Myls Dobson
2009 - January 8, 2014
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I am wondering why it's the year 2014 and we are STILL having children abused, tortured and killed by those who have been trusted to take care of them. Laws are made, changed are made within the agencies set up to protect the children, WHY then, are children still suffering on a daily basis ESPECIALLY when their suffering could end in something other than death if those in charge would DO THEIR JOBS!

The father of Myls Dobson had been arrested several times and had a long, violent history. Court documents show that Myls' mother, Ashley Marie Dobson had lost custody of him in 2011 after she had been found to be abusing him over and over. Did Myls get to go to a safe home after that, of course not. SOMEONE thought it would be a good idea to place this handsome young man in the home of a father who had been arrested for rape and convicted of crimes such as robbery and assault. The Administration For Children's Services decided to leave Myls with his father and then monitored the situation for a year before closing his case in 2012. Okee Wade was arrested just a few months later on charges of stealing money from other people's bank account in Atlantic City.

Okee left Myls with his new girlfriend, Kryzie King who also used the name Janaie Jones, a 27 year old transgender performer and from there, Myls life only got worse. Kryzie starved Myls, beat him with belts and hangers and locked him in the bathroom for long periods of time. Okee was in jail when Myls was found unconscious in the bathtub of Kryzie's apartment, he was covered in cigarette burns and lacerations on his legs, arms and genitals. Kryzie told Police that she had disciplined Myls because he would not behave. Myls died after being taken to Roosevelt Hospital:

"This is a tragic, tragic death of that young boy. Horrific injuries sustained
over a period of days"
Police Commissioner - Bill Bratton

Kryzie was charged with assault and reckless endangerment. Family members were shocked and heartbroken over the death of this little boy:

"I don't understand. As much family as he had up there, I don't understand why he wasn't

left with them. He's got a sister, uncles, cousins. It's like a dream. I just can't grab it. It's
like a nightmare"
Gloria Wade - Paternal Grandmother - South Carolina

Myls was said to have been a sweet natured little boy with big almond brown yes and a smile that lit up any room he was in:

"He was just a quiet boy. Put a record on and he would dance. He wasn't bad, he was

full of fun"
Alberta Davis - Family Friend

From the time he was born, Myls had been passed around and lived with different family members. At the age of 16 months old he lived with an Aunt and Uncle:

"He was a nice kid, really energetic. He jumped on everything, ran everywhere and
touched everything. He was smart too. Very intelligent"
Orquidia Wade

At the age of two years old, Myls went to live with his mother and it was just a few months later that she was arrested when Myls was taken to the hospital and the Nurse noticed that he had lacerations on his body. Police were called and Ashlee was arrested for child abuse. Ashlee said that the injuries had happened in a parking lot when Myls had ran into traffic and she grabbed his arm and ended up scratching him. The report made by the Officer said that Ashlee admitted that she had slapped Myls with a closed fist on his face because she was angry with him for running into traffic.

Ashlee said that later in the day, Myls had hit his head when he fell down the stairs while they were visiting a friend. He had not seemed to be hurt and then he just went to sleep. Ashlee didn't take him to the hospital because she was afraid. Faith Bennett, Ahslee's mother, noticed the bruises and took Myls to the hospital. The report from the Officer went on to say that Ashlee admitted that at times, she just snaps, gets angry, however, she said she didn't mean to hurt her son. Custody of Myls was given to Faith on a temporary basis when Ashlee was arrested and she was told she could have supervised visits with her son.

Ashlee was in the system and she was getting treatment with the involvement of the Department Of Social Services. In July of 2011, Myls was returned to Ashlee. In August of 2011, they were living in New York City and Ashlee had started to abuse Myls again:

"She would punch him and she would slap him. She's not a person to have children"
Orquidia Wade

ACS said that Ashlee was abusing Myls and petitioned the Family Court Judge to take him from her. It didn't seem to matter to an ACD Official and guardian who was supposed to be looking out for Myls, that his father was a violent man who had a criminal record when they made the recommendation that Myls be allowed to go live with his father. Okee had been arrested in the year 2001 for raping his 16 year old girlfriend and he got five years probation and that same year, he was arrested for a disorderly conduct charge for being in possession of Marijuana.

In the year 2002, Okee was arrested again for pulling a gun on a group of men and forcing them to give him their money, he plead guilty to attempted robbery and was sentenced to three and a half  years in prison. None of this seemed to matter to those who SHOULD have been looking out for Myls and in 2011 he was placed in the custody of his father. Okee managed to stay out of trouble for year and in September of 2012, ACS closed the case and would no longer be monitoring the situation with Okee and Myls.

It didn't take long for Okee to return to his old ways and in 2013 he and Orquidia were both arrested as part of a 23 person bank fraud ring in which they stole over $250,000. from other people's bank accounts. In February of 2013, he was released from jail and when he didn't show up for his preliminary hearing on August 22, an arrest warrant was issued. On December 19, Okee was picked up by Police and taken to New Jersey where he was when he was told that Myls had been killed.

On the day of Myls' funeral, the hearse was two hours late because of a huge snow storm. Myls' grandmother was in the front row of the church while his mother was in the second, both were crying and along with Okee, had to be comforted by family members. Al Sharpton gave the eulogy and said:

"This is not about a  mother or a father. This is about how a city protects a four year
old child. Somebody at ACS needs to be held accountable"

It's just too bad that Al Sharpton took the time to bad mouth the agencies rather than talk about good things about Myls.

After the funeral a family friend spoke up when asked who she blamed for the death of Myls:

"The person that did it. I blame them. But then again, you have to blame the system too, for
putting him with the father, not knowing the situation he was in"

Al Sharpton said that he hoped the legacy Myls would leave behind would be improvements in ACS handling of court ordered supervision of child. BIll de Blasio said that it would be a top priority.

In what I am seeing as a surprising admission of guilt, the head of the city's Child Welfare Agency said that things should have been done differently in order to save the life of Myls. A report from the Administration For Children's Services said that they failed to do a full investigation of the allegations of domestic violence of those who were involved in the care of Myls and they also failed to see an emergency order that would have removed him from the home of his father or try to find a better living situation for him.

During the time that Myls lived with Okee was in jail, Caseworkers had visited the home where Myls was living with Kryzie and they always found everything to be clean and in good condition. No one thought to seriously question why Okee was never around when the visits were made to the home.

The Agencies Commissioner, Gladys Carrion admitted that they failed to ask the right questions and always just accepted that Okee was working:

"Should we have done something differently? Yes, we should have"

Gladys was at City Hall with Mayor Bill de Blasio where they were speaking about the case after he had ordered a report to be made after Myls died:

"It is very, very painful to know that this child went through such agony
and that a child was lost"

The report didn't specifically say that Caseworkers were at fault, but Bill de Blasio said that changes would be made to the procedures in the agency in the way reports of abuse were handled. Those changes would include: a requirement of court ordered supervision not ending without a hearing to consider if a child's well being was top priority and it could not be done without the approval of a judge. A review of all of the 3,200 cases was to be done to ensure that all of the court orders were being followed. Access to court databases including arrests and convictions would be expanded as well as an expansion of the jurisdiction allowing supervision of parents who have children under the supervision of the agency.

Changes are good, they are, I will admit it. However, changing things and then not following the changes is another thing. I have seen SO many times over the 17 years that I have been doing these pages for these Angels that changes would be made and laws implemented and I feel like I am listening to Charlie Brown's teacher wa wa wa wa wa, because it's the same thing over and over and nothing ever changes for real.

Myls death was ruled to have been from "child abuse syndrome" by the Medical Examiner. An oven rack had been used to burn Myls' legs, he had been tied up with shoelaces, hit with wire and belts and Kryzie had allowed him to starve and become dehydrated. Later she made the insane statement to Police:

"I wanted to show him love"

What the frick? Show him love? You showed him how evil the world could be.

Kryzie plead not guilty to the charges of assault and reckless endangerment though Prosecutors said that if Myls' death was ruled a homicide, the charges would become more serious. Bryan Konoski was upset that he had to learn about the ruling from reporters and it frustrated him. Kryzie said that Myls was a picky eater who didn't have a big appetite and that he was difficult and his disrespectful behavior had caused her to become angry with him. In the three weeks that she was in charged of Myls, she said she beat him and locked him out on a freezing cold terrace of the apartment for an hour at a time. Myls had tried to get away from her, crawling under a bed, but it didn't work. Kryzie told Police that he died after falling in the bathroom and that at one point he had said to her:

"He said he didn't know why no one loved him. "Everyone tries to give me away"

I honestly hope that he never said that, that she made it up. How could ANYONE listen to a four year old child say that and then treat him the she did? My heart breaks for him and I wish I could just hug him and let him know that he IS worth something, he has value and he is loved.

In April of 2014, the city Medical Examiner ruled that the death of Myls was a homicide. Kryzie King, who was 27 years old at the time, was indicted on a charge of murder. Five months after he died, Myls would finally have the beginning of justice when a charge second degree murder came against Kryzie:

"Myls Dobson was forced to suffer unimaginable pain in the last weeks of his short life"
District Attorney Cyrus Vance

Kryzie told Police that she had planned to make Christmas a special day for Myls:

"I went out and got a tree for Christmas so me and Myls could have puttin it together.
At Christmas time I had family and friends over to show what loves is really like"

Kryzie told Police that she bought over $800. worth of gifts, including a Play Station, for Myls. Kryzie said that she had a Bachelor's Degree in Child Studies and that she had made the change from man to woman when she was 18 years old. Christmas didn't really show Myls what real love was like, it most likely gave him false hope about how life was going to be. Before she knew that he had died, Kryzie said to Police:

"I mean I tried to give a child that wasn't mine everything and look after him out of
the goodness of my heart. I just hope Myls is ok cause this lil boy has been through
a lot over the years. Just want what is best for him cause he a good child, just had
the wrong mom and dad"

OBVIOUSLY he also had the wrong caregiver. I find it laughable that Kryzie wasn't able to see that her treatment of Myls was not LOVE, it was evil and nothing will change that, no matter how many gifts she bought him, no matter how many times she SAYS she wanted to show him love, she can't make it the truth. Though Okee said that part of him blamed him, but not fully because he didn't commit the act that caused his sons death,  I also fault Okee and Ashlee for the death of Myls. If these two people had been behaving the way they should have been, not abusing him, not breaking the law, he never would have ended up in the hands of a monster who would abuse him to death. When you have children, your life is no longer your own, for the next at LEAST 18 years, you live as their provider, their teacher, their protector, the one who is supposed to be there for them, their EVERYTHING. You don't get to keep messing up over and over. If you can't live your life like a parent should, then you give that child up to someone who can.

I can't thank Cat enough for her dedication to the children.

This page was created on November 24, 2014
Death occurred in the state of New York

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