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Wow, I left this ‘template’ for long enough, didn’t I? *grin*

This is so you can get to know me without wading through every one of my (delightfully funny and informative, for the most part) blog posts.  Personally, I hate reading a bunch of dry facts about someone I’m trying to get to know, so this may ramble a bit; bear with me. I write a lot of blog posts about my work on editing novels on a freelance basis for Crescent Moon Press. I tend to fall head over heels in love with the books I’m editing, and I simply adore every one of “my” authors, which is probably why I talk about them and their books so much.

In One Year’s Time was written in 1998, Blackstone Gate was written in 1999. Yes, a very long time ago, more on that when I discuss the segment I call ‘On the Home Front’. I’ve recently set myself to return to writing by writing Smuggler’s Justice, the first book in a science fiction series. I wrote it during NaNoWriMo 2012 and as of right now I have beta readers going over it to mostly positive reviews with some suggestions for improvement that I’ll probably work on making once the beta readers have finished reading.

My ‘On the Home Front’ section doesn’t tend to be long, but can generally be described as me nattering on about the triumphs, trials, tribulations and tit-for-tat of family life. This can be amusing or boring, depends on the day! You’ll need the cast of characters to understand half the jokes, though. ‘Himself’ is my husband, Dana Robitille – and yes, that’s a boy’s name in New England. Seriously. He has a beard and everything.  He’s 64, I’m 37, we’ve been married for 19 years. I call him ‘Himself’ because I’m Irish enough that it’s just the way I was raised to refer to the man of the house – and I’m still puzzled as to why that doesn’t make me ‘Herself’! ‘Teenager’ is my son Daniel McQueeney, who won’t be ‘Teenager’ for very much longer since his 20th birthday is coming up in May. ‘Little Man’ is my son Isaac Robitille. He’s 12 and he has holoprosencephaly – an anomaly in which the fetal horseshoe-shaped brain doesn’t fully divide into two hemispheres. The doctors said he wouldn’t live to be six months old. He’s got a bunch of other differences, but he’s a delightfully happy little boy, loves math, hugs, kisses, and his dog (her name is Tickle – he named her!), and hates physical therapy. He speaks mostly tactile ASL. He was medically fragile for a long time after he was born, so writing took a back burner for me, but I can’t say that I regret it since I adore him and my skills as a writer have improved by leaps and bounds since 1999.  My three daughters don’t live with us – family drama I’d rather not go into.

I do have a ‘day job’, except of course it’s actually a night job. I’m working 9am to 9pm at Intralot – they’re the company that runs the software and databases used to run state lotteries. Not all the states, but a lot of them and a mess of other countries rely on us for accounting, keeping the ticket machines running, and generally making sure that John Q. Public can buy a lottery ticket 24 hours a day, any day of the year. No, I can’t “fix” the lottery so you can win. No, I’m not allowed to play. I figured I’d get the usual questions out of the way first!

I like doing author interviews, so I’ll occasionally have someone here in my “virtual kitchen” for a cup of tea, munchies, and a chat. The family may or may not wander through – Himself is usually attracted by the sound of the tea kettle whistling!

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