Scott "Scotty" McMillan

- November 4, 2014
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My heart breaks with each story that I add to my site, I can deal with that. What I have trouble dealing with is the EVIL, DISGUSTING people who STILL think that abusing children is acceptable and that they won't get caught. How can anyone feel that torturing a helpless child is a NORMAL thing to do? How can anyone hear a child cry and just not want to hug them and make them feel better, to let them know everything is going to be okay, to let them know they are safe, loved and cared for? I will never understand it, I will never get used to it, it will always break my heart a little more.

Gary Lee Fellenbaum, a 23 year old "man" (I use the term man only because he's male) and Jillian Tait, a 31 year old woman (Again, I use the term only because she is female) , went shopping for a car, bought a pizza and then had sex all while her three year old son, Scott, was laying on air mattress in their home, dying from torture and beatings he had been subjected to at their hands.

Gary and Jillian had only met in September of 2014, when both were employed by Walmart, they moved in together in October of 2104. Six people lived in the home, three adults, including Gary's estranged wife 21 year old Amber Fellenbaum, Jillian and Gary along with three children, two boys aged six and three years old and one little girl who was 11 months old.

Inside the home, the two boys were tortured and beaten while the adults laughed about their treatment. Scott and his older brother were hung upside down by their feet while Gary and Jillian laughed about their obvious pain. The older boy learned quickly that if he squirmed and moved around, it was worse, so he would hold still, but Scott had not learned that yet and he was moving around a lot. Scott's beatings had included being hit with a frying pan, a curtain rod,

Scott had refused to eat his breakfast one morning and he was disciplined by being thrown against a wall so hard that his body put a hole in the wall, was punched so hard he fell off of a chair and was then duct taped to the chair so he would not fall out while he was being beaten.

Gary and Jillian were arrested and charged with murder for Scott's death and aggravated assault for the beatings that his older brother had been put through. Amber was charged with child endangerment for not getting help soon enough for the children, though she had been the one to call 911 the night that they were called. By the time Amber called, Scott had been suffering and unresponsive for many hours, put into a shower by Gary and Jillian for over  30 minutes and when he didn't respond, they put him on air mattress and went shopping.

After napping and having sex, Jillian went to check on Scott and found that he was not breathing, she yelled for someone to call 911. District Attorney Thomas Hogan was quoted as saying that this case is an "American Horror Story":

"It was an unspeakable act of depravity"

A search of the house turned up no drugs or alcohol, noting that, Thomas Hogan said:

"This is just evilness"

The older boy in the home showed obvious signs of abuse:

"It is going to take us years to put him back together again physically and mentally"
Thomas Hogan

This boy and the 11 month old girl were placed in a home with other family members. Gary and Jillian were held without bail and Amber was given a  bail amount of $500,000., none of them had lawyers this early on. Thomas Hogan said at a press conference:

"Let me tell you about an American horror story. Little Scotty McMillan , a three year old
boy at the beginning of his life, is dead. Over a three day period this week, he was system-
attically tortured and beaten to death. He was punched in the face and stomach. He was
scourged with a home made whip. He was lashed with a metal rod. He was tied to a chair
and beaten. He was tied upside down by his feet and beaten. While the rest of the country
was watching for the election returns, on Tuesday, Little Scotty McMillan was breathing his
last. I promise you that, though the Heavens may fall, justice will be done for these
defendants.. Say a prayer for little Scott McMillan. The brief nightmare that was his life,
is over"

Scotty was taken to Brandwine Hospital and was found to have bruises on the top of his head and puncture wounds and lacerations all over his body:

"Our Emergency nurses see a lot of things, but when they saw his body, they wept"
Thomas Hogan

Thomas told of the offenses that Scott was guilty enough of to pay with his life, he had disrespected Gary and he did not eat the toast he was given for breakfast. Thomas said that the death penalty would be on the table for Gary and Jillian.

Police were called to the home about 7:45 p.m. with the caller saying that there was an unresponsive child in the home. When Emergency crews arrived, an attempt was made to revive Scotty, but their attempts failed. Police found the things that had been used to torture and beat these children. Jillian told Police that in the beginning, Gary would discipline the children by spanking them on their bottoms and as time went on, his discipline got more aggressive with him hitting them with his fists in their heads, faces and legs.

Scotty was the main target because he was the one who had the least ability to understand what was happening and he would fight back while his brother would not fight back because he didn't want to cause Gary to become even more angry. Jillian admitted that she had participated in the torture and beatings of these children and that the morning that Scott could not eat the toast that was made for him, he would spit it out and Gary tried to shove it back in and when Scott resisted him, he got angry and stared beating on him.

The next day, Scott woke up with a severely swollen face and when he again would not eat, Gary said he was just being disrespectful and that's when he punched him hard enough to knock him out of the chair. Gary taped Scotty into the chair and punched him again Scotty began to vomit and that's when he became unresponsive. Gary didn't even try to deny any of what Jillian told Police:

"Gary Fellenbaum admitted that Scott was heavily bruised from the assaults. Asked why
he did not contact 911 when he saw that Scott was unresponsive, Gary stated that he was
afraid he would be in trouble with the Police and county child services if the injuries to Scott
were discovered"

What a shock! (said with sarcasm and disgust) that ANOTHER person who abuses a child to death thinks what they did is okay and that they don't need to be punished for it so they don't call anyone to help the child because they feel they shouldn't have to get in trouble. I saw pictures of this man and he's a big man, no match for a three year old and a six year old. Thank God this couple didn't abuse the 11 month old baby girl.

Thomas Hogan stated that there had been no signs to anyone that the children were being abused with neighbors saying they had not seen much of the boys as far as being outside playing"

"Nothing in this park ever happened like this. It hurts everybody, it hurts me"
Cindy Clevenscine

The older boy had been going to school, but the teachers and other employees had not noticed any bruises on him. It was reported that he had been out of school for at least two weeks while the worst of the beatings was taking place, but since there was a horrible Flu going around, no one at school seemed to notice. In this day and age, if a child misses THAT much school, I think the school should be calling to check on the child.

Deputy District Attorney Deborah Ryan, head of the DA's Child Abuse Unit, stated that it was not known where Jillian had been living with her two sons before she met and moved in with Gary and that it was unclear where the biological father of those two boys was living. Deborah said that the abuse suffered by these little Angels was the worst and most disturbing case she had seen in a long time:

"Unfortunately, we see acts of violence against our children every day. We want to
reassure the public that we are doing everything we can in our power to bring justice
to these two little boys"

Chief Curt Martinex said:

"This was an isolate incident. Our township Police Department has taken every step to
insure the safety of our residents"

Chief James Vito also spoke at the press conference and thank the first responders and made an urgent statement saying that if anyone sees or suspects child abuse in the future to call the Police or the DA's tip line:

"If there is any hope to this story it is that Scott's six year old brother survived and no longer
has to suffer the abuse he endured"

"They whipped Scotty. They whipped him with a curtain rod. They went shopping! And went
out for pizza and came back and fooled around. They killed a child under the age of 12. We
will seek the death penalty in this case"
Thomas Hogan

A preliminary hearing was set for the week of November 10, 2014.

Thank you to Kristi for sending me this story so that this little Angel could be memorialized.

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Death occurred in the state of Pennsylvania

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