Andres Bravo Garcia
March 14, 2004 - September 13, 2004

At the age of only five months old, a beautiful, five month old baby boy was admitted to Miami Children's Hospital. Andres had not been sick, he was not  getting a well baby check, he was fighting for his life after his mother's boyfriend beat this five month old Angel so badly that he had to be placed on life support. Andres went from the precious little child he was in the picture above, to the precious little Angel fighting for his life in the picture on the left, in a matter of minutes alone with a man who should never have been trusted to take care of him.

Sascha Maire Garcia was not home when her boyfriend, 27 year old Antwan Sawyer said that her son Andres had fallen off of the bed. It still makes me shake my head in disgust when I see people time and time again TRYING to use the lame excuse that a child fell off the bed, or rolled off of the couch, or even fell down the stairs. The history of child abuse SHOWS us that Doctors can and WILL come up with the REAL cause of death in a child. Over and over the excuses are proven false because Doctors are able to determine a cause of death based on the seriousness of the injuries a child has.

Andres had brain injuries, a lung contusion, retinal hemorrhaging to both of his little eyes and bruises on his bottom. I guess Antwan figured he would just say that this baby boy had fallen off of the bed and that is what caused all of these very serious injuries and everyone would believe him. Andres was put on life support but when Doctors determined that his injuries were so severe that nothing could be done for him, life support was removed.

Medical professionals as well as Police were able to come to the conclusion that the injuries Andres suffered were NOT due to an accident. Antwan was arrested and it was reported that he had been arrested at least nine time before this arrest. Antwan was originally charged with aggravated child abuse, however, the charge became attempted felony murder when Andres died. Andres father, Adolfo Brava was asking that Sascha also be arrested because he felt she allowed this man to abuse his son:

"I feel like she's very responsible for the whole incident. Why didn't she get picked up"

In the apartment below Sascha's, a neighbor said that she had often heard Sascha screaming and cussing at Andres as well as another child, a toddler, who lived in the apartment. Sascha was working as an exotic dancer at the time of Andres injuries and it was said that she was at work while he was being beaten by Antwan. Sascha called Adolfo to let him know that his son was in the hospital, but she didn't tell him how serious it was:

"I was going to stop by and visit him, but I ended up never leaving"


A vigil was held for Andres in hopes that prayers would help to save him, it quickly turned into a memorial after news spread that Andres had been taken off of life support:

"What a gorgeous Angel he was. A baby fully of life, a baby that just brightened your
entire world. We had hope for a better result at the end of this. So we're all here to show
support and be here for the baby"
Tiffany Aquino - Family friend

"Anything that is adolescent, child, baby are very fragile. And unfortunately we don't have
 stickers to put on them, that says fragile, do not shake, do not break"

"I've been having rough four days, seeing my son like that. But I have a certain relief today,
he's in peace. I just want justice first of all, for Antwan. He needs to get what he deserves
 to get. I
never thought it could happen to me, it basically hit my own home. It's devastating.
I would hate for it to happen to somebody else if I can do something about it"
Adolfo Bravo

"Andres has left this Earthly world right now, but we're all gonna reunite
with him, I believe that"

A foundation was created in order to raise awareness of child abuse and funeral arrangements were being worked out with a Go Fund Me account being set up to help raise money.

Thank you to Shanon for allowing me to add Andres story to this site.

UPDATE: December 16, 2014 (Thank you Cat for this update)

Sadly, this is all that was online for an obituary for Andres:

In Memory Of
March 14, 2014 - September 13, 2014

Arrangements under the direction of Caballero Rivero Kendall, Miami, FL

UPDATE: March 5, 2015

Today I was searching for updates on this story and though nothing is available as far as the case is going, I read on the Justice For Baby Andres site that a headstone has been purchased for his grave, which doesn't have one at this time. This is what I read:

"We have a headstone for him but his mother, Sascha Garcia, will not
agree to allow it to be placed because it says Justice For Baby Andres
on it"

I am not sure how I feel about this. It seems to me that BEFORE someone goes to the expense of having a headstone made, they would check with the family to see what THEY would like to have written on the stone. It's a nice way to honor him, however, if someone doesn't want something like what this says on their child's headstone, that's their choice and these people should consider it a lesson learned. On the other hand, with the way Sascha treated her children, maybe she SHOULDN'T have a say in it.

Maybe the stone could be used in a memorial type of situation, planting a tree in a park in his memory and possibly adding the stone underneath it? The stone cannot legally be added to his grave without Sascha's permission.

Death occurred in the state of Florida
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