Damien Christopher Lynn
November 22, 2008 - February 23, 2010
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First responders to the home of Cheryl Metzger where her 28 year old boyfriend, Edgard B. Anziani was baby sitting her son Damien. Arriving at about 7:00 a.m., Paramedics found Damien to be unresponsive, having two broken arms, injuries to his head and a bite mark on his right arm, his skin was blue and he was not breathing. Cheryl was in the hospital being treated for stomach problems and an hour after Damien reached the hospital, he was pronounced dead. Cheryl said that she had started having abdominal pain at about 11:30 p.m., the night before Damien died and she went to the Emergency Room at about 2:30 a.m., not wanting to wake up Damien, she left him with Edgard:

"My baby was sleeping and I didn't want to get him out of bed. I beat myself up every day.
I wish I never went to the hospital, that I never let him in my house"

Cheryl and Edgard had been living together off and on for about four months and there was a second child in the home. Edgard was not the biological father of either of the children. It would later come out that Edgard was in the United States illegally from the Dominican Republic. When he spoke to the Police about what had happen to Damien, he said that about 4:30 a.m. he heard Damien crying and went downstairs to make him a bottle. While in the kitchen he claims that he heard the child fall down the stairs. I have to wonder how many times people are going to abuse children and then try to say that they fell down the stairs or off of the bed. By now it should be clear to ALL child abusers that the Doctors WILL be able to tell if their story is true or not.

Though he was not arrested right away because of a cause of death was not immediately known, Edgard was eventually arrested after being on the run for six days, he was found in Maryland and brought back to Maine. An autopsy found that Damien had trauma to his brain on all sides of his head, including the back and front and top, he also had optic nerve hemorrhaging and the breaks in his arms were consistent with bones that had been twisted. Damien also had four broken ribs, an injury to his abdomen and puncture wounds on the bottom of his left foot.

Edgard was no stranger to the law and he had a history with the Police in that area. Cheryl said she didn't know or think that Edgard would ever hurt her or her children:

"I just want people to know I didn't know he was like that. I love my children and it hurts to hear
people say things they do"

I am of the mind that this man must have, at some other time, have abused this child and possibly the other child in the home. I don't believe that he never hit either of them in the past and I am also of the mind that he might have been able to make excuses for what he did and Cheryl believe him. The fact that his couple was on again off again, is a good tip that not all was Paradise in that home. I won't say she didn't love her children, I will say that she knew more than she let on and maybe she didn't think that he would ever kill one of the children. Of course that is just my own opinion, based on MANY MANY years of hearing the stories that get told about abused to death children. It rarely happens, but I am stuck on the fence with what I feel about this woman.

A candle light vigil was held for Damien at Cascade Park. About 200 people showed up to honor this little Angel. Family friends and strangers who were touched by his story got together to support this family:

"I thought I had plenty of time to my little cousin. Caskets should not come in that size"
Jay Cochran

"I send my love to my daughter, Patrick and my little Mr. Man"
Joanne Francis - Grandmother

"I still can't believe you're gone"
Dennis McCurdy - Grandmothers Boyfriend

"If you didn't know Damien, he was a good little boy. He came into the world early
and was taken out too soon"
Antoinette Ashmore - Aunt

Antoinette added that Cheryl was doing okay with the love and support of those around her:

"She's going second by second and that's all she can do right now. If you have little ones
hug them, kiss them, love them because you don't know what tomorrow can bring"

Damien, who went by the nickname Dbug, had just learned to say "mama". Some of the people attending the vigil said that they had been victims of abuse and they were there to spread the message that child abuse has to stop. one woman traveled from Fort Kent to Bangor so she could be at the vigil said that it is up to people to help uncover the abuse:

"Feel it, see it, report it. This has to stop"

Leslie Collagen and Marissa Ouelette had been the ones to organize the vigil and it was supported by Spruce Run. Before leaving, Jay said:

"It is extremely overwhelming that everybody showed up. It means a lot"

Edgard was indicted by a Grand Jury in March of 2010 where charges or murder and manslaughter were brought against him and he was ordered to be held without bail. The double charge was a safeguard so if a jury did not find him guilty of murder, they could still charge him with the lesser chard of manslaughter. That same month, Jeffrey Silverstein, Defense Attorney for Edgard, said that after his initial plea of not guilty, Edgard was going to change his plea to manslaughter in order to avoid a conviction for murder:

"My client is going to be pleading guilty to manslaughter and the state is going
to dismiss the murder charge. The court will be free to impose any sentence
allowable under the manslaughter statute"

This plea agreement was confirmed by Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea and it meant that Edgard could be facing only 30 years in prison for killing Damien. Edgard B. Anziani, who was 28 years old at the time, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his plea of guilty to manslaughter. Sadly, all but 25 years was suspended and he would be on probation for four years after his release, though he was ordered to pay restitution of $4,500. as well. Judge Michaela Murphy had been the one to give this ridiculous sentence to this child killer and the family had this to say:

"No sentence will ever be enough to make up for this loss. The fact that this is the longest
sentence ever given in the state of Maine in the death of child means her child's death
might not have been in vain"
Tokun Ashmore - Family Spokesman

My own opinion is that it is an insult the Damien's memory to give this man even one DAY of suspended sentence for what he did. He deserves to rot in prison, yet he gets a five year break? That makes no sense to me. Defense Attorney's can always be counted on to make it seem like the death of a child doesn't matter at all. Jeffrey Silverstein said he wasn't sure if he would file an appeal:

"The Judge rejected clear evidence that he was suffering from mental health issues. To
punish him for his mental health issues is unfair"

What is unfair, Mr. Silverstein, is that people kill children and then try to say they are mentally ill so they don't have a to pay a price for they have done. What is unfair is that these killers get to walk the streets again some day, free to do whatever they want while the ones they killed are six feet under after suffering horribly at the hands of those who killed them. The only good part of this is that it was reported that Edgard would not likely be allowed to remain in the United States and would probably be deported upon his release. Sadly, that only means that a new set of children are going to be in danger when he leaves here.

Patrick Lynn, Damien's father has custody of the older child that he and Cheryl had together. Cheryl said that she still doesn't know the entire story behind her sons death, but she did know that he didn't deserve what had been done to him:

"I loved his laugh. I loved his smile and his gorgeous bright, blue eyes. He really
was an Angel"



In Loving Memory Of DAMIEN CHRISTOPHER LYNN Nov. 22, 2008 – Feb. 23, 2010

To our guardian angel, You’re everything to me. You’re the air I breathe. You’re the sun that shines. But most of all, you’re one of a kind. I know you’re safe now, from harm and pain, but without you here, it’s not the same. You’re my light, my heart, my soul. You’re everything I want to hold, to cherish, to comfort, to love.

But God has you now, in the heavens above. We love and miss you Lil’ Mr. Man, Love always, Mama, Nana and Bumpa

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Death occurred in the state of Maine

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