Jarrod Tutko Jr.
October 5, 2004 - July 29, 2014
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While doing research on the story of Jarrod Tutko Jr., I wanted to find a picture of this child so that I could see his precious face and remember him. I was only able to find a picture of his as a baby, though he was nine years old when his body was found in the home he "lived" in.

Police were called to the home of  Jarrod and Kimberly Tutko in August of 2014. What they found was a shock to all of them. Behind a locked door was a room covered in a layer of feces over almost everything. In the room was a television which had been bolted to the floor and turned to the Disney Channel:

"The inside of the door knob and light switch were both covered in smeared feces. The light
in the room was found to be inoperable. Located in the middle of the floor was a feces covered
stuffed rabbit and blanket. Flies swarmed throughout the room"
Detective Rodney Shoeman

In a bathroom was a 17 pound boy lying on the floor without blankets or anything to cover him up. Another child, a ten year old girl. was found very close to dying, she was taken to the hospital for medical help. An autopsy done on the boy found that he had symptoms of Autism, weighed less than 17 pounds, was suffering from malnutrition and neglect and had problems with his teeth:

"The child had significant dental issues that a dentist told us would have been incredibly painful.
something that indicates he had no dental care whatsoever"
District Attorney - Ed Marsico

"The weight was phenomenally love in this child. He was dehydrated. He had malnutrition,
starvation. Of course he was in a decomposed state, so we have some entomology
reports and everything else we're waiting to get back before we finish"
Coroner - Graham Hetrick

Ed Marsico said that this was one of the most horrible crime scenes he had ever been to:

"I can only imagine what it was like on a hot Summer day in that room. It was terrible and this \
a kid with special needs that needed extra care"

Children And Youth services had been involved with the family and the case was under review while the five remaining children in the home were removed and put into foster care:

"We definitely know the parents were not compliant or always receptive to dealings with Children
Youth, the agencies in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey"

An affidavit reported that a pattern of substantiated and alleged neglect had been found in relation to the children in the home, by the patents. The family had moved to New Jersey in 2002 in order to get away from a court hearing that might have ruled that their children be taken away from them because of ongoing complaints to Children And Youth Services. Jarrod Jr. had been born in October of 2004 and the hospital was ordered to prevent his release due to an ongoing investigation which involved his sister. Jarrod Jr. spent much of his younger years bouncing back and forth between foster homes and the home of his family before being returned to the home in the year 2006. It was reported that Jarrod, Jarrod Jr. and two other siblings in the home had each been collecting $710. a month in disability and that neither parent in the home worked.

Jarrod N. Tutko, who was 38 years old at the time and Kimberly A. Tutko, who was 39 years old at the time, were arrested and both were charged with criminal homicide and endangering the welfare of children and he was also facing charges of concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse. The couple was set to go to court in October of 2014.

Kimberly tried to say that she had no idea her son had died until she was able to smell decomposition in the home, saying that she hadn't actually been upstairs in several years because she was the parent who took care of a daughter who was bedridden downstairs and Jarrod took care of their son. Kimberly changed her story later and said that she had known her son was dead because she had seen him a few days prior to his death:

"She said that she was aware that his room had no bed, the lights did not work, the door
lock was reversed to keep him locked in and that feces was smeared about the room"

Kimberly claimed that her children were everything to her and that was why she quit her jobs. Neighbors said that they didn't even know that family had six children living in the home. One of the children in the home had been the person to call Children And Youth services to report what was happening to Jarrod Jr. and it seems that the agency didn't respond fast enough to save his life.

In October of 2014, it was reported that even though Kimberly was free at the time of sons cremation, she disappeared and legally that meant that his body was unclaimed and that meant he would be buried in a Potters Field. Thankfully, news of the child's story spread quickly and a fundraiser was put together by the Foundation For Enhancing Communities to raise the needed money to make sure that Jarrod Jr. would not be buried among the unnamed people who had been buried in the Potter's Field.

Police wanted to be sure that both of his parents were charged before Jarrod Jr. would be buried and the Coroner still had his ashes, waiting to be given to the foundation for a proper burial. Janice Black, the CEO of the foundation said that they expected to have a private burial very soon and that it would not be open to the public because they feel that Jarrod deserved to have a private service that wouldn't turn into a big show:

"Hopefully we will be able to proceed with the private burial very soon"
Janice Black

Thank you to Julie for sending me the name of this precious Angel.
Death occurred in the state of Pennsylvania
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