Rose Pizem

October 2003 - May 2008
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Rose Pizem was born in Paris, a place most people would love to visit some day. Born to Benjamin Pizem and Marie-
Charlotte Renault, Rose's life wasn't going to be easy. Marie was a French Jew and her family lived in Israel, with Benjamin being the child of a French mother and an Israeli father. At the at of only one year old, Rose was going to make her very first visit to Israel to visit her Grandfather, Ronny Ron, this would be the first time Marie had met her father-in-law. Benjamin and Marie stayed in Israel for for about three months and at the end of that time, Marie announced that she had fallen in love with her father-in-law and would not be returning to France with Benjamin. 

Benjamin took Rose with him when he went home but soon learned that raising her on his own was going to be a problem. Rose would end up in custody of the Welfare Authorities more than once. While Ronny and Marie never married, they did have two children together, both daughters. Marie was considered to be just a housewife and Ronny had worked as a cab driver and a garbage truck drive, but at some point he became unemployed. At some point, Marie found out that Benjamin had been abusing Rose and she had ended up in the hospital so she decided to get custody of the child.

Ronny and Marie sold the apartment they were living in and used the money to pay for the cost of fighting for custody of Rose:

"They had a good feeling that they were moving toward reuniting the family. There was an
expectation that this would be good for everyone and especially of course, for the child"
Revital Swid - Lawyer

Marie was able to gain custody, but the happy family she had dreamed of having, was not going to happen. Rose was not able to speak the languages that she should, so communication was difficult. Due to the severe abuse and neglect she suffered at the hands of Benjamin, Rose had behavioral problems and she would bang her head against walls, making matters worse, she was not potty trained. Ronny and Marie were strangers to her and through no fault of her own, the couple began to neglect her because she had the behavioral problems and they were soon looking for an institution to place her in.

Marie yelled at Ronny telling him that if he did not get Rose out of the house, she was going to kill herself. Though it might have been better for Rose to actually go live in an institution, Ronny and Marie eventually sent her to live with Ronny's mother, Vivian Yaakov. Vivian was not happy with this arrangement and she was always after Ronny to find another place for Rose to live, when he refused their relationship started to change in a bad way. Neighbors would later say that Vivian took very good care of Rose and they would often be out walking together in the area:

"I can't remember a time when the child looked as if something was wrong when she
was with Vivian"

"She was always telling me how difficult it was for her to care for the child and how much
she wished they would put her in a nursery school or some other suitable place"

At one point, according to Vivian's Lawyer Adi Hadar, Vivian made a demand for Ronny to put Rose in a nursery school as it was required by law. On May 12, Ronny was so upset about her request that he came to her  home, grabbed Rose and left, that was the last time Vivian ever saw or heard anything about Rose until after she died.


Three months after Ronny took Rose away, Vivian asked the National Council For The Child for help in the matter and a letter she wrote was passed on the the Welfare Service and from there it was faxed to the Police. Vivian would later say that she didn't go for help sooner because she didn't know if her son would be angry enough to hurt her:

"She began to investigate, to ask neighbors, she spoke with Ronny. But she did not
go to the Police out of fear of Ronny"

Ronny told Police that the child had disappeared and that Vivian was the one who was responsible for her being missing, investigators were quick to discount what he said. A Policewoman who searched the home was shocked to see that Rose didn't have a bed, she had no toys, in fact Rose had nothing but a shirt and pants.

It came out that on the day he went back and got Rose, Marie was upset and screaming at him not to bring her home, it was then, Police say, that these two monsters decided that they were going kill this little Angel. A large, red suitcase was found and this was to be the way that they would hide her body, they packed her clothing and belongings up and it was unknown how, but Rose ended up dead, placed in the suitcase and put into the Yarkon River.

A police man sits on the shore after discovering the suitcase containing the remains of Rose.

In court, a video taped reenactment of what Ronny said happened that day, was played:

"The child saw in the back seat and I was telling her something while driving. I gave
her something to eat and she said "disgusting, disgusting", in French, so I said
"Enough" in French and turned around and smacked her. The radio was on and I
didn't hear her reaction to the blow. Sometimes you hit a child and go on, you don't
think anything happened. I felt something was wrong, she was withdrawn and I thought
she was angry with me. I wanted to cheer her up, I kept on driving and thought to get
her some ice cream. I didn't plan it. I thought she was mentally injured, not physically.
When I stopped, I wanted to lift her up, so she'd be happy and she wasn't reacting.
I opened the door, told her I loved her, hugged her hard. When I picked her up, she
was limp. What I wouldn't give to keep from hitting my baby. Even if God forgave me,
I wouldn't forgive myself. I ended my life in a thoughtless second. I was scared, I was
terrified, I lost my mind, I lifted the child and she was gone"

Three years after her death, Ronny Ron was convicted of murder and Marie Charlotte Pizem was convicted of inciting him to commit the murder. A three Judge panel lead by Judge Avrham Tal, decided not to read a 342 page verdict and instead just delivered the guilty verdicts. Ronny seemed to have no reaction to the verdict, however, Maria broke down and was crying so hard, she had to be lead out of the courtroom. The judge said of her reaction:

"The shock expressed by the accused, when the investigators told her that Rose was dead,
indicates the manipulative nature and the fact that she didn't hesitate to present a facade when
it suited her purposes, spicing her words with crocodile tears"

The Judges had no trouble in decided that Marie had thought Rose was a burden and would do whatever she felt was necessary to get her out of her life and they made it clear that the did not believe anything that Ronny or Marie had said in their defense:

"In light of the evidence, I reached a conclusion that though the accused, Ronny, would abuse
the accused, Maria, both verbally and physically, more often than they both confessed to. In
the relationship as a whole, and especially when it came to Rose and their other daughters. It
was the accused, Marie, who dominated her will on Ronny"

A letter that Marie had written to Ronny was read in court:

"Roni, I don't know how to speak about this with you, it's about Rose. It's too
difficult to me, she is killing my happiness. I am not good to her, I don't want
to see myself bad, the you see me bad, that the babies say I'm bad. I prefer
to stop all of this. That she go from my life. I know my words are strong and
difficult. What do you think about? What we going to do? I don't want that she
breaks our stability, our girls, our family"

The Judges were in agreement that the decision was made to solve the problem permanently:

"The decision reached was not spontaneous, but rather planned as proven by the taking of
the lard suitcase in which Rose's body was found on September 11, 2008 and as proven by
the dumping of her weather alive or dead, into the waters of the Yarkon. It hasn't been proven
that Marie took part in Rose's killing, as an accomplice. However, it had bee proven that she
incited Ron to do so, with intention that she die"

Attorney Anna Avidov, with the Prosecutors Office was asking that Ronny and Marie be sentenced to life since that was what the law required. Ronny's Lawyer, Gil Friedman said she would fight the verdict in the supreme court and that though he must pay for he did, he's not a murderer. Revital Sweid, Marie's lawyer said she had plans to argue for diminished responsibility saying that Psychiatric evaluations showed that Marie was not fully responsible for her actions.

On June 13, 2011, Ronny Ron was sentenced to life in prison for murdering and then disposing of the body of Rose Pizem. Marie was acquitted of the charges against her. Ronny's lawyer was going to appeal the sentence in the Supreme Court of Israel.

A monument was put up in memory of Rose. It was placed on the banks of the Yarkon River where
Rose's body had been found.

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Death occurred in Israel

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