Carson Emanuel Burm

October 11, 2013 - May 30, 2014

If Child Protective Services comes to your home, once, okay, it could have been a mistake, if they come a second time, you need to wake up, a third time, you need to LOSE your children! Brian Kelsey never had a clue that his grandson, Carson, was in danger because of a man in the life of the child's mother:

"He was a seven month old baby. He was happy, he was cuddly, ya know, he loved to
be cuddled. He was a wonderful, little boy and unfortunately we're never going to see
what he'll grow up to be"
Brian Kelsey

On May 29, 2014, a call came in to 911 about an unresponsive, seven month old baby. First responders found the baby just as they were told, unresponsive and blue. Carson was life flighted to Bronson Hospital where he died the next day. Steven Shaw was the boyfriend of Laura Kidney, Carson's mother and about two hours after she went to work, Steven was calling 911. At the hospital, Doctors found that Carson had a snapped spine and his brain was swollen and he had several other fractures to his tiny little body:

"A monster took him. More so, than just shaken baby syndrome. This man beat him like
a man would beat another man. Nobody should beat anyone this way, let alone a seven
month old baby, for what? What was he doing? Was he crying? Was he hungry? If CPS
felt compelled to interview her three times, why did CPS leave them kids in that home,
three times, come on, I mean, really? you are aware there's something wrong with this
gentleman, if not you wouldn't have interviewed three times, but yet you still leave my
grand kids in a home for this to happen"

Brian said that Carson had been taken to the emergency room on May 13th because his mother found blood in his ear. At that appointment, he had been diagnosed with a double ear infection and given antibiotics

"Supposedly at that time he had a busted ear drum or a real bad ear infection. The trauma
surgeon said that bleeding from the ear is a sign of head trauma, not an ear infection. So
there was a misdiagnosis at the Coldwater Hospital also, so there's two times that could've
been prevented and saved my grandchild's life"

After Carson died, another Doctor said that blood is not a sign of ear infection and that it was a sign of something more serious, that an investigation should have been done for head trauma.

Steven Shaw was 41 years old when he was charged with homicide in the death of this precious baby boy and he was held without bond.

Brian was at a custody hearing in which Carson's older sister was taken in custody of CPS, while Carson's father was at the hospital holding him while he was on life support:

"What do you tell your 22, 23 year old who's sitting in the hospital knowing that his son's lying
there but never coming back? What do you say to him? There's nothing you can say to him"

Brian said that his son ask him why this had happened, what could be the purpose? Carson's organs were donated and the lives of five other children, five families were changed because of the unselfish act of one family. Brian though that maybe that was the purpose in what had happened to Carson.

It was reported that Steven had two other children who had been taken away and were placed into foster care and it came out in the preliminary hearing that CPS had spoken to Laura and told her about Steven having had his children taken away in the past, though she hadn't been able to go into much detail because of privacy laws. Laura said that she already knew that he had his children taken away and it was obvious that she didn't care when she was told that Steven should NOT be around children, especially if he was going to be alone with them.

On her second visit, Steven was in the home when the CPS worker spoke to Laura again, though she was able to go into more detail at that point since Steven was there. Laura told her that she had never seen any problems and she felt her children were not in any danger and that she had no plans to stop leaving them alone with Steven.

As a mother myself, I can never understand when someone is told flat out that someone should not be around their children and that advice is ignored. I see over and over how these people act shocked and hurt when something major happens to a child they had been warned to protect. If someone tells you to protect your child from an abuser and you don't listen, you're just as much to blame when something happens, as the one who abused them. Just my opinion of course!

Vic Burm asked why CPS didn't take the children out of the home if she thought Steven should not be left alone with them and was told that his history of abuse was not towards children. It turns out that in 2012, Steven lost custody of his children to their mother and when he showed up for a visit without asking first, she had heard her seven year old daughter screaming in the other room and when she checked, the daughter was being held under her arms, up in the air. Police interviewed the child who told them that Steven had choked her and then told her he was going to kill her. That case was sent to the Prosecutors office and for some reason, no charges or record of an arrest was ever found.

A neighbor testified that she had never seen Steven abuse the children but on the 29th she had come home and when looking through the screen door into their home, she said she saw Carson on the floor:

"Steven was actually doing CPR on the baby. I asked him if he was okay, if he needed
any help. He told me he didn't need an audience and then he told me to go upstairs"

CPS removed the second child, a two year old girl,  from the home and was asking that Laura's parental rights be terminated in the case of that child. Funny thing, CPS didn't take Carson out of the home and was then placing the blame on Laura. I agree, Laura has no business raising children, however, Carson and the little girl SHOULD have been removed from the home when Laura made it clear that she had no intentions of protecting them from Steven.

In September of 2014, Steven was in court and the case was continued until later in the month since Judge Kirk Kashian said though he had no direct conflict of interest in the case, he didn't want to give any impression of prejudice, so he recused himself from the case. Judge Kashian had been the Judge in court when Steven had lost custody of his two children to their mother as well as having proceedings before him in the cause of Laura losing custody of her daughter.

Later in September of 2014, Steven was back in court and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Valerie White was questioning Elizabeth Douglass, a Forensic Pathologist who was in charge of the autopsy done on Carson. Valerie testified that Carson had two fractured femurs and one broken tibia and said that this was a problem for a non walking child. Judge Brent Weigle heard how Valerie White found this to be "indicative" of child abuse. The cause of death listed on the death certificate as skull injuries to the bone above the brain. There was blood and bruising on the brain and some of the fractures were wide enough to have been caused the swelling in the brain, she added that this type of injury is typical of what would be seen in a car crash:

"This is not accidental trauma"

Laura said that Steven had gotten out of bed at about 11:00 a.m. that day so that he could watch the children while she went to work and when she left, Carson was acting just fine after he had eaten his breakfast, he was in his bouncy seat in front of the television.

As of today's date, November 6, 2014, I can find no more information about this case.


Carson Emanual Burm
2013 - 2014

Burm, Carson Emanual; 7 months of age;, died on Friday, May 30, 2014 at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo.

A funeral will be held on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 1 p.m. at Lighthouse Funeral & Cremation, located 3 miles east of M-66 on M-60, in Union City.

Interment will follow at Sherwood Cemetery. Pastor Martin Burdick from the Union City Wesleyan Church will officiate.

Visitation will be held prior to the funeral on Wednesday, beginning at 11 a.m. at the Lighthouse.

Carson was born on October 11, 2013 in Marshall, Michigan to Victor E. Burm and Laura S. Kidney. He lived in Coldwater with his family all of his short life. He was always a cheerful baby. No matter how bad his parents’ day was, he could always make them smile. He loved to growl like a dog in a very cute way. He was a loving brother to his big sister and was mesmerized by the Law & Order T.V. show theme song.

Carson is survived by his parents, Victor Burm of Holly and Laura Kidney of Coldwater, his sister Paityn Burm (age 3), his grandparents Brian (Barb) Kelsey of Holly, Steve Kidney, Sr. of Coldwater and Peggy Kidney of Marshall, his uncles Steve Kidney, Jr. of Ft. Wayne, IN, Billy (Kristina) Kidney of Adrian, Ricky (Ashley) Kidney of Athens, Kyle Kidney of Union City, Zach Kelsey of Holly, Terri Kelsey of Holly, his aunts Airial Sailor of Marshall and Elizabeth Preston of TN, his great- grandparents Charlie (Alfrieda) Miller of AL, Terry (Jean) Kelsey of AL, Mark (Thelma) Krzyszton of Pontiac, Gary (Carolyn) Davis of Pontiac and Marian Louise Parker of Coldwater.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents Victor (Tanya) Burm and his uncle Shane Kelsey.

Memorial contributions may be directed to the online fund that has been set up for the family at

Please visit to share memories, pictures and videos with the family.

Published in Daily Tribune on June 3,2014

Thank you to Debbie for allowing me to honor Carson by sending me his story.

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Death occurred in the state of Michigan

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