Callum Wilson
April 23, 2010 - March 20, 2011

Two weeks before he died, a little Angel named Callum was suffering with fractures to nine of his ribs, his leg and his arm. These injuries were not found until on March 18, 2011, Callum was taken to the hospital and his mother, Emma Wilson, said that he was the baby of her cousin. Callum had been found unconscious in in crib and at the hospital they found he had a brain injury and was blind in one eye from a detached retina.

Sadly, as is the case with too many children, Callum didn't have to die. Days before he died, opportunities were missed to help this child. Emma had hid her pregnancy and even denied that she was pregnant and her partner was insiting that she put the baby up for adoption. Callum was placed in foster care but someone decided it would be a good idea to return this little Angel to his mother in November of 2010.

It was only a month later that something was going wrong. People started noticing that Callum had scratches on his face as well as bruises on his face and head. Emma would blame these injuries on and older sibling or say that Callum had fallen. Emma lied and told people at the Children's Center that Callum was her cousin's child and that his older sister was to blame for his injuries. Had anyone bothered to check, they would have found out that he was Emma's son and he had no siblings.

In November of 2013, Emma Wilson was 25 years old when her trial began. It come out that she had covered up months of abuse that Callum had suffered at her hands before he sustained the brain injury that would kill him. Callum had basically been ignored by his mother who paid as little attention to him as she possibly could when he was in the hospital after she abused him.

Emma denied that she had killed her son and in court she appeared to be very calm and not upset at all about the fact that her son had died. Emma had said that Callum's brother, who was 23 months old, was to blame for what had happened to the baby. Prosecutor Paul Dunkels QC said:

"The injuries were a culmination of a series of violent acts by her towards her vulnerable
son. She must have realized she was causing Callum a great deal of pain. Her last and
fatal assault on him involved a forceful impact on his head. It must have been a direct blow
to his head or striking his head on something. It may have been done in a moment of
temper, it might have been regretted immediately after it was done but at the critical
moment that was her intention"

An autopsy had shown severe swelling to Callum's brain so bad that it had shifted within his skull and was pushing down on his brain stem. In December of 2013, Emma was convicted of murder by a jury after a five week trial. It came out in trial that Emma had not told the father of Callum that he was even the father, she had managed to hide her pregnancy as she didn't show at all. In January of 2014, Emma Wilson was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after only 14 years.

When  Callum died, the autopsy said that his cause of death was a very serious head injury and had many bruises all over his body and several fractures that were at least two weeks old. In the report it was noted that the fact that Emma had a history of hiding two pregnancies and that this should have been a red flag questioning her personality and if she was mentally stable and giving her son the care he needed. The report made suggestions for improving multi agencies interactions with families in similar cases to improve identifying abilities for abuse as well as improving electronic transfers of medical notes and better training for professionals:

"We can never guarantee the total safety of every child who comes into our care or seeks our help. However, we can work to ensure that, as far as possible, the mistakes made in Callum's case will not be repeated and that staff are given all the necessary support, training and guidance to enable them to deliver the service that every
child deserves"

Windsor And Maidenhead Counsil, Berkshire Healthcare NHS, Windosr, Ascot & Maidenhead Clinical Commissioning Group and Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital Trust

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Death occurred in England

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