he would have a feeding tube. When he was about nine years old. complaints started coming in that there were drugs being used in the home and that the children were being physically abused, Randy and Tasha had split up by that time and in 2010, Tasha met a man named Waldo Lynn Jones Jr. who had a bad back- ground with the law. Waldo moved in with the family and that's when calls to DCS started coming in more than before.

Family reported that when Waldo moved in things took a turn for the worst. DCS received 11 complaints between September 2010 to June of 2011. Calls came in from family members, the Police and Devin's school. STILL, the children were left in the home.

On April 29th, the school call DCS to say that Devin had scratch marks on his neck. A DCS worker went to the school and Devin was so nervous that he at first said the cat had scrarched him, then he said it was his brother and finally he broke down and told them that his mother had been angry and grabbed him by the neck, leaving the scratches. According to Devin, Tasha had threatened him that if he told anyone what had happened to him, he would be in trouble. A report was made about the incident:

"Devin is afraid of getting his mother in trouble. Devin is also afraid to go home because
he fears what will happen now that he has told"
DCF Family Case Manager - Nicole Whallon

DCS had the option of removing the children from their home while they did their investigation, they chose not to. Devin was sent home to the mother and her boyfriend who he was afraid of. Four days after that incident the school called again and it was reported that Devin told them that his mother had left him and his siblings at home alone and his brother had cut their sister with a steak knife, the chidlren remained in the home. DCF was NOT doing their job, NOT keeping these children safe.

On June 2, Devin came home from his last day of school and realized that his mother had just received 90 pills that were an anti anxiety medication called Klonopin. When half of the pills came up missing, Tasha and Waldo accused Devin of taking the pills and hiding them. For the next few hours, Devin suffererd horribly at the hands of these two people. Devin was kicked, punched had his head bashed in to the television set, was beaten with a belt, hit with a metal tray and had his head held under the water in the bathtub.

A neighbor was riding his bike that evening and from the home he heard some disturbing things coming from the home. Apparently he heard the following comments coming from Waldo:

"The little b*****d. I'll kill that little f****r if I don't get my s**t"

After hearing this, I would like to say that this man called DCS or the Police to get some help for Devin, but this man got back on his bike and rode off. For several hours the beating of Devin continued on into the next day when Devin became unresponsive. Later, Waldo is said to have left the home, riding his bike to the home of a friend where he bragged that he had beat "the bricks off him", referring to Devin, for taking his medication. Waldo made a comment about how he was breathing for Devin but had become tired and left. Devin would not get help for until many hours later.

At 3:25 p.m. on June 3, 2011, a call came in to the Police that a child was not breathing. Police walked into the home and found Devin laying on his bed, blood was splashed on the walls of several rooms in the house and a picture of Devin was laying on the floor with the glass broken. Waldo was still gone, but Tasha was there and her clothing was slashed with Devin's blood. Devin's silbings were home at the time, but neither seemed to have bee abused that day.

An autopsy told the disgusting story of what Devin had been through that day, Devin had died from multiple blunt force traumatice injuries from head to toe. FINALLY, DCS came to the home and removed the two remaining children. How sad that it took a child dying in order for them to take action. Tasha was arrested and charged in the death of Devin. There was some kind of conflict regarding who was entitled to bury Devin, so his body stayed at the funeral home longer than it should have. Tasha finally allowed her Uncle to take control.

Randy Parons made sure that Devin was laid to rest properly and he set out donations jars all over town where the community donated for the funeral expenses, which was enough to cover a beautiful headstone for Devin. Devin was buried wearing a baseball cap and was said to not show any signs of having been beaten. Randy was hoping to get custody of the two remaining children. Waldo was eventually arrested and charged in the beating death of Devin.

In July of 2012, Tasha Parsons, who was 30 years old at the time, was sentenced to 60 years in prison and would not have to serve any probation after her release.

In October of 2012, Waldo Jones Jr., who was 31 years old, plead guilty after a plea deal that dropped the neglect charge against him. Prosecutors were asking for life in prison without parole.

In court it came out that Kevin Welsh, Devin's grandfather had suspicions about what happened:

"Devin hated Waldo. What I heard was that a couple days before that happened, Devin told
Waldo he wanted him out of the house. I think Waldo used the drugs as an excuse. He knew
Devin was trying to put a wedge between him and Tasha"

On Devin's tombstone is a poem that he wrote for school:


Devin Lee Parsons, 12, of Greensburg, passed away on June 3, 2011. He was born on April 17, 1999 in Greensburg.

Devin was a loving and caring Big Brother-the "Protector", as his little sister called him. He loved fishing with his Papaw and taking walks with his Mamaw. He was an outdoorsy kind of boy, playing basketball, football, fishing, and hunting. He was a member of the Clarksburg Covenant Church. Almost, every Sunday, he got his little sister and brother, ready for church, and they waited for the church bus to pick them up. Devin attended the Greensburg Elementary School. He loved his friends and teachers.

Devin will be sadly missed and never forgotten by: his little sister- Paige, his little brother- Nathan, Grandparents- Jeannie and Kevin Welsh, and several Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.

A Funeral Service will take place on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. at the Community Church of Greensburg. Pastor Dave Steidel will be officiating.

Burial will take place at the St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery with a committal service by Msgr. Harold Knueven.

Memorial Contributions can be made to the Devin Parson's Memorial at Mainsource Bank, 201 N. Broadway St, Greensburg, IN 47240.

Death occurred in the state of Indiana
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