Mason L. DeCosmo
November 29, 2011 - August 5, 2014
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Kaitlin Wolfert was the 22 year old mother of two children, Mason who was three years old and another son, who was younger than Mason. In July of 2014, Kaitlin moved herself and her two children in with a 26 year old man named Kenneth M. Stahli. Kaitlin was going to work in a clerical position and would be working full time and Kenneth took over the job of baby sitting the two boys. In yet ANOTHER story where a mother KNEW that her children were being abused and did NOTHING to protect them, Mason ended up dead at the hands of Kenneth. Lt. Michael Drake said that the abuse Mason suffered had happened over a ten to 14 day period and that Kaitlin knew what was going on with her son.

It wasn't clear who had made the 911 call that sent First Responders to the home, when they arrived, they immediately started CPR and then Mason was transported to Vassar Brothers Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Oddly, Lt. Michael Drake would say that Kaitlin had been a concerned and "very good parent", who was cooperating with the Police in the investigation into Mason's death. It would seem the Michael Drake needs a refresher course in what it means to be a "good, concerned" parent. Kaitlin was not at home when her son died, however, injuries on her son were signs that something was going wrong and some of the injuries he received days before he died, were severe enough to have caused his death. HOW can Michael even come CLOSE to saying that this woman was a good, concerned mother. Michael Drake said this:

"We can't tell how much she knew and when she knew it"

Michael also said that Kaitlin told Police she had been trying to deal with problems that had come up with Kenneth being the caregiver for the children and when asked if Kaitlin was going to face any charges, he said he didn't know.

Kenneth was taken from his sister's home and he went without causing any trouble, to be interviewed. While he was being interviewed, the autopsy results came in and Kenneth was arrested. Reports said that Kenneth has four children from the age of infant up to five years old and that his sister said he went to court to get custody of one of his children and though they all live with their mothers at this point, he had almost won custody of that son. Kenneth's father and sister were quoted as saying that Kenneth is not a monster and Bernice Stahli said she had spend the day that Mason died, with Kenneth and Mason adding that Kenneth was not capable of doing what he was being accused of:

"If the situation was flipped, my brother would go ape s**t. He doesn't believe in
hurting children. He never laid a hand on his own four children and never would.
he's a lot of things, but he's not a child murderer"

It was proven that at one point, Kenneth was left alone with the children for a period of time on the day that Mason died. Michael Drake said that as time passed and more evidence was collected, it would become clear that the evidence would point to Kenneth as the person who caused the injuries that Killed Mason. Of course Bernice said that the bruises on Mason's body were caused by him being a clumsy little boy. I never get used the fact that people believe that bruises caused by abuse are no different from a child who falls down a lot or bumps into walls. Doctors have proven over and over that there is a difference and it's time for people to start accepting that.

Robert Stahli, Kenneth's father, said that his son is not capable of homicide, it wasn't in his character, that he was not a monster and he didn't go around killing two year olds:

"My son would go out of his way for his kid, or any other kid. I don't know the
circumstances. I don't know what happened, but my son is not a monster"

Robert Stahli Jr., Kenneth's brother also defended him:

"If anything were to happen to me, God forbid, I would trust my two kids to live a long,
beautiful, healthy life with my brother. I know it"

An autopsy showed that Mason had died from blunt force trauma and his death was ruled a homicide by the Dutchess County Medical Examiner's Office. Kenneth was held without bail. Mason had over 60 bruises and injuries over his body when he died.

In August of 2014 Mario Restivo, an investigator on the case said that Kenneth had given many different explanations for the bruises left on Mason. Kenneth said that Mason had fallen on his head when a pillow had been thrown at him, he added that Mason had bit his own finger. Kenneth had allegedly told the Police that he had caused the death of Mason after he had leaned on him with half of his own body weight, he crushed Mason. Mario testified:

"He applied it, the weight, to his, Mason's, chest. He said he put more than half of
his weight on Mason's body"

Some of the spectators in the courtroom could be heard crying when pictures were brought out and a description of the injuries Mason suffered were described. Robert Stahli and other family members were upset when they left the courtroom:

"My son is not a child abuser. He loves kids and has four of his own with
three different moms"
Robert Stahli - Kenneth's Father

The boy had multiple baby sitters, wo why aren't the
other baby sitters being investigated"
Andrea Stahli - Aunt

Outside the courtroom, there was a confrontation between Kenneth's family and the biological family of Mason, the Decosmo family:

"I'm happy because he admitted to doing it. But I'm also angry and I want to beat
the crap out of him over it"

Kaitlin and Louis Decosmo were headed to family court to decided who would get custody of their nine month old son and who would be in control of the funeral arrangements for Mason. Jaxon was at first placed in foster care and then later was given temporarily to his father.

In November of 2014, court was in session. It came out that on the day she left, Mason had asked Kaitlin to stay home with him. Kaitlin was facing charges of neglect and severe child abuse in the case of Mason:

"She had a two and a half year old who couldn't even speak. And although this was a man
she just met, after dating for only a week, this man was put in charge of caring for him for the
better part of each day so she could go to work"
County Social Services Lawyer - Heather Harp

Mason had been beaten, had hand shaped bruises on his body and he was vomiting blood, had lacerations to his internal organs and a blood clot in his rectum. Kaitlin had apparently spoken to some of her friends and co-workers asking about medical care for her son, but later blamed his injuries on him being a clumsy toddler:

"The abuse should have been apparent to any normal parent. She did not want CPS
to be called because she had a pending case with the father. On the day that Mason
died, he didn't want to leave and the evidence will show that he was in the process of
dying over days"
Heather Harp

Heather Harp went into detail about the bruises on Mason's face and body that began to appear after Kenneth and Kaitlin had moved in together. First Responders to the scene had been Police Officer Curt Fulton and Mobile Life Paramedic Jeanne Scott, they were both called to the stand to testify about what they saw that day. Arriving at the home, it was discovered that rigor mortis had already begun to set in on Mason's body, he had bruises that looked to be in various stages of healing, possibly over at least a weeks time, brown and yellow bruises were visible under his eyes, on his face, on his pelvis and on his genitals. Newer injuries were also seen including a blue patterned bruise on his rib cage:

"It was not an accident. It was in the shape of a hand"
Jeanne Scott

The decision was made that they needed to get Mason to the hospital where he could be pronounced dead because they believed they were at a place where a crime had been committed. Demonstrators outside of the courthouse were yelling at Kaitlin and calling for her arrest, wondering why she had not sought medical help for her son:

"How could she not know? How could that happen? How could she not get him any help"
Protester's Shouts

Kaitlin sat in court and didn't speak, hiding her face while she was lead from the courtroom after the hearing. Defense Lawyer Amy Ingram said there would be no comments at that time.

Kenneth's trial was under way, though he waived his right to appear at his trial and remained in jail without bail, he was being charged with murder. Public Defender Andy Kossover said that he fully expected to clear Kenneth's name:

"I've found medical records and it appears that this poor child was subject to abuse
long before my client ever met him"

Mason's brother, Jaxon, was placed in the custody of his father, Louis Decosmo who wanted to be sure that Kaitlin faced charges for what happened to their son:

"I know that her co-workers and friends have been subpoenaed to testify and I believe

that the evidence will show that she did know Mason was being abused and did nothing
about it"

In December of 2014 Family Court Judge Anthony McGinty requested to see Mason's autopsy pictures. Medical Examiner Dennis Chute showed the pictures in court as he spoke about over 60 bruises and injuries on the body of Mason at the time of his death including some that were consistent with sexual abuse. It came out in court that Kaitlin had been under the suspicion that Kenneth was abusing Mason but she still said he was an active child who got bruised in what she called "boys will be boys rough housing". Kaitlin said that Mason was okay some days and not okay on others and she was the kind of mother who didn't run to the doctor for every little thing that happened, she said that she was afraid that if she took Mason to the Doctor, they would see the bruises and assume he was being abused.

Dr. Dennis Chute had performed the autopsy on Mason and in court detailed the injuries as internal bleeding in several placed, fractured ribs, signs of possible sexual abuse, a lacerated pancreas and a lacerated liver:

"Essentially, I think it's a beating that took place over a couple of days, not accidental.
When I see a collection of injuries like this, my interpretation is that it's abuse"

The Judge had some questions:

"Can we agree that it's readily apparent, visible to anyone who saw the child's body, that
there are bruises across Mason's face, chest, abdomen, pubic area and on other parts of
the body. Which of these would have been visible 24 hours earlier"
Judge Anthony McGinty

Dr. Dennis Chute said that all of them would have been visible though they might not have been as pronounced. Dr. Chute said that he had found injuries on Mason's penis and a rip in his anal canal that suggested sexual abuse, though the rip could have been caused by constipation. Evidence had been taken for rape kit, but at the time of the hearing, it had not been finalized. Some of Mason's injuries had been on the outside of his body, while others were internal:

"He sustained the injuries to the pancreas and liver at last a few days prior to his death.
I think there was another event that caused blood to accumulate, another trauma"

Kaitlin insisted that Kenneth had nothing to do with the death of Mason, according to Police Officer Dina Pavloudakis. Dina testified that Kaitlin had known that Mason had injuries, but she wasn't aware of the extend of the injuries until she saw the autopsy pictures:

"She just never sought medical attention. Every time I asked her why she didn't go to
the doctor, Wolfert said she was worried that CPS would be called if she took him"

Defense Attorney Amy Ingram said that the average person might not know to take a child to the doctor if they were not having any symptoms that they needed to go or if the symptoms they had were not consistent with illnesses. Kaitlin had said that in the last few weeks of his life, Mason had vomited a black liquid, had bruises o his belly, back, face and genital area and he seemed to have bite marks on his arm:

"She thought Jace, Stahli's son, had bit him"

CLEARLY Kaitlin KNEW that her son needed medical attention, you know, being the "average" person, even SHE could see that he was in trouble, but she admitted that they didn't take him to the Doctor because they didn't want CPS involved.

Reports say that Kaitlin had decided to take Mason to the Doctor and she had planned to do it on the day he died because her mother and co-workers had convinced to take him. During her Police interview, she was said to have shown no emotion:

"She got defensive when investigators indicated Stahli may have played a role in
Mason's death.
When she saw the autopsy pictures of Mason, she became emotional,
there were several bruises
she had not see prior to the photographs. I believe it started
to sink in for her"

Co-workers testified that Kaitlin often spoke of her children saying that having become a mom had been one of the greatest accomplishments of her life. Stephanie Mallia testified that she had never told Police that Kaitlin didn't take Mason to the Doctor because she was afraid of CPS getting involved in her life. Apparently at different points in time, Kaitlin had hired nannies who would quite because they said they were having a hard time with Mason.

Mario Restivo said that over a 15 hour period, Kenneth had been interviewed and he admitted that he had placed his knee on Mason's lower abdominal area because Mason had bit him on August 2:

"Based on the 15 hours of questioning, do you have reason to believe he, Stahli, was lying
when he said he loved Mason"
Public Defender Andy Kossover

"Yes, He injured Mason. If you care about someone, you won't injure them"
Mario Restivo

Andy Kossover replied by saying that you can accidentally hurt someone you love. Court was over and on December 23, 2014, it would resume.


Mason L. DeCosmo

Our little angel, Mason Louis DeCosmo, was called to The Lord on August 5, 2014.

Born on November 29, 2011, he lived 2 happy, smiley years and will continue to do so in Heaven.

He is survived by his father, Louis DeCosmo; sister, Jasmine DeCosmo; brothers, Jaiden DeCosmo and Jaxon DeCosmo; grandmother, Amelia DeCosmo; grandfather, Joseph DeCosmo; Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

Mason DeCosmo, gained his angel wings, his life tragically ended too soon. Mason is an energetic, spunky, charismatic young child, whose smile touches each person he comes in contact with. His heart and personality are survived by his mother, Kaitlin Wolfert; his baby brother, Jaxon DeCosmo; his maternal grandparents, Michelle Lantgen and Matthew Wolfert; and his maternal aunts, Chelsea Wolfert and Danielle Foley.

His memory and laughter can be heard as he rides his "big truck" in the sky. Your presence will carry on in every bubble, car, dinosaur and each time we watch Toy Story.

Mason, you will remain a part of us "to infinity and beyond."

Visitation will be held on Sunday, August 17, 2014 from 4pm to 8pm, at the Parmele, Auchmoody & Schoonmaker Funeral Home, 110 Fulton Ave., Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.

Graveside services will be held on Monday, August 18, 2014, 11am directly meeting at St. Peter's Cemetery, Poughkeepsie.

Anyone participating in Mason's funeral procession, out of respect to Mason's immediate family members, we ask you please allow the family their privacy in honorably paying their final goodbyes to Mason.

The procession will form in the funeral home parking lot at 10:30am.

Please stay outside with your vehicles for instructions.

UPDATE: February 24, 2015 (Thank you to MaryAnn for this update)

MaryAnn started a petition to get Katlin arrested for her part in the death of Mason. You can view and sign the petition by going to the site listed below:

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