Dillon Breana Belanger

November 29, 2005 - October 26, 2010
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When some children die at the hands of their parents, from abuse, their story is covered in great detail, down to the last little thing. Dillon Breana Belanger doesn't seem to be one of those children, I have done a detailed search and have found next to nothing about her, her life, her family, or even her death, but I feel she deserves to have her story told.

When Dillon was born, she was taken from her mother and placed with a foster family. Dillon thrived in their home, with love, attention and affection, they all grew to love each other. It was said that Dillon's speech was so advanced that at the age of only three years old, she was already on the level of a teenager. It was clear that this foster family was the right place for Dillon. Unfortunately, as all too often it happens, someone in "power" decided that Dillon should go to live with her mother after being in a foster home for about three and a half years.

The happy home that Dillon had been placed in suddenly changed when they were told that Dillon would be returned to the home of her mother by the Child And Family Services in Canada. This little Angel, who was called Breana by those who loved her, was returned to a mother who had a criminal record which included charges of prostitution. Mary Belanger was living in a home with her boyfriend and two other children when she was given custody of her daughter by CFS, this was a big mistake on their part.

Mary had Breana living with her for a year when an "accident" took place. Mary said that Breana climbed up on a counter and that she fell off and then climbed up one more time and fell again. Breana was taken to the hospital in Winnipeg where she died from what was said to be severe injuries after having been assaulted. Mary Joana Belanger was 32 years old when she was arrested and charged with second degree murder, aggravated assault and failing to provide the necessities of life.

The foster family that Breana had lived with were devastated and wondered if something could have been done to prevent her death:

"I wish we would have known. Maybe it could have been prevented"
Roderick Mandamin - Foster Grandfather

"I had concerns"
Louise Mandamin - Foster Grandmother

Even the Province said they had concerns about this case:

"The facts are disgusting"
Gord Mackintosh - Minister Of Family Services

Gord had asked the Office Of Children's Advocate to make Breana's case a top priority since CFS had been involved in this case from the beginning of Breana's life and that the facts were vile, outrageous and disgusting:

"It appears that the family in question were residents of both Northwestern Ontario and
Manitoba from time to time and had some historic involvement with child welfare agencies
in both jurisdictions. My understanding is that there were some family supports that were
being provided"

As it turned out, Mary had been visited by Animiki Ozoson Child And Family Services in September.

Reports said that Mary's boyfriend was devastated and was of the belief that what happened to Breana was an accident. CFS was said to have removed the other two children, a 13 year old girl and an 18 month old boy, from the home. One of those children was there to witness the assault on Breana and this was not the first time that CFS had been called to the home.

Mary's police record included convictions for breaking and entering in June of 2006, theft under the amount of $5,000. in April of 2004, a theft charge in 2003 and several convictions for refusing to comply with court orders. Gord said that Breana's death was a profound social tragedy:

"Any time there is a tragedy like this it is absolutely critical that there be an outside,
independent analysis of every step taken to ensure that the right things were done and
that steps were made according to the standards that are in place. And if they weren't,
then there had to be immediate actions to address any shortcomings"

Since Mary had only moved to the area about three weeks prior to the death of Breana, neighbors said they didn't know anything about the people living in the home.

Using several different search engines to try to find information about Mary's conviction, if she ever was convicted, I am unable to find anything.


Dillon Breana BELANGER

BELANGER, Dillon Breana - November 29, 2005 -October 26, 2010

It is with deep sadness and great sorrow that the family of Dillon announce her sudden passing on October 26, 2010.

Dillon was predeceased by her Grandmother Noella Belanger and Grandfather Robin Greene.

She leaves to cherish her memory her mother Mary Belanger (Jim Okapiec), brother Kayden and sister Makayla. She will also be sadly missed by her grandfather Basil Greene, grandparents Steven and Alice Kejick and their children Garland (Sherri), Chris, Earl (Nellie) and Eveleen (George), foster parents Conway and Crystal Kejick and brother Roman Munroe, grandparents Kathleen and Gus, grandparent Ella Dawn Greene and her children Laverna, Corrina, Vivian and Bernice, uncles Peter (Melissa) and Basil Sandy, as well as special friends and family Lena Okapiec, Christopher and Bridget, Courtney, Audrey, Lorraine (Ray), Larry and Kim, Raymond, Keenan, Jayden, Robert Charles, Patrick, Glenna, Roberta and Janice.

A special thank you to the staff at PICU at the Children’s Hospital and Vita Paramedics for your care and support of Dillon.

Wake Services were held at David Kejick School in Shoal Lake First Nation, Ontario on Friday, October 29, 2010.

Funeral service followed on Saturday, October 30, 2010 also in Shoal Lake, ON.

Arrangements entrusted to: Rock Fontaine Funeral Director Honour-Respect-Dignity In Wpg 204-223-2576 or toll free 1-(866)-499-2601

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Death occurred in Canada
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