Kiera Marie Pulaski

July 30, 2006 - September 17, 2010
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Darby Walter Hodges
November 26, 2008 - June 27, 2010
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In Montana, two beautiful children died and it appears that someone has gotten away with murder, once again. Tommy Hodges and Julia Savage had known each other for many years with his parents having coached Julia as well as her sister in a softball program. Tommy and Julia got married in 2007 and while Julia had two children from a previous marriage, the couple had Darby in November of 2008. The marriage didn't last and Tommy and Julia split up in the March of 2010. Sadly, only three months later, Darby would die and just weeks after that, Kiera would die as well.

In April of 2010, Tommy Hodges was in the Army and stationed in Georgia. Tommy placed a call to Child And Family Services would be able to go and check on his son Darby and his half sister Kiera:

"They said they don't do that kind of thing. I thought that is exactly what they do.
All I wanted was for them to by and check it out, they just brushed it off"

"Everything slipped through the cracks"
Cheryl Hodges - Grandmother of Kiera and Darby

At the age of only 18 months old, Darby Hodges died, he wouldn't have a first day of school, he wouldn't be playing t-ball, he wouldn't ask out a girl for the first time, he was found dead. A medical examiner listed his death as "undetermined", though at the time of his death Darby had two broken ribs as well as multiple contusions and abrasions on his head. After Darby died, his stepsister Kiera was placed in a foster home for a few days pending an investigation, she was returned to that home and into the custody of her mother and her mother's boyfriend.

When Tommy called again with concerns about Kiera, he was told once again that there was nothing that CFS could do for him.

At the age of almost four years old, Kiera, Darby's stepsister, died only 12 weeks later. Kiera would never have a first date, she would never go to prom and she would never marry or have children of her own. Someone who was taking care of Kiera at the time said that she had fallen in the bathroom and though an autopsy showed that Kiera had a very large hematoma on her brain and the Medical Examiner said that the explanation for her death did not match what was found during the autopsy, Kiera's cause of death was listed as "undetermined". This was written in the report:

"This was a significant degree of trauma and appears disproportionate to fall as described
in the narrative. This is suggestive of by not conclusive for possible abusive treatment. The
manner of death is, pending additional information, inconclusive"
Medical Examiner's Report

Tommy, Kiera and Darby

Of course after the children died, CFS pulled the same old thing we see time and time again, saying that legally, they are not allowed to discuss the case. Cory Costello was the Field Services Director for CFS and he said that when a case- worker is send to a call for child protective services because of a complaint that comes in, that person has to make contact with supervisors, whenever possible, before the decision to remove a child is made and it doesn't always happen immediately:

"The first priority is to determine if the child is safe. Major decision points are
staffed with a supervisor"

The Police Department immediately began in investigation into the death of Kiera and it was said that they were aware that Darby had died a few months before her. Four years later this statement was made:

"The circumstances surrounding the death of the two children had various similarities.

The case is still an active investigation and will remain as such until all leads have
been exhausted"
Lt. Mark Wilcox

For four years Cheryl Hodges, the grandmother of these two Angels and her son Tommy, who is the biological father of Darby and stepfather to Kiera, have tried without success, to get someone to listen to them and realize that the deaths of these children was not accidental or undetermined. Cheryl and Tommy have begged for justice for these children, asking for further investigating to take place to show that the biological mother of these two children, Julia Savage and her then boyfriend Codey Cummings were responsible for the death of both children. Authorities say that they found no evidence of wrongdoing in either death, so their deaths remain a mystery. Cheryl said that she had concerns about the safety of the children even before they died.

I'm sorry, but two children die with weeks of each other, both under suspicious circumstances, both have injuries NOT consistent with what was claimed to have happened to them and there is NO evidence of wrongdoing? I think whoever is running the Police Station, Child Protective Services and any other agency that is unable to CLEARLY see what happened here, needs to be replaced and get someone who isn't blinded for whatever reason, to the TRUTH!

How can it POSSIBLY be that two children, living in the same house, being taken care of by the same two people, die only 12 weeks apart and NOBODY in any official capacity can put two and two together and come up with a very possible conclusion of CHILD ABUSE RELATED DEATHS!?! Apparently, it was said by Julia and her boyfriend, Codey Cummings that the children had both died from immunizations. I don't know of ANY immunization that has cause broken ribs, contusions, abrasions and hematomas on the brain of a child. This makes about as much sense as those who abuse children and say "He/she fell off of the couch on to the carpeted floor and THAT'S how he/she got broken ribs, broken legs, a ruptured spleen, bruises all over his/her body and cigarette burns on his/her hands". It makes ZERO sense to me and I am just a "nobody" in all of this. Those in charge dropped the ball and did a big injustice to these children.

Cheryl has been searching for the truth, trying to get answers and  has become a strong advocate for the prevention of child abuse using her Facebook page to post articles about child abuse and children who have died from being abused to death:

"Child abuse is ignored. No one wants to admit it exists. I hope this national exposure will
make child abuse prevention a popular cause"

Cheryl and Tommy will never give up the fight for justice for Kiera and Darby and it was reported that there had been a Reserve Officer assigned to the case of Kiera, Darby's death was also reassigned. Let's hope that Cheryl and Tommy are able to get justice for these two precious little gifts from God. I applaud them both for what they are doing, never giving up. Reports said that there had been other local agencies called in to help with this case, including the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children:

"It is my sincerest desire to see this case through to a successful conclusion for
the families and the victims of this tragedy"
Lt. Mark Wilcox

A CFS report said that the broken ribs were likely caused when Codey had started doing CPR on Darby and that the bruises looked worse due to post mortem.

The National attention Cheryl was speaking about was when the case went on the Dr. Phil show which aired in May of 2014. Julia and Codey said on the show that they believed the results of Kiera's autopsy to be false because the dates listed were not correct. Tom Van De Berg, Chief Investigator for the Medical Examiner's Office said that while there had been errors at the time, they had been corrected two years prior to the show.

Cheryl said on the show:

"I thought they were going to be arrested and here we are four years later.
Two little children have died and these two people are still walking around"

Tommy said on the show:

"I want Julia and Codey to spend the rest of their lives in jail, where
they can't hurt another child"

Codey said on the show:

"When Darby passed, I got up early in the morning, his door was
right by the bathroom. He was pretty white, a bluish color, I hollered
for Julia"

"Julia and I were turned loose, never charged, free to go. That says you're
innocent in my book"

Julia said on the show:

"He said:  "Call 911, Darby's not breathing" in a loud,
thunderous voice. I remember getting to the hospital
and being told it was SIDS."

"Two and a half months after Darby died, Kiera went to sleep and
she just didn't wake up"

"God wouldn't do this to me twice, no way"

"My children did not have abusive type marks on
their bodies"

"You can tell me that my child was abused. You could tell me that he would climb
on the couch ten times a day and jump off and do it over and over again. He
was, he was just like Tommy.

Codey and Julia said that they were bullied and harassed on Facebook by Tommy and Cheryl who had called them murderers. Codey said that if there had been any evidence that they had killed the children, they would be on death row. Codey is obviously very naive about the judicial system in our country, children are not thought highly enough of to put their killers on death row every time one of them is abused to death.

Codey's mother, Cyndi tried to say that there was never an autopsy done on Kiera, that she had dressed her for her burial and there were no autopsy marks on her body at all. Cyndi thinks that there was a mistake made, that some how they forgot or just didn't want to do an autopsy maybe and then tried to cover that up by faking the paperwork for an autopsy. Later, Cyndi made comments about how Kiera had fallen four or five days before she died, in the bathtub.

Julia's father was on the show saying that she was a good mother who loved her children, while Tommy was not a good husband and that he had anger problems. Terry said that the family had a small dog at one point and that Tommy had become angry and kicked the dog, scaring the children and that the dog was dead the next day. Terry also said that Tommy had hit Julia in front of the children and that Kiera had said "Daddy hit mommy" and that Julia was scared for her life while she was married to Tommy.

Dr. Phil had one of the worlds top Forensic Pathologists to read and study the autopsy reports as well as any other documents on the children. Dr Cyril Wecht told Dr. Phil that Darby had many scratches and other marks on his face as well as other parts of his body. Under his scalp, Darby had multiple hemorrhages on different areas of his scalp and he said that these injuries could only happen from impact to the head. Darby's brain was swollen and there was blood in his lungs. Dr Wecht said that the broken ribs Darby had could not have been caused by doing CPR due to their location and that this case was highly suspicious adding that it was ludicrous to say there had never been an autopsy done when in fact there had been and incisions were made under the hair so that they would not have been seen during a viewing.

Dr Wecht said that Kiera died of a subdural hemorrhage, having over 2 ounces of blood over her brain and that it had been caused by trauma. Codey had told Dr. Wecht that Kiera had been in the bathroom and she fell on her bottom, got up laughing and went in to her room and that the injury to her head could not have been from a fall on her bottom and that she could not have gotten the hemorrhaging from falling because the microscopic evidence didn't show that it had happened that long ago. Kiera also had many scratches on both sides of her face as well as multiple hemorrhages on both sides of her scalp in various stages of healing and that each one was a separate injury, not all occurring at the same time. On one of her legs, Kiera had two burn marks that were consistent with cigarette burns, though Dr. Wecht said he could not say for sure that they were cigarette burns. Kiera had died of blunt force trauma to the head and another highly suspicious case, in the opinion of Dr. Wecht who also said there was no way that these children got their injuries from vaccines.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a Forensic Pathologist said:

"These deaths are from trauma, how the trauma occurred, I cannot be sure. The way,
some are older, some are fresher. So these did not occur on one singular occasion.
Somebody, the caregiver responsible for this child over a period of time has to answer
that a 19 month old toddler sustained multiple injuries and bruises"

Julia said that she was shocked and speechless at what Dr. Wecht had said and then she added:

"Call me dumb or whatever you wanna say, but I don't believe my child had an sort
of abuse. So I know if it was something that is blunt force trauma, there's some-
thing that, I don't know.

Cheryl was very happy with the show and hoped that it would help with the case:

"I'm really excited. I got answers on Dr. Phil. It was a good experience"

After the show, Dr. Phil sat down with Julia alone and she agreed to take a lie detector test and she said that she would tell Codey she wanted him to take one as well. When Dr. Phil left them alone, Codey and Cyndi convinced Julia not to take the lie detector test:

"We didn't come on here to be on trial, we came on here to talk about
harassment. I never even got to really finish a sentence"

"There's two sides to every story and one side got told today. We were
told it was our turn, we were quiet for 3 1/2 years to tell our story.  I didn't
even get to finish a sentence out there"

"There was not an autopsy done on Kiera"

"They can review that autopsy as much as they want but it's
false autopsy, it is not a real autopsy. It was copied and pasted
and put together by who knows how many different autopsies
Kiera's body needs to be exhumed in order to prove that she did
not have an autopsy. Because you need to prove that that autopsy
is false, it's bologna, it is not real"

When asked if the body was exhumed and it proved that there was an autopsy if they would be willing to take a lie detector test, they all three said yes. Julia said that proving there was no autopsy would end the harassment and open the "big story".

I remember watching this episode of Dr. Phil and I have watched it again on You Tube just now, it's about 1:30 a.m. and I am unable to even go to sleep until I get this page up for Cheryl. My heart breaks for what Cheryl and Tommy had to listen to Dr. Wecht say about how these two Angels died. So much was said and to sit and listen to a Dr. speak in specific and exact terms of how these children died, I don't know how they sat through it.

Julia said that she had not taken a lie detector test because the Police were aggressive with them. Dr. Phil said he would give them a lie detector test after she said she didn't feel he was being aggressive. Julia said it scared her and Codey said no he would not take one and then Julia said she didn't feel comfortable being hooked up.

Mark Wilcox was hoping that someone would be able to give information that would help. Julia and Codey could not be forced to testify against each other so it appears that the only two people who know 100% sure what happened to these children, will never tell the truth. Mark looked at the images that clearly showed something evil had taken place and he said:

"At this point, I do not have probably cause on a specific individual. I have probable cause
that a crime was committed and I have to be able to prove who committed that crime.
 We've got to try to find a way to get additional information without them cooperating
with us. I agree with, like I said, most everybody that there was abuse someone was
responsible for the death of this child, I just have to be able to prove that.
We've offered
lie detector tests, they refused those. If someone has info that would help us, even if it
is small. feel free to call, we would love to hear that information
Lt. Mark Wilcox

Tommy has a tattoo on his leg in memory of Darby, it reads:

"Hush my son, be still and slumber. Jolly Angels guard your bed"

Buried side by side in Conrad Cemetery, Kiera and Darby are often visited with people bringing flowers and toys to honor and remember them.

I want to thank Cheryl for asking me to add her grandchildren to my site. It is my honor to be able to memorialize these two children and help to make sure that they are never forgotten. I sincerely hope that justice is served and these two Angels deaths are not left unpunished.


Kiera Marie Pulaski, age 4 of Republic, MO, passed away Friday, September 17, 2010, at St. John's Regional Medical Center.

She was born July 30, 2006, in Whitefish, MT, to Johnathan Michael Pulaski and Julia Lorena Savage.

She is survived by her parents: John Pulaski of Kalispell, MT, and Julia Cummings of Republic, MO; as well as many other relatives and family friends.

Funeral services will be held at Greenlawn Funeral Home South at 1:00 PM Thursday, September 23, 2010, with Bishop Dale Rodman officiating.

Burial will take place in the Conrad Cemetery Kalispell, MT. Local arrangements have been entrusted to Greenlawn Funeral Home South Springfield, MO. Arrangements in Montana are being handled through the Johnson Mortuary in Kalispell, MT.

Obituary for Darby Walter Hodges

Darby Walter Hodges, 18 months, passed away in his sleep on Sunday morning, June 27, 2010, in Kalispell.

Darby was born Nov. 26, 2008, in Savannah, Ga., to Thomas and Julia Hodges. He had a short life but was loved by many friends and family in Georgia and in Montana. He loved to play with his brother, Cameron, and sister, Kiera, and his many cousins. Darby loved to throw balls and play catch. He loved puppies, kittens and tractors, and was fascinated by chickens and the farm.

He is survived by his father; his mother; brother, Cameron; and sister, Kiera; grandparents, Tom and Cheryl Hodges of Shelby, and Terry and Lori Savage of Columbia Falls; and several aunts, uncles and cousins who loved him and his sweet spirit.

Services are pending. Johnson-Gloschat Funeral Home is caring for Darby s family.

Family and friends are invited to go to to view Darby s tribute wall and offer condolences.

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Death occurred in the state of Montana

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