Louise Marie O'Brien
- October 12, 2008

Louise O'Brien was missing for two years before her body was found, buried in the backyard of her grandmother Patricia Goddard. Louise had been buried in what is called a wheelie bin, in the back yard, after suffering abuse at the hands of Patricia Goddard and her daughter Tracy Taylor. Louise had gone to live in the home of Tracy after fighting with her own family. Tracy was reported to have seven children living in the home with her, some were foster children.

Louise was considered to be a missing person until an anonymous tip came in about where she was and then a man came forward and said that he had been hired to dig a hole big enough for a bin because a dog had died. Louise had been abused at hands of these two monsters, they shaved her head, made her eat off of the floor, tied her hands to a chair, force fed her salt, pepper and tomato sauce and if she wouldn't eat, they would shove the food into her mouth.

Nick Borosh, the Crown Prosecutor said that Louise had been punished any time she had not done what she was asked to do around the house. A witness said that Tracy had burned Louise's arm, cut her wrist and then poured hot water all over her. Louise had died on October 12 when Patricia became so angry with her that she hit her with a hammer, hitting her in the jaw which caused a subdural hemorrhage and eventually Louise just collapsed. The two women, who were communicating by phone since Tracy was out of town, decided to try to put her into a cold bath thinking it would revive her, but it didn't. After Louise died, the decision was made that the two women would not call the Police. After she was buried in the back yard, Patricia told people that Louise had gone to live with her boyfriend in Melbourne. At one point Patricia had someone pretend to be Louise and talk to her brother.

Kathy McDonald's home was only one street away from Patricia's. Someone called her and told her that something was happening at Patricia Goddard's home, there was an ambulance and Police at home. Kathy thought maybe the elderly woman had fallen so she went over to the home. Police were walking with Patricia and told Kathy to move on so she stood in the park and watched what was going on in the yard:

"When I found out the Police had dug a body up out of the backyard, I knew straight
away, I knew it was Louise. I just felt number, I still do. I haven't wrapped my head
around it, I don't think I ever will"

Kathy is the biological mother of Louise who had become estranged from her family in the year 2005. Kathy is left unable to look over the fence toward the home of Patricia saying that haunts her and gives her nightmares.

Patricia Goddard was 73 years old when she plead guilty to manslaughter in the death of Louise. Patricia was then set to testify against her own daughter concerning this case. Patricia said that on October 8, 2008, Louise was hit on the head with what was probably a hammer while she was living with her. Neighbors had called an ambulance, but Patricia was able to keep Louise hidden:

"Despite knowing the condition of the deceased Goddard did not seek medical
attention or arrange for her to be taken to a medical practitioner or be taken to
a hospital. Ms Goddard arranged for Ms O'Brien to be moved to a caravan at the
rear of the house. It is believed the deceased died in the caravan"
Statement of facts as read in court

Tracy Taylor, who was 46 years old at the time, was charged with accessory to murder and that changed to accessory to manslaughter after Louise was able to get a plea deal down from murder to manslaughter. Tracy was able to bail out of jail. Kathy was upset that Tracy had been able to bond out and was determined to fight for justice for Louise as well as other victims of crime:

"It will never be over for me, but I want to do everything I can for her, whether it's speaking out

or talking to the DPP. I will do what I can. My son has become very quiet, it's a matter of how
he's going to be able to explain his emotions"

Neighbors said that Louise had been a fragile child who walked the streets and knocked on people's doors asking for food. It was said that she loved working at carnivals and wanted to do that for a few years before settling down:

"She had her life ahead of her. After those three or four years, she was going to travel
part time with the carnivals, but she said she always wanted to find a place she could
call home"
Chenaye Colvin - Friend

"I just can't believe it. It's like a nightmare and I feel sick in the guts"
Jason Stella

As you do, occasionally you run out of a cup of sugar or something and Louise
would come down to my place and ask for something and she was always so lovely.
This just seriously does not make sense, it really doesn't. None of us can believe it"
Joanne McGoldrick

Today is November 16, 2014 and I am unable to find any information about any trials or convictions for these two women.

Thank you Cat for remembering Louise.

UPDATE: December 17, 2014 (Thank you to Karen for this update)

In October of 2012, Patricia Goddard, by then 73 years old, plead guilty to manslaughter, more specifically, felonious slaying and would be sentenced at a later date. Tracey Taylor, who was 46 by that time, had been charged with accessory to murder and Patricia was going to testify against her in court.

In August of 2013 it was reported that Patricia Goddard, who was 75 years old by that time, died in prison. News reports online would not use her name for some legal reason, but her name was well known any way. Patricia had a much more pleasant death than she had given to Louise, Patricia died of natural causes. Kathy McDonald had this to say:

"There is no sense of justice now for Louise's death. The woman never said she was sorry
for what happened, there was no remorse and now I'll never get that. There is a little bit of
sorrow there, I knew her for a long time. My heart goes out to her family because I know how
hard it can be. You just have to keep going on one day at a time, that's all you can do"

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Death occurred in Australia

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