Donnell Coakley
- November 7,  2014

Three people are charged in the death of a precious, three year old little boy. Donnell Coackly Sr., who was 24 years old, Tylesha Griffen, who was 22 years old and Dominique Lott who was 25 years old, were all charged with first degree murder after Donnell Coakley Jr. was beaten to death. Donnell Sr. and Tylesha are Donnell Jr.'s parents while Dominique is his second cousin who was a live in babysitter for him.

Tylesha was pregnant when she beat her son to death with an electrical cord and a belt, Donnell was hit over 100 times and had a chipped tooth, injuries on his bottom, legs, back and head and had a large open wound which exposed the muscle on his left arm as well as patches of his hair missing. On his body were burn marks and his wrists showed signs of having been tied up, the tips of his fingers were bruised and he at least one fingernail that was missing.

Tylesha had been investigated in 2011 for neglecting and not properly supervising her children who had been trusted to her care. In the home where she beat her son to death, were those two other children as well as the Donnell Sr. and later when Dominique showed up, she ignored the dead body of her cousin and left to go buy some Marijuana and when she came back, the three adults all smoked the Marijuana while Donnell Jr. lay dead in the home.

The three adults didn't call for help until after they tried to warm up his body to make it seem like he had not been dead for very long, it was hours later when they finally called 911. When paramedics showed up, they took Donnell Jr. to St. Francis Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:55 p.m. by the Medical Examiner and his death was ruled a homicide.

Apparently, this innocent little boy was abused by his cousin Dominique for not knowing his alphabet or his number, she admitted to Police that she had hit him with her hand as well as an electrical cord as well as using her foot to hold him down while she beat him. Donnell Sr. was said to have beat this child at least twice a day, every day and that at least two weeks before he died, Donnell Jr. had stopped eating, this was witnessed by Dominique. Tylesha's Facebook page has so many pictures of herself and very few of her children.

Judge Donald Panarese Jr. ordered that Tylesha be held without bail, Donnell was given a $500,000. bond and Dominique was also held without bond.

Thank you Cat for caring about Donnell.

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Death occurred in the state of Illinois

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