Michael Starr
- September 29, 2014
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News reports that I am able to access, do not have much to say about a precious little eight month old boy who died at the hands of his monster step-father. Michael Starr was eight months old when Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier, who was a Brazilian Jujitsu Instructor, is said to have raped the child who was then taken to the hospital where he died two days later.

Reports that I read said that Gabrielle Star, who is the mother of Michael, said that Daryell had been by her side for the time that Michael was in the hospital giving her the support she needed, though he was the person to have been alone with Michael and was considered a suspect. Daryell had been alone with Michael for only an hour when he called Gabrielle and told her that Michael had fallen and was having seizures. Daryell said that he had dropped Michael, but hospital staff found his injuries were worse than what he would have sustained in a fall:

Among his injuries, the Cranial Trauma Medical Legal Institute also determined that Michael had minor head trauma which showed that he had suffered a major impact on his body which was not consistent with the fall that Daryell claimed had taken place. There was an anal fissure that was of an undetermined nature, which was unable to be determined if it was from sexual trauma or possible bowel problems Michael could have been having. This is the last that I have seen about Michael and the rest of the reports are all about Daryell.

Daryell turned himself into the Police and told a judge:

"It was Satan that entered my body"

Daryell was to face a Hell of his own when he was put in jail and found that child molesters are not welcomed in a very nice way. It was reported that Daryell was raped, beaten and tortured by at least 20 different inmates. Pictures show Daryell standing with his back to the camera, in shackles with wounds all over his back and blood on the back of what appear to be boxer shorts. Daryell was treated and stitched up, though inmates repeated their welcoming of him and tore the stitches open.

Social media outlets posted the pictures and it appears that there was a great approval of what happened to him:

"Good, hope it keeps happening"

"It was the law of Karma operating on Xavier"

"I pray this happens to every baby raper, child molester, child abusing baby killer.
To many people deserve this, imagine if this was encouraged"

"Hope he's prepared for a life, that depends on diapers. Wow they just wow. He
deserved it. Looks like he crapped his pants. Not so tough now are Mr. Jujitsu"

Daryell is claiming that he is innocent and Michael's family is asking for capital punishment. Michael's grandmother was preparing a letter for the Judge to request that the harshest punishment be handed down.

Thank you goes out to Kaliegh for sending me this story.

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Death occurred in Brazil

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