Maxwell Owen Eyer
August 15, 2005 - December 28, 2007
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Maxwell Eyer was said to have been a wonderful, happy, handsome little boy.  Life had been unkind to this little Angel from the very beginning, Maxwell was deaf and disabled and his life wasn't getting any better from there. At the age of two years old, Lindsey Eyer dropped him off at the home of his father, Johnny Garcia and his father's girlfriend, Jeanine Lansdon. When she went to pick Maxwell up, he was not acting right, he was very stiff and then when he became unresponsive, Lindsey decided to call Johnny and find out what was going on. Johnny went immediately to the oldest excuse in the book, telling Lindsey that Maxwell might have rolled off of the bed. Lindsey SHOULD have called 911 to get some help for her son, instead, she put him in a warm tub of water hoping to get rid of his stiffness and she tried to get him to drink some milk. When these attempts to revive Maxwell didn't work, Lindsey called the Doctor's office, however, when she got no satisfactory answers, she called Johnny again and he told her that if Maxwell was not better by the next day, she needed to take him to the hospital.

Maxwell was asleep, or so they all agreed that he was, by 5:00 p.m. and Johnny told Lindsey and Jeanine that he needed some Vicodin. At around 10:00 p.m. the two women came home without the Vicodin and they were told by Johnny that Maxwell was still sleeping so the women left again in search of the pain killers for Johnny. While they were out, Johnny called them to say that something was going on with Maxwell and FINALLY, Maxwell was taken to the hospital. Twenty minutes after arriving at St. Anthony's Hospital Emergency Room, Maxwell was pronounced dead. All efforts were made by the two women to protect Johnny when the lied and told Police that Maxwell had been sick for about a week with some kind of respiratory problem.

I have to say that it never ceases to amaze me the things people will do and think they are being sneaky, that they are going to get away with it. Why is that the excuses get made when time and time again over the years, children have died at the hands of those entrusted to care for them and excuse after excuse is PROVEN to be a lie, yet the same excuses are made over and over? Do these people think that the Doctors are not going to be able to see what happened to a child after that child is abused to death?

In court Dr. Raj Nanduri would testify about the bruises that covered Maxwell's body from head to toe, some fresh, some had been there for awhile and were various stages of fading away. Maxwell had a fracture to his chest bone that had already head. Maxwell had died from several hits to his head which caused internal bleeding to his brain. Dr. Nanduri said that Maxwell would have been suffering greatly in the hours before he actually died, he would have been having seizures, having trouble breathing, vomiting, choking and probably unable to sit up or respond to anyone around him.

Jeanine Lansdon plead guilty to child endangerment and received a ridiculous sentence of only five years in prison and while she didn't actually hurt this child, she didn't do anything to help him either. She deserves MUCH more than the little time she will actually serve with time off for good behavior and any other stupid reason she will be out for. Jeanine told the court that she had witnessed Johnny slamming Maxwell's head on the floor and against a grate and that Johnny was upset that the child was eating in bed.

Lindsey Marie Eyer was 26 years old when she said in court that she had made terrible choices that had lead up to the death of of Maxwell adding that she loved her son but was afraid of Johnny. It came out in court that Lindsey had been told the Department Of Children And Family Services NOT to allow Johnny around Maxwell since he had been injured under suspicious circumstances three months earlier. Lindsey told the courtroom that she had not taken Maxwell to the hospital because Johnny told her not to.

Circuit Judge Charles Romani listened as family and friends of Lindsey told him that she was a good and caring mother. Luckily Judge Romani wasn't buying it saying that it may have been true at one time, but not any more:

"There is no excuse for your actions and inactions on that day"

I disagree with the Judge on the next point, that is when he told Lindsey that he felt she could be a responsible citizen and a good mother to the other two children she has, if she got some help. What is up with that? She has PROVEN that she CAN'T be a good mother, that she will allow a man to let her make bad decisions about what should and should not be done. God help those two children if she is ever allowed to raise them again, because apparently the law isn't on their side.

Lindsey plead guilty to child endangerment and was also sentenced to a ridiculous sentence of five years with credit for 225 days she spent in jail before she had bonded out. She will have to serve only half of that sentence before she becomes eligible for parole.

Johnny Garcia was 24 years old when he plead guilty to first degree murder and his sentence to 44 years in prison. Johnny was able to make a plea deal that would get him no more than 50 years. Prosecutors had asked for the full 50 years while the Defense Attorney John Delaney was asking for only 35. Ali Summers, the Prosecuting Attorney brought up the fact that this was not the first time Johnny had abused this precious little boy and that Johnny had been breaking the law for as long as he had been an adult with convictions for burglary, criminal damage to property, aggravated domestic battery against Lindsey and mob actions.

Associate Judge James Hacket was reported to say that the way Maxwell was treated was difficult to comprehend and unbelievable.

In May of 2013, Dr. Gita Malur, who was practicing out of of Alton Pediatrics on the Alton Memorial Hospital Campus as well as being on staff at St. Anthony's Hospital, had her medical license suspended for on year after an investigation said that she failed to report the suspected abuse of Maxwell.

Thank you to Cat for always thinking of the children.

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Death occurred in the state of Illinois

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