Sherrice Iverson
October 20, 1989 - May 25, 1997
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A site came to my attention and I decided that it is very important for the children on that site to be remembered on as many sites as is possible. The site background is this:

Black Kids Heaven is a site made in memory of black children who have been victims of violent crimes. The site was put together in the name of Sherrice Iverson who was only seven years old at the time of her rape and

<>murder. Sherrice's life came to an end when she met a man named Jeremy Strohmeyer in a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, while her father gambled and her brother, who was supposed to be watching after her who lost track of her. That was on May 25, 1997, the last day in life of Sherrice Iverson.

Sherrice met up with a child her age and they began playing together. The two children were throwing wet paper towels at each other when one of the paper towels hit Jeremy Strohmeyer. An innocent, fun game would turn out to be a deadly mistake for Sherrice.

Sherrice thought that it would be a good idea to hide, in play, from Jeremy. Sherrice chose to hide in the women's bathroom. Jeremy and his friend, a man named David Cash, followed her into the women's bathroom. David Cash looked over the bathroom stall and saw Jeremy sexually assaulting the seven year old girl and asked him to stop. Jeremy ignored the request and continued to tell Sherrice if she didn't "shut up", he was going to kill her.

David left the bathroom, never bothering to alert anyone to what was going on inside and waited for Jeremy. When Jeremy came out, David asked him a few disgusting questions about the rape. Later in the day, Jeremy told David that he had killed the little girl. Jeremy had tried to strangle the girl and when that didn't work he twisted her neck until he heard it snap. The men returned to Long Beach, California. 

Jeremy was arrested after going to school and bragging about what he had done to Sherrice. By pleading guilty, he was able to avoid being sentenced to death. Jeremy was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. David Cash was not prosecuted for what happened even though he didn't do the right thing and report was had happened.

A new bill was introduced by Nevada State Assembly Majority Leader Richard Perkins called the Sherrice Iverson's Bill. The bill would have made it a requirement for ANY adult who witnessed the sexual assault of a child who is under the age of 14 to report it or spend six months in jail. That hardly seems like a long enough time, in my own opinion. The bill was never enacted.

In 2000, 2001 and 2003, Jeremy Strohmeyer applied for release from prison while appealing his convictions. His appeals were denied. Due to the unwillingness of David Cash to stop what he saw or report it, cameras have been installed in Nevada hotels and casinos and some casinos now have security guards working in the arcades. If anything good was to come of the death of this little Angel, that would be it.

The safety of Jeremy Strohmeyer is at risk due to the nature of his crime. In prison, crimes against children put people in great danger. Jeremy won't have to worry about that though, he's been in protective custody at the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada. Jeremy spends 24 hours a day in his cell, alone. His life is closely guarded, even though he took the life of an innocent child.

The life of David Cash goes on. His failure to protect this little girl from his monster of a friend reflects on him and speaks volumes about what kind of person he is. I do hope that he is remembered for the rest of his life as the man who approves of raping and killing little children. After hearing some very cold and heartless comments made by David Cash in regards to what had happened and how he had ignored it, Tim Conway Jr. and Doug Steckler organized a rally at the college where David was studying nuclear engineering.   

David was asked if the murder was bothering his conscience"

 "No, not to the extent that most people would want it to be."

"How much am I supposed to-to sit down and cry about this? I mean, let's be reasonable here. 
Is my life supposed to halt for-like, for days, weeks and months on end? The simple fact remains, 
I do not know this little girl. I do not know starving children in Panama." 
David Cash

In response to those comments Yolanda fired back:

"You don't have to know a child or a human being to save their life. Get yourself together, 
David Cash, because you know you're wrong. You don't have no remorse for me or my family. 
I have people from all over the world calling and crying with me over the telephone, David, and 
you haven't called, your parents haven't even called." 

Yolanda Manuel and over 100 other people went the University of California at Berkeley and tried to get David expelled. Saying that David had helped contribute to the death of her daughter by just walking away and acting as if nothing had happened and not reporting what he had seen. Yolanda felt that he was an accessory to what happened. I agree with her! Because Nevada doesn't have a "good samaritan" law, David had done nothing wrong as far as the law was concerned. 

"I don't have my child with me no more. At this point I'm going after David Cash because 
was in the bathroom at the time and he didn't do nothing about it. I'm very outraged about this. 
He is an accomplice to the murder." 

David's parents never said a word about what happened. Mark Werksman, David's lawyer had nothing to say about the protest and said that David also had nothing to say stating: 

"He's said enough"

Other comments that were made by David Cash have made people angry, including Yolanda and the public in general. David bragged that since the crime was so well known, he was able to meet women more easily and he was quoted as having said he planned to profit from this. David denies he made either comment. It sounds like things he would say though!

A crowd of people gathered on the steps of Spraul Plaza with signs telling David to go home. Students talked about how they were uncomfortable in having to share a dorm and even a campus with David. The students also told of their disappointment in Chancellor Robert Berdahl for not making David leave the school. Robert Berdahl said that because David had not committed a crime, he could not dismiss him.

"Berkeley has a choice about who they accept as students and they try to screen them really well. 
In this case, they made a mistake, and now he needs to get out of here. He needs to be 
responsible, otherwise he'll never be an adult. Somebody's got to take the first step and 
should be Berkeley." 
Tina Rouvatis - A student

Yolanda had a message for David that day:

"I'm not going to give up on you, David. I'm still crying, but I told David that I'm not going to cry 
no more, because he's going to be the next to cry." 

After that, many people who had come to support her offered words of support and even hugs to her. Some people thought that because her daughter is black and the her attacker and his supporter are white, that Yolanda is trying to make this a race issue. Yolanda says that is not true. I believe her.

"I feel really awful for Manuel. I'm appalled and I don't think this student should be at Cal. If 
we can expel people for plagiarism, we should be able to expel someone, who as far as 
I'm concerned, was an accomplice to a murder." 
Donna Weir - A student and instructor

Yolanda filed a civil lawsuit and a settlement was reached.

Sherrice was laid to rest on on May 31, 1997. May she rest in peace, with Angels taking care of her.


Sadly LeRoy Iverson died at the age of 60 in July of 2000 due to complications with Diabetes and Cancer. Sherrice is now with her father. 

LeRoy's death came just four months before his civil lawsuit against the hotel where Sherrice was killed was set to go to court. David Phillips, LeRoy's lawyer said:

      "He loses his life, he loses his daughter, and then his son is left alone" 

LeRoy also had a son named Harold Lee Jordan Iverson. David Phillips said he would still go to court over the civil case. LeRoy's doctor said that he had been badly affected by the murder of his daughter, that he had been really down about it. A service was held for LeRoy at Paradise Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

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Death occurred in the state of Nevada

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