Brandon Dillon
November 23, 2012 - September 30, 2014

Police were called to the home of 37 year old Bernard Dillon and 26 year old Selena Strong for what was called a "disturbance". When Officers Jamaal Joseph and Jamal Milton arrived at the home, it was about 11:45 a.m. and they were told by Bernard that his son, Brandon was upstairs and that he seemed to be dead. The home smelled of urine and when the Officers were upstairs, they found Brandon on an air mattress in a bedroom. Also in the home that day were Brandon's twin sister, a younger sibling and his mother. Brandon never made it to his second birthday.

A Coroner ruled Brandon's death as a homicide and the Department Of Child And Family Services took the remaining children from the home and placed them in foster care. Bernard and Selena were both arrested and charged with murder as well as two counts of level 1 neglect of a dependent and felony battery.

Both parents admitted that Brandon had been beaten several times a day with different objects around the home, his only "crimes" were that he was not potty training as quickly as his twin sister and that he would get into things. Selena told Police that she liked her daughter better than she liked Brandon. Prosecutor Bernard Carter filed a motion to go for life without parole for Bernard and Selena. Brandon was found on the air mattress with injuries, old and new and a v shaped head wound that had a foul smell to it. Both parents tested positive for Cocaine and Marijuana and were being held without bail.

Revealed in the autopsy was the fact that Brandon had many internal as well as external. injuries and Dr. Young Kim said that these injuries were given over a period of time that could be date back to at least 30 days prior to death. Brandon had a broken neck, collar bone and bruised kidneys, live and spleen. The v shaped mark was said to have been made by a belt buckle and saying that she thought Brandon was annoying, Selena admitted that she had hit him with a belt and her hand several times a day for the past few months. Bernard said that he had hit the child with a belt and that he had also been hit with pieces of a plastic race track for Hot Wheels and when he looked at pictures, he said some of the injuries could have been caused by an iron and that his hair loss could have been from laying in urine for long periods of time.

This family had been in the system before when the three children had been removed from their home, but returned to them earlier in the year. Brandon's twin sister was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition though she and her sister showed no signs of having been physically abused when they were taken away after Brandon's death.

UPDATE: December 23, 2014 (Thank you to Cat for keeping me updated on this and many other stories)

In October of 2014, Bernard Dillon, who was 37 years old at the time and Selena Strong, who was 26 years old at the time, were both charged with murder in the death of Brandon and they were facing charges of two counts of neglect of a dependent and battery. Prosecutors had already decided to seek life without parole if the couple were found guilty of the charges. Bernard and Selena were held without bail.

A neighbor told Police that he had seen Bernard pick up the children by the backs of their shirts and throw them into the car and that he had seen him hit the children in the face with his thumb, yell at them all the time as well as kicking them in their backs causing them to fall down. The neighbor said when people would confront Bernard about what he was doing, they were told to mind their own business.

Bernard was given a Public Defender and he entered a plea of not guilty. Selena had not yet been to court for her initial court appearance at that time.

Death occurred in the state of Indiana
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