Shanieka Yolanda Ward

Latricia LynnWard

Christopher Omar Ward

May 28, 1993 - February 4, 2005
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June 16, 1994 - February 4, 2005
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January 28, 1996 - February 4, 2005
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The family of Shanieka, Latricia and Christopher had been trying to visit them for quite a few weeks and their mother,
Nathshay Ward would not open the  door to anyone who knocked even when someone from the school system had tried to visit in December of 2004, she refused to let anyone in. The managers of the apartment complex where she lived was in the process of getting ready to evict her and the children after having looked in on them on January 26, 2005. It seemed that no one had seen the children since that day.

A call came in to 911 from the grandmother of these little Angels and what Police found was shocking. Each of the children was dressed and in three separate bedrooms they found them one at a time, laying on the floor. It was clear that the children had been dead for a few days:

"We're waiting on autopsies to determine the time and cause of death"
Sgt. Ed Cain - Major Crime Unit Supervisor

It was said by Wendall Johnson, a Public Affairs Adminstrator for the Police Department, that the children appeared to be malnourished when they were found and Ed Cain said that the Police were working with the Maison County Coroners Office and the Alabama Department Of Forensic Sciences to determine the time and cause of death of these children.

Nathshay Yvonne Ward, who was 33 years old at the time, confessed to Police that she had starved her children, she was arrested and charged with capital murder. The apartment had not had utilities since January 12 and the children had not been attending school since before the holiday break. Nathshay had said that the children were absent from school because they had all been sick.

Leetha McCaulley was the manager of the apartment building the family lived in and she said that Nathshay's car had broken down last year and since that time, she had been walking her children to school every day:

"It was just her and those kids. She was quiet. Paid her rent on time"
Leetha McCaulley

In February of 2007, Nathshay accepted a deal where she would be able to plead guilty to three charges of reckless murder in the deaths of these precious children who called her "mom". On February 8, 2007, Nathshay accepted the deal that was offered by the District Attorney just as there was to be a jury selected to determine if she was mentally fit to go to trial. Nathshay was offered the chance to speak in court, she chose not to make a statement.

Friends of Nathshay's said that her behavior was not behavior that was typical of her and that she even gave to charity when she herself had no power for her own children, which then turned out to be one reason her sanity was in question.

Nathshay was 32 years old when she was sentenced to three life sentenced without the possibility of parole for only 45 years. Nathshay's family was absent during the plea agreement and the sentencing part of the case though they were praying for her life to be spared and they were happy when the case was closed.

People in the community said that the crime she committed was worth more than three life sentences and that chance for parole. While people are glad that the she is going to serve time and that the case is over, they feel that justice was not done for these children. Without a trial, many questions went unanswered, such as why these children had to die this way at all.

Thank you goes out to Margaret who has a heart of gold and wanted these children to be remembered.

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Death occurred in the state of Alabama

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