Natalynn Lea Miller

June 18, 2005 - March 22, 2009
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When Natalynn Lea Miller would be with her mother, Nicole Lee and her boyfriend, Ryann Jones, she would often have un- explained bruises on her body. It seems that Nicole knew that Ryann was abusing her this little Angel and did nothing about it. Nicole even left Ryann alone with Natalynn at times and on March 22, 2009, she left for work seemingly without a care in the world about what could or would happen to Natalynn while she was gone. True to what we all know about child abusers, something DID happen.

First responders to a 911 call found a shocking scene when they arrived and in a grassy area, they tried to revive this beautiful little girl. Ryann Jones told them something about her having been in the bath tub, though at that time, they were not sure what he was talking about. Natalynn was supposed to be in the care of Ryann, but it seems that just the opposite was taking place:

"She was pale in the face. Her hair was wet and a light colored blue shirt was soaking wet"
Detective Jared Hughes

Natalynn's body had more than 30 bruises all over it and Ryann claimed that she had fallen and that later she was playing in her room and he heard a thump. Of course Nicole stood up for Ryann rather than her daughter and said that Ryann had not killed Natalynn, that it had been an accident.

Ryann Jones was charged with one count of murder and one count of child abuse after the autopsy results showed that Natalynn had died from blunt force trauma to her head and body. Nicole Lee, Natalynn's mother, was facing charges of child endangerment with what is called a "special allegation" of willful harm or injury causing death, possession of Marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

During Ryann's trial, Detective Hughes said that when they arrived, they tried to resuscitate Natalynn, they had to cut her clothing off and that is when they noticed that she was covered in bruises. When Natalynn arrived at the hospital, she was immediately pronounced dead by Dr Kealani Sine who saw the injuries on Natalynn's body and immediately ordered tests that would show if there was any internal injuries that she had suffered:

"I was concerned that it was non accidental trauma and requested a skeletal survey
and CT scan be performed"
Dr Kealani Sien

Photos shown in court were of the grass where Natalynn had been, inside the home and pictures of Natalynn's bruised and battered body. Pictures showed what was said to be vomit and blood on the kitchen counter of the home. In true Defense Attorney style, questions were brought up about the paramedics who had done CPR on Natalynn in order to try to save her life. Back blows were done on her and the Defense tried to make it sound as though the bruises she had on her body had been caused by the CPR.

Troy Miller, Natalynn's father had this to say:

"Natalynn was terrified of her mother's boyfriend and expressed her fears to me
on many occasions. Despite her promise to me and Natalynn not to allow her
new boyfriend to care for her anymore, her mother left Natalynn in his care when
she went to work on Sunday and sadly, she is now dead"

There's a huge red flag, if you have to PROMISE to NOT allow your boyfriend to care for your child, then you need to rethink the relationship and do what has to be done to protect your child, NOT the relationship. Clearly Nicole didn't care about Natalynn, she was just another mother out there looking for a man, ANY man, to be in her life.

In December of 2013, a jury found Ryan Jones, who was 25 years old, guilty of second degree murder in the death this little Angel faced girl. Judge Joseph Kalashian sentenced him to 25 years to life in prison. Before handing down the sentence, the Judge made it known that he was sure that Ryann had killed Natalynn in a fit of rage that day and he spoke about a past conviction in which Ryann had abused a ex-girlfriend. Phillip Cherney, Ryann's defense Lawyer had asked for a new trial:

"The law is that the presumption favors defenses council's strategic choices during
the course of the trial"

Well, Phillip, the law says not abuse and kill children, Ryann didn't follow THAT law, now DID he? Judge Kalashian denied the request for a new trial. Victims were allowed to give impact statements and at one point, Troy was out of control and the Judge had to ask him to stop:

"She used to tremble whenever his name had to be brought up or she had to speak
anything about him. She would tremble in fear just talking about him and he's supposed
to be this loving guy. Oh, he's gonna take such great care of Natalynn, oh he's stepping
up to be a big dad and a good friend F**K YOU - F**K YOU. I don't think there's any
mathematical formula or equation that you could use to calculate the pain that has
been caused"

Judy Plowman, Natalynn's grandmother had treats in her eyes when she spoke:

"Many nights I lay awake unable to sleep, wishing I could have her back for just one hour,
long enough for one more glimpse of her smile, her sparkling blue eyes, her giggle"

Ryann's Lawyers had plans to appeal this sentence.

In June of 2014, the trial of Nicole Lee was taking place and Nicole was taking the stand in her own defense. Nicole was being questioned by her Lawyer, Dan Harralson and he asked her how she met Troy Miller and what had lead to their break up. Nicole said that she had been a victim of domestic abuse in their home and that she had been concerned when Natalynn was visiting with Troy after their breakup because he would often have no food , his utilities would get shut off from time to time and there had been a drive by shooting, she said she was worried.

Nicole's mother, was asked by the Prosecutor, Brenda Broker, was asked if she thought her granddaughter was accident prone:

"I don't think she's accident prone, I think she's a toddler"
Nancy Lee

On July 15, 2014, after having been found guilty on June 9, 2014 of felony child abuse with the "Special Allegation, Nicole Lee was sentenced by Judge Valeriano Saucedo to eight years in prison, four for each count she was found guilty of. In her case, her Defense Lawyer also requested and was denied by the Judge, a new trial and they requested that Nicole be let on on bail pending an appeal that request was also denied:

"The defendant, Lee, failed to protect her three and a half year old daughter, Natalynn
Miller and knowing left her in the care of her violent boyfriend Ryann Jones. Natalynn
received numerous injuries while under Jones' care, ultimately leading to her death"

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Death occurred in the state of California

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