Isaac Robitille
- August 22, 2014

Walter Richters was very active on Facebook, posting pictures of himself and his girlfriend, Halloween pictures and a bunch of other stuff, he posted a couple of pictures of his girlfriends son, but mostly of himself. Melissa Robitille, his girlfriend posted glamor pictures of herself, some of her boyfriend and a bunch of other stuff, but just a couple of her son, Isaac Robitille, mostly she posted pictures of herself.

Both of these "adults" were 38 years old when they were arrested for the murder of this 13 year old, disabled little Angel after it was discovered that, contrary to what Melissa said "it was his time to go", Isaac had been given a lethal dose of alcohol through is IV. Isaac's blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit for an adult driver when an autopsy was done. Isaac had been born with disabilities that left him with feeding tubes as well as IV tubes and he was in need of care 24 hours a day. Melissa called Police on August 22, 2014 when she found Isaac had passed away.

Walter and Melissa were charged with second degree murder for the death of this precious boy whose problems included a brain abnormality which was listed as his cause of death with alcohol being a contributing factor. Bond was set at $500,000. each.

Though there was no open case involving Isaac at the time of his death, Isaac had been in the custody of the Department Of Children And Families in the years 2007 and 2008. Ken Schatz, the Commissioner of DCF said that Isaac was given back to his parents because he had a special and close relationship with his father, Dana Robitille. Unfortunately Dana had died in January of 2014. I found this obituary for Dana, though I was unable to find one for Isaac:


Dana G. Robitille, 65, of Hardwick, died Jan. 17, 2014. Dana was born in Morrisville to Donald Robitille Sr. and Patricia (Sweet), and grew up in Swanton. Like many Vermonters, Dana moved away for a few years, but his beloved Green Mountains drew him home again. He worked for Johnson State College's cafeteria service for 23 years. Dana is survived by his wife of 20 years, Melissa; his children, Shawn, Micah, Asa, Michelle, Christopher, Benjamin, Timothy, Tamara, Emma, Isaac, and Grace; stepson, Daniel; 11 grandchildren; great-grandchildren; and siblings, David, Sylvia, Scott, and Lisa. There will be no service. Online condolences may be offered

Walter told police that he had given Isaac Vodka in an attempt to settle him down, saying that he had been playing video games and he himself had drank about a fifth of Vodka. Walter asked Melissa if he could give Isaac a little bit of Vodka because he was a bit fussy, Melissa didn't have a problem with that and Walter said he poured Vodka into the IV bag for about two seconds. At some point, Walter passed out and the next morning when he woke up, Melissa had found Isaac dead. Melissa said that she had drank at least three beers that night and that she had given Isaac three teaspoons of Vodka though she later changed her story to what Walter had said. Melissa was worried about having given him Vodka so she turned on the baby monitor to listen to him. Police asked her what she would say to Isaac and she said:

"I'm sorry baby"

Even after admitting to what he had done, Walter and Melissa both entered pleas of not guilty during their arraignment:

"There is great evidence of guilty"
State's Attorney - Maria Byford

A friend of Melissa's said that she had never seen anything other than love for Isaac when she visited the home:

"I feel for her, whatever it was that happened. They had a profound connection"

A neighbor said:

"Knowing that he lived there and that he has all those handicaps, you assume the people
there want to take care of him to the best of their ability and you hope it's going to happen.
I just don't understand it"
Barbara Larabee

Walter and Melissa face 20 years to life if found guilty.

Death occurred in the state of Vermont
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