Immanuel Foster
- October 2014

A seven year old boy was taken to Henry Ford Hospital one morning in October of 2014. Among the problems he had, Immanuel Foster was bruised all over his body as well as abrasions, but what was unbelievable, was that Immanuel was seven years old when his stepfather said that he took him the hospital complaining of stomach pain and losing consciousness. Police saw trouble right away:

"When I see a kid who is almost eight and weighs 27 pounds, I have a problem with that.
Right now it appears that the child had a number of bruises and abrasions. He was
extremely malnourished and this was going on for awhile"

Police Chief - Steve Dolunt

Immanuel was severely malnourished at the time of his death and the bruises and burn injuries on his body were consistent with what is seen in child abuse cases, though an autopsy would have to be performed in order to get the truth. Two adults were taken in to custody and for child abuse, 22 year old Victoria Foster, Immanuel's mothers and her 28 year old Cory Rimson, his stepfather. The family lived in a home that belonged to Cory's father, Allen Rimson. On the morning that he died, Immanuel and other children in the home were being taken care of by Cory:

"He was up this morning, sick, throwing up and messing through the house and everything.
And then my son, said that he had stopped breathing and was trying to resuscitate him. So
he called EMS"

Allen told Police that Immanuel had been running through the house the previous Sunday and that he had fallen in the bathroom and hit his head on the sink and had cut his eye. Allen said that Immanuel was not taken for any medical care after that fall and that he had seen his son discipline Immanuel for eating raw food such as hot dogs:

"He would woop him. Sometimes with his hand, sometimes with a belt. That's how we
were raised. they have to understand doing wrong"

Allen said that Immanuel was not in school and that Victoria had been gone for about two months and Cory had been home taking care of the children there the best way he could. Kimberly Wilburn, Immanuel's Aunt said that Victoria thought she had left her son with someone she could trust:

"That baby was tortured. Shouldn't nobody have to live like that. She really trusted him. That's
somebody she trusted. She didn't just leave him with somebody she didn't know, she knew him"

Victoria had stayed behind in Saganaw for work, when the family had moved to Detroit and Cory's family said that this was not the first time she had left him, that she would do this often, sometimes for a couple of weeks and sometimes for longer. Victoria is reported have come back to the home in Detroit only two days before Immanuel's death.

Cory and Victoria were eventually charged with first degree murder and torture and two other children ages two and three, were taken from the home. Steven Dolunt said that the two remaining children seemed to be fine. Preliminary hearings were set for November 6, 2014 and it was reported that neither of these two had lawyers. It was not immediately clear if this family had ever had any complaints filed with Child Protective Services, but Police SGT. Michael Woody said that they had heard rumors and would be checking them out.

A neighbor had this to say:

"I was shocked when I woke up this morning and heard all this. I have never seen anything
that would be abusive. The kids I saw was no seven year old. If he was the size of these kids
and he was seven, he had a medical problem"
Lola Barber

An autopsy that was done would not provide enough information to provide a cause of death, more testing would have to be done:

"Many times in cases like this where several physical health factors or condition are present,
further testing and investigation are necessary to determine the true cause of death"
Mary Mazur - Medical Examiner's Office Spokesperson

Immanuel's Uncle William was shocked to learn that his nephew was dead and devastated to learn that he had died from child abuse:

"Why didn't he contact somebody, he didn't tell anybody. Now I find out my nephew
starved to death and was beat on"
William Lowe

Reports say that the home they lived in was disgusting with feces found in different places and a belt was removed from the home, the belt was believed to have been one of the things Cory hit this little Angel with. While Victoria was looking for a job and there was nothing wrong with that, leaving her son with a man who beats on him, that's a problem:

"I think that's admirable, however, if you allow your child to be with someone who would
treat your kid like that, I have issues with that"
Steve Dolunt

While Steve was saying Victoria was wrong for leaving her son there, another cousin was defending her:

"She trusted this man with her child. He called her phone looking for her,
if he didn't want them, didn't want to feed him, he didn't have to beat him,
he could have called me"

Latavia Jackson

The problem is that Victoria HAD to have known that this man was violent towards this child, he didn't just do this one time, surely she has SEEN him abuse this child before and she just LEFT him there, defenseless, alone and he paid the price for that, with his life.

Allen was saying that his son did not do this and that his family had taken care of Immanuel when other family wouldn't:

"This is a bad deal for everybody. Everyone I have talked to that knows me,

that knows them, it's like, no, not cory. They don't know like I know, as far as
her family,
they don't know like we know. But it will come out, it's going to come out
and I will make
sure that it does"

Allen said they would need to put the bad memories behind them and they would be taking things one day at a time:

"That's all we can do"

A fund was set up to raise money for funeral and burial expenses.

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Death occurred in the state of Michigan
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