Jordan Jeremiah Corbin
September 29, 2013 - December 26, 2013
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Jordan Corbin was only three months old, he had only lived a short time, no time to make mistakes, to cause anyone any trouble or get in to any mischief. Police were called to the home he shared with his mother Desirah Overturf and her boyfriend who is the father of her son, Nicholas Corbin. When Police arrived, Corbin was dead, he was very thin, so thin in fact that his bones were showing through his skin and hanging off of him.

Jordan was not sick, he was not suffering from anything that would cause him to stop eating. The only problem with Jordan's weight was that Desirah and Nicholas decided they wanted to carry on with the life they had before Jordan was born, so they just stopped feeding him.

Nicholas, who was 27 years old at the time and Desirah, who was 20 years old at the time,  were both charged with first degree murder and child abuse for what they did to this precious, baby boy. In court Nicholas was asked if he wanted to be appointed an attorney and he said:

"I'm going to spend the rest of my life in prison, so I might as well plead guilty and get it over with"

The Judge told Nicholas that he needed to have a lawyer and he appointed Public Defenders for Nicholas and Desirah and gave them each a bond of $1 million dollars.

Christina was a woman who was responding to a Facebook group where a man was giving away some children's building blocks. At 7:30 that night, she went to pick up the blocks:

"I knocked on the door and from the outside it didn't like any lights were on inside. A man
answered the door and it was just cracked open enough to stick his face out so I could see
who he was. He seemed nervous about something. Most houses I to for my mom, they are
welcoming, open the door wide open. He barely opened it at all"

Christina said that she didn't see anyone else, not even the baby and then after she heard what had happened, she was upset about it:

"If I would have known that something was wrong, I possibly could have done something to
call the cops, but I had completely no idea"

Nicholas had also posted asking for baby food if anyone had any they didn't need saying that he couldn't feed his son formula, so he had to feed him baby jars and plastic container foods. Members of the group said that they had no idea that anything was wrong.

In September of 2014, Judge Patrick Thompson sentenced Desirah Overturf, who was 21 years old by that time, to life in prison for what she did to this little Angel. Desirah and Nicholas had both plead no contest after saying they knew that Jordan would die when the stopped feeding him. A sentencing date for Nicholas had not been set at the time of Desirah's sentencing.

In court, Defense Lawyer Julie Effenbeck filed a motion for the judge to go easy on Desirah and two witnesses took the stand to try to make that happen. A Psychologist, Dr. Jarrod Steffen, said that Desirah had been abused and picked on as a child, then teased and harassed throughout middle school. At the age of nine years old, Desirah was said to have been sexually molested by by her half sister's father. At the age of 13 she was said to have witnessed physical arguments between her own parents and that her stepfather was mentally and verbally abusive to her. Dr. Steffen diagnosed Desirah has having dependent personality disorder, avoidance personality disorder and depression disorder. What was being said was that Desirah was not able to make decisions for herself:

"Her judgment was impaired because of her personality disorder. She was not the promoter
of what happened, but she did not do anything to prevent what happened"

Desirah's mother said that Nicholas was very controlling of her and that he didn't offer much by way of help with Jordan and when he did, his help would not be the proper way to treat a baby:

"Nicholas wrapped Jordan so tight that he couldn't move. He then shoved a pacifier
in the baby's mouth and held it there"

This was done to Jordan because he would not stop crying:

"This incident scared and angered me. I told him if it ever happened again I would
contact the authorities. I feel very torn, I have lost my grandson and now I'm losing
my daughter"

Julie Effenbeck told the courtroom that it was no her clients idea to stop feeding Jordan, but she did agree to do it:

"She accepted responsibility and deeply regrets that she did not do more to get her son out of
that home. It's a horrible, sad situation Desirah has to live with and think about for the rest of
her life"

County Attorney Ellen Mitchell said that this was a very difficult case and was in agreement that Desirah was suffering from kinds of mental disorders:

"But she is a little more responsible than portrayed"

Ellen said that when the baby was born, the couple learned quickly that their lives would never be the same and not liking that, they made the decision to do whatever they could to get their lives back. A two week Doctor's appointment showed that Jordan had no problems. At four weeks, the Doctor was a bit concerned about his nutrition. Feeling judged by this Doctor, Nicholas and Desirah made the decision to not go back to that Doctor. At that point, they also made the decision that they no longer wanted to keep their son and in court it was said that over the last 30 days of his life, Jordan was fed very little, with just a little bit of food every other day. When Jordan would cry from being hungry, he was given medication to make him sleep.

On December 26th, 2013, even though it was cold outside, Nicholas and Desirah put Jordan into his stroller and made a trip to Walmart. After shopping, they went across the street to Wendy's to have something to eat. Another customer in the restaurant was said to be so shocked at the way he looked that she gave the couple $20. and told them to buy him some food. The woman also let the store's employees know about her concern for this baby.

Upon returning home, it was discovered that Jordan was cold and stiff so they put him into some warm water, but then for many hours later, they did nothing for him at all, though they cooked themselves a meal and ate dinner. At some point, they called Salina Regional Health Center and were advised to call 911, they cleaned the house instead.

Ellen said that when he died, Jordan weighed less than when he was born:

"He had only a short life and was only taken care of properly for the first couple
of weeks"

Ellen recommended a sentence of life without parole for 25 years. Judge Thompson said that he could empathize with her having mental troubles, though he added:

"It does not excuse the actions towards your son. Every time this child cried out in hunger you made
the decision to continue to starve him. You chose to starve him to death and stood by and while
Nicholas administered drugs"

It was brought up that several agencies as well as other people had tried to help, but Ellen said she was not sure what more could have been done. Judge Thompson sentenced Desirah to life with the possibility of parole in 25 years and said she would have to pay $5,000. for the burial of her daughter.



Jordan Jeremiah Corbin, 2 months and 27 days old, of Salina, Kansas, passed away Thursday, December 26th.

Jordan was born in Salina, Kansas on September 29, 2013, son of Desirah Nichole Overturf and Nicholas Jordan Corbin.

Survivors include his grandmother, Kathy Licon, of Salina, Kansas; grandfather, James Overturf, of Topeka, Kansas; great-grandmother, Rosalie Paige, of Salina, Kansas; great-grandfather Jackie Putnam, of Bennington, Kansas; aunt and uncle, Autumn and Christian Overturf; aunt and uncle, Keisha and Bart Overturf, of Topeka, Kansas; great aunt and uncle, Colleen and Paul Dierks, of Salina, Kansas; cousins, Preston and Jenny McClellan, Spencer and Victoria McClellan, Courtney and Haley McClellan and many other loving family members.

A celebration of life will be held at 10:00 am, Thursday, January 2, 2013 at Emmanuel Foursquare Church, Salina, Kansas, with Pastor Steve Gowin officiating. Burial will follow at Bennington Cemetery, Bennington, Kansas.

Memorial contributions may be made to Carlson-Geisendorf Funeral Home, 500 S. Ohio, Salina, Kansas, to help with funeral expenses.

Thank you Shanon for sending me this little Angels name.

UPDATE: February 24, 2015 (Thank you Sheryl for this update)

In February of 2015 Nicholas J. Corbin stood before Judge Patrick Thompson waiting to be sentenced, before that sentence was given, he had this to say about Desirah:

"I'm not going to say she's a bad person, she's not. She's just misguided
like me and I hope God finds her"

Nicholas spoke for about five minutes and during his statement he spoke about the resting metabolic rate of a human being as he gave his opinions about how many calories a baby needed in order to live. Nicholas said that he fed Jordan that morning and that evening and it was Desirah's job to feed Jordan while he went to work and that she acted different when she wasn't on her medications:

"When she was off of her meds, she was kind of hateful and had an attitude.
When she was on her meds, she was all cheerful, happy, the good to go
person she could be"

Nicholas said that they were both stressed out and that he had added stress from work, but said Jordon was his first obligation. Judge Thompson said:

"This is a child who basically starved to death. Despite all these stresses
and other things going on in your life, your first priority obligation was to
care for that child as a parent. That you totally failed to do"

Judge Thompson said that since the death of Jordon took time, he would have cried from hunger and a decision had to have been made not to feed him:

"This court finds that basically you and Ms. Overturf made the decison
that you wanted to be able to have your old life back. You just wanted
to play video games and have sex all the time and a child didn't fit into
the picture"

Defense Lawyer Jeremy Koop argued that Nicholas had and intellectual disability and that it meant he should not be sentenced according to the mandated sentencing provisions, this argument had previously been denied. Prosecutor Ellen Mitchell said that Jordon had died a truly tragic, slow and painful death and the autopsy had shown he had been a healthy child who was the victim of parents who made a decision to starve him to death. Ellen Mitchell said that when Jordan quit breathing on December 26, 2013, the couple ate dinner, cleaned up their home and Nicholas did a search online for how to wake up a baby after a deep sleep and only THEN did they call 911. It came out that Nicholas had burned Jordon on his stomach and held him upside down by his feet, in the shower.

Judge Patrick Thompson sentenced Nicholas to life in prison without parole for 25 years and ordered him to pay $5,000. in restitution for fees connected to Jordon's funeral, $202. in court feeds, a $200. fee for DNA testing, a $100. administrative fee for his Lawyer and a $400. Child Advocacy Center fee.

After his sentence was handed down, Nicholas admitted that he had put over the counter sleep aids in Jordan's bottle.

Death occurred in the state of Kansas
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