Christoffer Kihle Gjerstad
September 9, 1996 - February 2, 2005

Christoffer and his mother were said to be lose and when she was divorced in the year 2000, they were said to have become even loser with him sleeping in her bed and hugging all the time, though Christoffer did spend every other week- end with his biological father. Christoffer is said to be happy, helping his mother cook, do housework and driving a farm tractor with his grandfather.

People who knew Christoffer, knew him as a happy child, always running and playing and having fun and loving to climb trees and build forts, just a normal, active child. In the 2004, Christoffer's mother began to date a man who eventually become his stepfather. This would turn out to be a mistake.

Moving off of the farm of her parents, Christoffer's mother began dating and eventually moved in with a man named Kim Morten Larson. In February of 2004, after he moved him Christoffer was diagnosed with ADHD and when he is started on Ritilin, a Doctor says that he is doing well and says his overall health is good. Kim takes interest in helping with his stepson and is the soul administrator of the medication, he also checks on him during the night.

Kim had lived in the home only a short time before Christoffer began to show signs of abuse, he would show up with bruises and sores and he began to have trouble sleeping and to make matters worse, they began to spend less time with his grandparents and his behavior began to change. Unfortunately, when people would ask Christoffer how he kept getting hurt, her refused to tell then. Christoffer had changed, he was no longer the happy little boy that people had know, he became withdrawn and seemed to not like to be around people any more.

Sadly, teachers at the school Christoffer attended saw the many bruises and injuries that he had and not one of them made any attempts to get him help by reporting what they saw. In January of 2005, Christoffer started having trouble with movements of his head that he was not able to control as well as dizziness. A Doctor examines him and finds bruises on his cheek, a black eye and a bump on his forehead. The Doctor is told that Christopher takes Ritilin for ADHD and that his medication causes him to become dizzy. Christoffer said that his stepfather had given him some "white powder" that he was allergic to.

At one point, Christoffer ran to his grandmother Carrie Gjerstad and while screaming loudly and violently shaking his head, cling to her.

In the hospital the next day, Christoffer's Doctor said that the head shaking and dizziness had been caused by an overdose of Ritilin. Even though Christoffer had told about how his stepfather had given him the "white powder", he was allowed to go home the next day. In February, Christoffer was sent to school with more bruises and this time, the school called his mother to arrange a meeting. At school, Christoffer had what appeared to be scald marks on his skin and he was having a lot of pain when trying to write. The next day, Christoffer does not go to school because he is vomiting, very tired and a large bump is found by his mother, on his head. Dinner time was no better, Christoffer threw up again and was having trouble sitting up in his chair.

Christoffer is laid down and his stepfather talks his mother into going out for a walk, telling her she needs the fresh air. That very night, Christoffer was found with a paper towel shoved down his throat and through his nose, he was dead. One report says that a neighbor told of hearing a thud and then silence.

Christoffer has bruising across his legs, shoulders, face, right hip, arms, thighs and face and the large bump is found when an autopsy is done. A 17 cm skull fracture is found as well as crushing of his brain.

Reports say that child abuse in Norway is not often investigated because of what is called a lack of evidence. The case of Christoffer changed that:

"We have now created a new procedure. We will always consider the possibility of child abuse"
Overlege - Bjorn Halvorsen

It took four years for Kim Morten Larson to be charged and tried and then was sentenced to only eight years for killing him. The reason for the long wait was that the case had been dismissed twice by the Police before a Public Prosecutor ordered the investigation. Kim Morten Larson was found guilty of  bodily harm that resulted in death under particularly aggravating circumstances. In court it was read:

"There is no question of a single act of violence, but of serious violence committed many
times over time and which ultimately lead to death. The deceased had virtually no opportunity
to defend himself against violence from a grown man, especially when he saw that he could
not get help from the mother. He was defenseless"

I am unable to find the name of Christoffer's mothers, however, I did find out that she had two children after he died and they were both taken away from her by Child Welfare due to her neglecting them. In July of 2011, she was tried for complicity in violence resulting in death, in the case of Christopher and in April of 2012, she was sent to prison for two and a half years and was to pay a huge fine to Christoffer's biological father.

Sadly Christoffer's gave is not left in peace. People tear up flowers, put out candles and steal things that are left for him, such as teddy bears. Gunner and Carrie Gjerstad, his grandparents, report at least eight times when things have been stolen or destroyed.

Christoffer's grandparents visit his grave...

Most of the pages dedicated to this story are written in Norwegian and are hard to figure out even when translated. I am glad that I was able to do as much as I was for this little Angel.

Thank you to Lisa for sending me this story.

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Death occurred in Norway
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