Elizabeth Aaliyah Holloway
September 3, 2001 - January 17, 2011
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Elizabeth Holloway's family said that this beautiful little girl enjoyed playing with her cousins and listening to and watching music videos on You Tube. In January of 2011, Elizabeth moved into a new apartment with her mother, Crystal Cardenas, Crystal's boyfriend, Lorenzo Castillo and two younger siblings ages one and seven. Elizabeth had gone to live with her mother in September of 2009, she had been living with her father's family previous to that time.

A few days after moving to the new place,  Crystal and Lorenzo started beating on Elizabeth. Crystal kicked Elizabeth in the stomach and Elizabeth told her sister, who was seven years old at the time, that she was sure she was going to die. Elizabeth was slapped, punched, kicked, choked, stomped on and burned and when she was spoken to by her mother or Lorenzo, they both talked to her like she was garbage.

Elizabeth didn't get any better and in fact her condition got worse before she stopped breathing January 17, 2011. Crystal carried her daughter outside and screamed for help and that's when a neighbor came and started CPR.

"She had her daughter in her arms and she was telling me to come here. When I went
out there she laid her daughter in the doorway and her daughter was just passed out"
Lajahnique Webster - Neighbor

Lajahnique called her own mother who rushed over to help:

"I was just giving her CPR and she just wasn't waking up. Just like cold and turning blue
and purple. She was just lifeless and I just wanted to save her:
Sagirah Means - Neighbor

When Officers reached the home after being called for a child who was not breathing, they were told that Elizabeth was not breathing and seemed to have a fixed look in her eyes:

"I was screaming and I was crying and they kept telling me to move back"
Sagirah Means

Elizabeth was taken to Rady Children's Hospital where at 11:56 p.m. she was pronounced dead.

"As is customary in child death cases, detectives from the Child Abuse Unit conducted
a preliminary investigation"
Lt. Rooney

An autopsy done showed that Elizabeth had died from blunt force trauma:

"The case has been classified as a homicide. We haven't drawn any conclusions as
to who inflicted this force. At this point it appears to be from someone, not something"
Lt. Rooney

Crystal and Lorenzo were the only two adults in the home when this abuse took place.

A Community Service Officer at the school Elizabeth attended said she had started out the school year at one school, but had changed schools at least two more times since she started with them:

"Elia, as we knew her by, was just a bubbling, outgoing, very beautiful, charismatic student.
She would meet me at the gate every morning and always had a smile, always glad to be here"
George Long

George said that people were shocked and that news of Elizabeth's death had been gut wrenching:

"Home is supposed to be the safest place that these kids are. It breaks my heart to that
this happened and I do hope for her sake and her family's sake that whoever is responsible
for this is brought to justice and quickly"

In December of 2011, Lorenzo Castillo, who was 29 years old at that time, plead guilty felony child abuse and while he had been facing ten years, he was given only nine. I will never understand why!

In court to testify against her mother was the now eight year old surviving daughter of Crystal. This chid had to testify to what she had seen in the home that day and she told of seeing her mother kick Elizabeth in the stomach and while she was laying on the bathroom floor, she started to vomit:

"She was "Stop" and screaming for help"

Crystal and Lorenzo were both in court that day listening to the what this child was testifying to.

The child was asked if she could show the court room how her mother had kicked her sister in the stomach, when she began to cry, the Judge called for a break. Returning to the stand, the child said that she did not know why her mother had been upset or how many times she had kicked Elizabeth. The kicks to the stomach had severed Elizabeth's intestine and bruised her pancreas. Elizabeth had vomited and then lost feeling in her legs, that's when she told her sister she thought she was going to die.

In September 2012 Crystal Cardenas, who was 27 years old at the time, after having been found guilty of second degree murder after she plead guilty on August 21, Judge Eugenie Eyherabide sentenced Crystal to 15 years to life for what she did to Elizabeth. Elizabeth hung her head down and cried when family members spoke in court:

"I don't know how you could do this to her. I just want justice. I'm going to leave it
in God's hands"

Willie Holloway Jr. - Elizabeth's Father

Willie Holloway left the courtroom after his vicim impact statement, but his father Willie Holloway Sr. told the Judge that he felt partly to blame for what happened because he felt he should have known what was happening to his granddaughter:

"Who would stoop that low to do that"

Elizabeth's Aunt Angela Holloway that the they might have been able to help, but that she knew that none of them had caused the death of her niece.

"There was no one to blame for her death except Cardenas"
Judge Eyherabide

The Judge said that Crystal would stay in jail for the full 15 years and then it would be left up to a Parole Board to decide her fate. Defense Attorney Megan Marcotte use the old stand by that Crystal had been abused as a child by her own mother. Really? Then why didn't Crystal abuse any of the other children in the home before Elizabeth came to live with her? I am glad that she didn't, but you don't get to pick and choose your victim when you claim to be a victim yourself. There is NO EXCUSE what Crystal did to this little Angel. IF she was abused, then she knows how bad it feels and she wouldn't or shouldn't want that for her OWN child, she should want better.

Crystal was pregnant when she was being held in jail waiting for trial, that child as well as the other children in the home were being taken care of by her Crystal's brother.

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Death occurred in the state of California

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