Cody Paul Chama

August 21, 2007 - October 6, 2010
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Amanda Cheek was dating a man named Jason Cline and she decided it was okay to leave her three year old son alone with this man. Jason was the only adult who was with Cody Chama when he was injured to the point that it caused him to die, Amanda had gone to a Doctor's appointment.. Jason called 911 to say that a child had stopped breathing and when Police began to question him about what happened he said:

"It is cause what I done to him"

Cody's injuries were consistent with what is seen in child abuse cases, he died from a severe brain bleed and other injuries that showed he had been abused. Jason William Cline was arrested and charged with murder. In April of 2011, 27 year old Jason Cline was in court and was bound over for trail after a preliminary hearing where a Judge found that there was enough evidence for a trail. The charges against him were that he caused the death of Cody Paul Chama a three year old child by the willful or malicious use of unreasonable force to the head, leaving injuries that caused his death. Jason was held without bond.

Documents said that REACT EMS Paramedics, McLoud Police and Firefighters were the fist to arrive at the home at about 12:37 p.m. after Jason called 911 saying that Cody was not breathing and he wanted to do CPR. Cody was taken to Unity Health Center and later transferred to Children's Hospital where it was discovered that he had a brain bleed and severe hemorrhaging in both of his eyes at which point a Doctor stated that these injuries were consistent with child abuse. Police started an investigation into what happened and the District Attorney's Drug And Violent Crime Task Force was also investigating. It came out that Cody was in the process of potty training and Jason admitted to Amanda that he had rubbed Cody's face in urine after had an accident. Jason was facing the death penalty, life in prison with parole or life without parole if he was found guilty.

When delays happened and trials dates were changed, Paul Chama was upset and said that the sentence that Jason gets will not take away his own:

"I'm angry still. I just can't see how a man could do that. As a father, it's unbelievable to
even think about. Either way, it's not going to change a thing. I'm the one with the life
sentence without my child"


Jason William Cline was 28 years old when he plead guilty to first degree murder. At his sentencing trial, victims spoke up talking about how Cody would never play T-ball, never have a first day of school, he would never hunt or fish, drive a car or go on a first date. Victim's impact statements were heard during the sentencing part of the trial:

"I am so lost since this happened. Living life without Cody is horrible, life has no meaning.
He was an amazing little boy, he loved to learn new things. Life is empty and I will forever be
a lost father"
Paul Chama - Cody's Father

"It isn't fair that he doesn't get to experience life as he should, alive, with his parents.
Cody is my heart, the love that we had for each other was a unique, one of a kind bond,
he will never what it's like to be a grandson, a little brother, a big brother, a child and most
important, a son, my son"
Amanda Cheek - Cody's Mother

Amanda said that she had never been in so much pain or held so much anger, hatred and resentment inside her in her entire life. Amanda also said she wondered what was going through Cody's mind that day and she's been affected emotionally, physically and mentally by what happened and when she thinks about her son, all she can do is cry.

District Judge John Canavan did not allow for time served when he sentenced Jason to life in prison. District Attorney Richard Smothermon said that this had been the worst cae of child abuse he had ever seen and that Cody had suffered the worst head trauma he could imagine.


Cody Paul Chama was born on August 21, 2007 to Paul and Amanda Chama in Hiawatha, Kansas. He died October 6, 2010 at Oklahoma City, OK. He was 3 years old.

Cody Paul was a bright energetic little man with a big smile and a "Hi! What's your name?" , every time he met someone. He had such a big heart; he loved his family and friends. We'd go through a list at bedtime. It would start with "My mom, my dad, my Brent", and so on until he'd named everyone. The list was always getting longer so we started going to bed earlier. 

He loved to dance. Every time he heard any kind of music he'd start dancing. It didn't matter where it was. He loved to laugh and make people laugh. He amazed people for how well he talked and said his ABC's and counted too at such an early age. He would sing a lot to daddy and mom. He loved to talk and would always ask daddy and mom, "Are you my best friend?". Of course we would tell him yes. He'd just say, "yes best friends, I Love you!". It was never " hold me", he'd say "I want to hold you!" That was so Cody bear. He had his own little things he would do to show how much he loved his parents and family. With that Cody, High Five, dabs, skin, kisses and hugs, I Love You!

Cody was preceded in death by his grandparents Burle and Cleda Newland, Domingo and Ruth Chama, Linda Mae Phillips and Ralph Cheek; his great-grandparents Raymond and Carrie Tyndall, Jose Chama, and Fred Garnett.

He is survived by his parents Paul Chama of Ponca City, OK and Amanda Chama of McLoud, OK ; brother, Brent Middleton of Horton, KS; grandparents Reyes Chama of Santa Domingo, NM, Violet Garnett and LeRoy Franks both of Horton, KS; numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family and friends.

Memorials may be given to the Cody Paul Chama Memorial Fund.

Funeral services for Cody Paul Chama will be held 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at the United Methodist Church in Caldwell, Kansas.

Interment will be in the Caldwell City Cemetery, Caldwell, Kansas.

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