Ayla Reynolds
April 4, 2010 - December 16,  2011
(missing/presumed to be deceased)

Ayla Reynolds has not been reported as being found to be dead as of this date, October 29, 2014. I am adding her because I believe she IS already dead and someone is hiding something. SHAME ON THEM!

Justin DiPietro, Ayla's father, told Police that he put his daughter to bed one Friday night in December of 2011 and when he woke up the next morning and went to check on her, she was gone. The Department Of Health And Human Services had given him custody only a few weeks before this since her mother, Trista Reynolds, had checked into a rehabilitation center for help with substance abuse. Ayla had been staying with Becka Hanson, Trista's mother and then DHS stepped in and removed her from that home and placed her with Justin, while a nine mother old sibling stayed with Becka.

Trista was living in a hotel in Portland, Maine with her son and had filed papers trying to get custody of Ayla because she had recently broken her arm and bruises started to show on her body.  Police said that Ayla broke her arm when she fell and that it was an accident.

Police were following the many leads that came in and were searching for Ayla around rivers and were using helicopters in their search, they were not ruling out that this little Angel could have been abducted. Game Wardens as well as the FBI were helping in the search along with over 75 other Law Enforcement employees. Ayla had last been seen in the same area that was near a river, so Police said it was a logical move to search that area. Cars were towed from Justin's home, though Police didn't comment as for why, though it was reported that there had been other adults visiting the home the night before Ayla went missing.

A candlelight vigil was held for Ayla in front of the home she disappeared out of, though not many people attended. This seems sad to me because usually people rally together at times like this. What made this case any different? This was only four days after she disappeared, I don't understand. At that vigil, Justin and Trista saw each other for the first time and Justin wouldn't answer any questions and only said:

"I'm not here to answer any questions"

Later reports said that Ayla was wearing green, polka dot pajamas that said "Daddy's Princess" on the front and that she still had a cast on her broken arm. The two people in the home that night with Justin were his girlfriend Courtney and his sister Alisha along with two other small children. Inside the home, Police found blood which turned out to match Ayla's and there was said to be at least a cup full of it found by Justin's bed. Police commented that this amount of blood was more than a small cut would cause. It also came out that Justin had taken a road trip lasting at least two hours before he even bothered to report his daughter was missing and that he had recently taken out a life insurance policy on her:

A message was posted by Ayla's family concerning the blood evidence:

"Even in light of this evidence, we we are more determined than even to find out what has
happened to Ayla and we still cling to the hope that she is alive and will be returned to us.
We urge anyone that has information about Ayla to come forward now and unburden
yourself of the truth"

While searchers continued to look for her, a reward of $30,000. for any information leading to Ayla being returned safely was offered when a businesses around down got together and offered the money. Over 1,200 calls came in, some from psychics, with people saying they had a lead and when Justin didn't speak about Ayla for almost three weeks after she disappeared, Trista began to accuse of hiding something from her and the Police.

At one point, Justin, his brother Lance and other friends got together with the Laura Recovery Center to make shirts, buttons and flyers to spread the word that they were looking for Ayla. In October of 2012, constructions workers lowered the water level in Messalonskee Stream so that they could repair a bridge and Police took advantage of that to search for Ayla, though they didn't find her.

In January of 2012, Police said they had turned their focus to the three adults who had been in the home on the night before Ayla disappeared. During what was being called the most intense investigation in Maine within the last decade, Police said that there was no evidence to support an abduction theory and that the adults in the home know more than what they were willing to talk about:

"We have searched that home and we have found not one piece of evidence to lead us to
believe Ayla was abducted. We think one or all three of the adults have info they haven't told
us and we need that info in order to find Ayla. The adults in that home say that someone came
into the house, a small home, went into a bedroom Ayla normally doesn't sleep in, took her,
vanished in the night and not one of them heard or saw anything"
Department Of Public Safety Spokesman - Steve McCausland

Justin was not named as a suspect or a person of interest at that point, though Police said they had not ruled anyone out.

In December of 2012, Police were called back to the home at about 11:15 p.m. when Justin's mother said she heard something like someone might be throwing things at the windows of the home and breaking them. Police showed up:

"No rocks or thrown objects were recovered, leading officers to believe that the windows
were damaged by a bat or some other object that was carried away from the scene"

July 2013 found Justin DiPietro, who was 26 years old by that time, in trouble with the Police when a Police Lieutenant witnessed him grab and then push his 25 year old ex-girlfriend, Courtney Roberts. Courtney was not injured and Justin had this to say:

"Nothing happened, I was just walking down the street, one foot in front of the other, like a
normal person"

Seems like "nothing" happens a lot with this man. Justin was taken into Police custody and after posting $200. bail, he was released, but faced an assault charged. On September 25, 2013, chaos broke out when Justin was to appear in court facing the assault charge. Trista Reynolds show up with some of her family members. Inside the courtroom, Justin's mother, Phoebe DiPietro, called Trista's father, Ron Rynolds an obscene name and he ended up following her into the hall of the courthouse where the two ended up having a loud verbal argument. Phoebe and Ron were removed from the courthouse and not long after that Trista and her family were asked to leave.

When Phoebe got up, she walked right in front of Trista and her family and made a snide comment and that's when Ron stood up and said:

"What did you say to me"

Phoebe kept walking and at that point, Ron said:

"Your son killed my granddaughter"

That's when they were both asked to leave the courtroom and the fight in the hall took place. Trista watched in disbelief though she did say that Phoebe sits on a couch all day and that the couch has her granddaughter's blood on it.

As it turned out, Trista had planned a new conference that would be held at the time of Justin's court appearance so that she could make it known that at that point, nobody had been charged with the disappearance of Ayla. Trista said that she believes that Justin, Alisha and Courtney should be held accountable and arrested for the disappearance of Ayla, though she knows that they can't be charged with murder since Ayla's body has not been found:

"I don't understand why Justin, Alisha and Courtney have not been charged yet. I don't
understand why they haven't been charged with lying to the Police"

Justin and those who support him continued to say that Ayla was kidnapped by strangers, however, Police spokesperson, Stephen McCausland is reported to have said that this story doesn't "pass the straight face test".

Justin plead guilty at the hearing, to violating conditions of release which were related to a September 6 traffic stop where alcohol was found in his car. In that hearing Justin was sentenced to four days in jail and ordered to pay a fine of $150., he served the time. The charge of assault was dropped because Courtney changed her story. When Justin left the court room, he made a noticeable effort not to walk in front of Trista.

Outside, Trista and her family waited while until the hearing ended and when Justin and Phoebe came outside and started to walk off, Trista and Ron followed and began shouting at them:

"Tell me what you did to her"

As of today's date, October 29, 2014, Ayla has not been found. I find it sad and selfish that someone would take this child from her family and not let them know the truth. I am wondering why I am unable to find any information about the adults in the home having taken lie detector tests, even if they can't be used in court, they can be used to find out if there are lies being told and obviously there are. I find it sad that TWO women in this house that night each have children of their own and they are not one bit concerned with how Trista is feeling about the loss of her daughter, they are hiding something and even if they never tell a soul here on Earth, they WILL have to face God one day and God doesn't take to kindly to those who harm children. One of these adults needs to at least make an anonymous call letting Police know where this child is so that Trista can have some peace one way or the other. I hope they do that soon! This beautiful, precious, little Angel deserves better than what she is getting.

Thank you to Cat for sending me this story.

This page was created on October 29, 2014
Death occurred in the state of Maine
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