Natalia Lee

 - March 2008

In March of 2007, a man was in court facing charges of child abuse against a toddler boy who was the son of his girlfriend. Russell was convicted of fourth degree misdemeanor assault and only received probation and the Judge ordered him to take parenting classes, complete anger management treatment and not be around Amanda or her children without asking his Probation Officer first.

Russell Ros would be in court again in March of 2008, this time, he was facing murder and sexual abuse charges for what happened to his girlfriend's daughter, Natalia. Russell was home taking care of the children, Natalia and her three year old brother, while their mother, 18 year old Amanda Burciago was out of the state working as an exotic dancer in Las Vegas. A neighbor said she saw him run to the car and put Natalia in and say that she was choking:

"He seemed like a frantic parent. He was just running. He didn't know what to do.
He was just scared"
Anna Marie Lacy

Russell took Natalia to Salem Hospital where she ended up dying and her cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma and the autopsy showed that she had suffered from sexual abuse. What had caused Russell to harm this little Angel? He couldn't handle the way she was crying. Russell was arrested and charged with sexual abuse, first degree criminal mistreatment and murder. At his arraignment, members of Russell's family were present. Sadly, Dino Ros, Russell's daughter said that he would never leave Russell with his own son:

"He gets upset really fast. I love that kid so much. Now she's gone"
Dino Ros

This family had been in the system due to complaints of abuse in the past and the Department Of Human Services ordered an internal investigation into what had happened. In May of 2009, Russell Ros was 24 years old when he was convicted in a plea deal, of murder, murder by abuse, sexual abuse and unlawful sexual penetration as well as criminal mistreatment of Natalia's three year old brother. Russell was sentenced to 78 years in prison.

In May of 2010, 21 year old Amanda Burciago was found guilty of three counts of criminal mistreatment for what the Judge said was her total disregard for the welfare of her children and that what she did was the same as being an accessory to murder. In June of 2010, Amanda was sentenced to almost ten years in prison, which was the maximum sentence for what she was convicted of.

In June 2014 the Oregon Court Of Appeals denied an appeal by Amanda Burciago who had been convicted in 2010 of mistreatment of her children and given nine years and eight months in prison by Judge Albin Norblad who said she had continuously left her children alone and at the mercy of a man who she knew was violent and had bused her children in the past.

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Death occurred in the state of Oregon

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