Yagmur Y.
October 9, 2010 - December 18,  2013

I want to tell you the story of a precious little Angel who lived and died in Germany. I will tell her story to the best of my ability with the help of Michelle, the woman who sent me her story. Most of what is written about this precious little girl is in German so I have to rely on either Michelle or sites that translate, I feel her story needs to be told and will do what I can to be sure that it is told in the right way.

Yagmur was born on October 9, 2010 to parents Huseyin and Melek, with the last name given only as the letter Y. It is my understanding that the her mother was overwhelmed with given birth and taking care of a baby. At some point in her life, Yagmur was removed from her parents home and put into foster care, I believe this happened after several times of Yagmur being admitted to the hospital with severe, unexplained injuries. In January of 2013, she was taken to the hospital with a life threatening injury to her head and the Doctor at that time filed a complaint on suspicion of child abuse.

By February of 2013, Yagmur was living in what was known as a Children's Shelter because it had become unclear to those in authority if the foster home or her parents were responsible for her injuries. The Youth Office Eimbuettal started an investigation in Family Court all the while, Yagmur's parents are denying that they hurt her in any way. By August of 2013, Yagmur would be returned to the custody of her parents.

Life didn't get any better for this little Angel and by December of 2013, Yagmur, who had been left at the mercy of her parents, bled to death in her home. An autopsy showed that Yagmur had suffered more than 80 bruises, cuts, burns, broken bones and contusions as well as a ruptured liver. Melek and Huseyin were arrested as the prime suspects in her death.

In June of 2014, the trial for this couple started and in court, a video is played of Yagmur dancing to Turkish music, the video was taken off of her mother's cell phone. Pictures were also shown of all of the bruises and other injuries on her body at the time of her death, with some of the burn marks looking like someone had burned her repeatedly with a cigarette. The pictures were so disturbing that it was reported that several of the spectators in the court room had to leave.

Klaus Puschel, a Forensic Pathologist who was one of the most respected Pathologists in Germany, said that what happened to Yagmur was typical of maltreatment, or child abuse:

"The pictures give an idea of what the girl must have gone through. The three year
old had suffered severe pain. The girl had certainly cried over and over again"

Makeup had been applied to some of the bruises, thought it didn't cover very well and the bruises were showing through. Klaus said that the bruises were "loud" and it could very well be assumed that someone had caused them and some bruises showed that Yagmur had been trying to protect herself from being harmed. On her neck were marks that showed someone had tried to choke her, she had fresh bleeding in her brain which was caused by extremely hard hits to her head. In her stomach, a quarter liter of blood was found to be coming out of injuries that she had sustained internally while being beaten and her liver was split so badly that they said it contributed to her death. It was reported that many of the injuries Yagmur had sustained had been given to her with the last few days of her life, meaning she has been beaten over several days and suffered horribly before she finally could no more and her little body gave out and died.

It was reported that her father had left the house about 4:30 p.m. the day she died and had returned about 6:00 p.m. and he claimed that he had not been involved in the beating, however, Klaus stated that since the beating had been given over several days, Huseyin could not possibly have not known when was going on. Melek was the prime suspect in the abuse and murder of this little girl while her father, Huseyin was said to only be guilty of not helping the child while the mother was abusing her.

Each of the two were represented by different lawyers and sat at different tables in court, not looking at or speaking to each other though at one point when Melek started to cry, Huseyin was reported to say something along the line of you "You killed her and now you are crying". As they were shown in court, neither of her parents looked at the pictures that were being shown of Yagmur's beaten, bruised and broken body.

It is my understanding that Huseyin was 25 years old at the time and Melek was 27 years old when Melek said in court that he had been the one to cause the death of their daughter, claiming that he had never wanted children in the first place. Huseyin said that Melek was mentally ill and very aggressive towards Yagmur. It was found that whenever Huseyin would make Melek angry, she would take it out on Yagmur, which was proven by messages on her cell phone. Melek tried to say that she wasn't the one who sent the messages, that it had been someone else.

Pictures of the couple in court, show their faces to be blurred out. In court they both looked at the floor and seemed to be upset and the charge against Melek was now said to be murder and against Huseyin was death by omission. The indictment is read in court and it is said that Melek acted out of hatred for Yagmur and that she knew that her actions could cause her to die.

If convicted or murder, Melek is facing only six months to and 15 years in prison for what must be considered an invaluable life of a child. How said that the legal system doesn't consider children to be of any value so when they die at the hands of those entrusted to care for them, the sentence is merely a slap on the wrist with a stern warning to behave after they are released.

This case, as many we have seen around the world, attracted so much attention because it was considered to be a failure of the agencies put in place to protect children. Yagmur had been removed from the home because of the many times she had been taken to the hospital with suspicious injuries, yet the agencies who could have saved her life, failed to do so. The same excuses are used over and over all around the world, when a child dies from abuse that could have been prevented if someone had been doing their job correctly. An email sent to the Judge in the case by the foster mother, had never even been read and he recklessly returned Yagmur to her parents.

The first excuse was that there wasn't enough staff to do the job. Interestingly enough, the child was removed from the home and then returned, so someone was doing the right thing in the beginning and then for whatever reason, decided that a child should live with abusive parents rather than be adopted to someone who would love her. Second was the old standby that communication had broken down and there were opportunities overlooked that could have saved Yagmur's life. Third was not investigating further when Klaus had said in the beginning that the foster mother could have cause the injuries to this child by shaking her car seat, it was obvious that the parents, who had been granted visitation with Yagmur, had been the ones to injure and eventually kill her. Improvements were supposedly made after Yagmur died, that could have saved her life if they had been in place already.

The district office Hamburg-Mitte had been responsible for looking out for Yagmur since July:

"The little girls death upset me very much"
Andy Grote


People started a small memorial in front of the apartment building where
Yagmur had lived. roses and candles were placed in her honor.

I am glad that someone cares enough about this little girl to make this memorial
and I am wondering if it is her grave marker.

In November of 2014, Melek was found guilty of murder and sentenced by Judge Joachim Bulter to life in prison without the possibility of parole for at least 15 years. Huseyin was sentenced to only four years and six months for not doing anything to protect Yagmur from her mother.

Though she had been in care of several youth service agencies who failed her, hopefully Yagmur's death will not be in vain and a committee of the Hamburg Parliament was going to submit their final report about the case on December 18, 2014. Let's hope that the necessary changes are made and enforced to protect children in the future.

Melek's lawyers were filing an appeal in an attempt to get a lesser sentence saying that she was victim as well as Yagmur. I am of the mind that the sentences handed down in the case of these two monsters is not CLOSE to being enough. Yagmur suffered almost from birth at the hands of these people who did nothing by way of showing her what it was like to feel loved. They clearly didn't want a child, but accepted her back out of foster care and then proceeded to continue their abuse of her and eventually ended up killing her after such a long time of torturing her.

I don't know what goes through the minds of those who defend and then try to make excuses for those who kill children. There is NO excuse for what they do, there is NO excuse that is acceptable. If you don't want a child, don't love the child and can't treat the child the way the child deserves to be treated, give that child away! Sadly, I am not able to find out Yagmur's last name, my understanding is that her parents rights to privacy would be violated if her last name was revealed. I don't believe they HAVE any rights to privacy, a child is dead because of them, they gave up their rights.

Thank you goes out to Michelle who cared enough about Yagmur to want her to be remembered.

This page was created on November 28, 2014
Death occurred in Germany

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