Isabella de Oliveira Nardoni
April 18, 2002 - March 29, 2008
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When doing research to add children to my site, I always try to find a picture first thing. I want to see the child, know the child's face, so they are not just a name I am working on memorializing and honoring. While researching the story of Isabella Nardoni I came to notice one thing about her, in every picture I saw of her and there were a lot of them, she had the most beautiful smile, she seemed very happy and full of life.

This precious little Angel was born to Alexandre Alves Nardoni and Ana Caroline Cunha de Oliveira in Sao Paulo, Brazil. These two people had met in school and had dated for about three years when at the age of 17 years old, Ana became pregnant. Alexandre and Ana briefly considered moving in together, however, their relationship was already in trouble so Ana chose for her and Isabella to live with her own mother. It was only 11 months after the birth of Isabella that Ana was convinced that Alexandre was cheating on her. A routine was established where Isabella would go visit her father from Friday until Sunday, twice a month, at that time, Alexandre was married to Anna Caroline Jatoba and they had two sons. Alexandre was attending law school at the time and while he was able to hold on to the two women for over a year, Ana finally realized he was for sure cheating on her and she ended their relationship. Isabella was not happy when she had to go visit her father and would often cry and want to go home early and when she got home, she would always be crying.

It was reported that Anna Jatoba was jealous of any communication between Alexandre and Ana, so eventually all communication between them stopped and Ana had to start talking to Anna about Isabella instead of Alexandre. It was also reported that even Alexandre's own family did not like to leave Isabella alone with Anna and her Grandmother had told a neighbor that she was in fear that Anna was going to drop Isabella from the sixth floor apartment they lived in

On March 29, 2008 at about 10:30, Isabella did end up "falling" out of the window, six stories up. Isabella was found and first responders tried to help her, she seemed to be suffering from cardiac arrest when she was found in the front garden of the apartment building. For 34 minutes, paramedics worked to save her life, but they did not succeed. Isabella died on the way to the hospital. Alexandre and Anna were taken in for questioning and Alexandre said that when they arrived home, Isabella was asleep so he took her up to her room before he took the other two children, leaving them in the car with their mother. Alexandre said he laid her in her bed, turned on a lamp in the room the boys slept in, locked the door and then went back down to get the boys and his wife.

When they got back to the apartment, Alexandre says that he noticed a light on in Isabella's room and when he went in to see what she was doing, she was gone and he noticed a hole in a safety net on the window, looked out the window and saw Isabella laying in the garden. Alexandre yelled to Anna that she should call his father, she called him and her own father as well. When she called Ana, she was screaming into the phone that Isabella had fallen and that she was in fact screaming so much that at first, Ana believed that Isabella had fallen into the pool and she told Anna to start doing CPR.

Ana arrived at the apartment building and she soon realized the extent of her injuries and she was afraid to touch her daughter because she didn't want to make it worse for her, though she was said to have kissed Isabella many times while telling her to be calm, that she was going to be okay and that she loved her. Isabella was rushed to the hospital, but she had already died.

An investigation turned up blood in Alexandre's car and inside the home, on a towel and on a diaper, the blood turned to be Isabella's blood. On Alexandre's shirt, investigators found Isabella's vomit and footprints made by her flip flops were found on a bed next to the window. Traces of nylon from the safety screen were found on Alexandre's shirt as well as on a pair of scissors found in the home.

Doctors at the Legal Medical Institute found that the injuries Isabella had were not consistent with what would have happened in a fall. Both of Isabella's wrists were broken and other injuries were found on her body that suggested she had been punched and asphyxiated before her fall from the window.

On April 18, 2008 Alexandre and Anna were indicted by the Sao Paulo Civil Police and they were both claiming that they had nothing to do with the death of Isabella. The trial began on March 22, 2010, which was almost two years after her death. Ana testified that on the first day and said that Anna had always been very jealous of her and that Alexandre had even threatened to kill her and her mother and then take Isabella because she had been asking about alimony payments that were not coming in on time.

On March 25 Alexandre and Anna testified in front of a jury both denying that they had anything to do with the death of Isabella. Anna was crying the whole time and Alexandre told the jury that Police had told him to admit that he killed his daughter and that he could then rule the case as an accidental homicide, meaning he had not intended to kill her.  Alexandre said that this though had insulted him and that he thought the Police were not even interested in what had really happened that day. Alexandre was also crying when he said that the day Isabella died had been the worst day of his lie and that he had lost the most precious thing in his life. Alexandre then said he didn't have any memory of the things he had told Police about a third person who had been in his apartment that day, though is Attorney said there had been a man with a gun, dressed in black, Alexandre denied that.

When asked by the District Attorney, Francisco Cembranelli, why he didn't help his daughter he aid that he was making sure if she was dead or alive and that he was in shock and he added that a neighbor had told him not to touch her. Francisco asked why he had not spoken to Anna at their daughter's funeral and he said that the situation was embarrassing to him.

Anna spoke to the courtroom and said that neither she nor Alexandre had hurt Isabella and she also said that Isabella had been very attached to her while she made up stories about her father hit her. Alexandre had aid that as a married couple, they had fought at times, but just normal little fighting. Anna said that opposite, stating that they fought quite often and their fights would get very nasty.

While Alexandre's lawyer stuck with the story of an intruder, Prosecutors said that Anna had attacked Isabella in the car and then had strangled her inside the apartment. When they thought she was already dead, they decided to throw her out of the window to make it look like an accident.

A five day trial brought convictions for both of these two monsters. Alexandre Nardoni was sentenced to 31 years, one month and ten days for killing his daughter and he was sentenced to eight more months for what was said to be "procedural fraud" after he and Anna had tried to clean up the apartment to get rid of evidence.

Anna Carolina Jatoba was sentenced to 26 years and eight months plus eight months for procedural fraud for trying to hide evidence by cleaning up the apartment. Alexandre sat quietly without showing any emotions and Anna cried after the sentences were handed down.

Outside of the courthouse, people were celebrating their convictions with fireworks.

Ana with Isabella, clearly the two were very close and happy.


Defense Attorney's for the couple said they would file an appeal. On March 30 a petition was filed for a new jury and Brazilian law said that any sentence of 20 years or more could be cause for a new jury.


Isabella was buried in the Parque dos Pinheiros Cemetery in Sao Paulo. About 200 people showed up for her funeral to pay their respects and say good bye to this beautiful, little girl.

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Death occurred in Brazil

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