Erica Johnson
December 14, 2007 - October 6, 2010
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When I started to do research on this story, the first sentence I saw as "Erica Johnson, a 2-year old black girl was beaten to death Wednesday Oct. 6, in the 10600 block of Cimarron Street in Westmont, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department" .This sentence disgusted me almost as much as the fact that Erica had died at the hands of those who were supposed to love her. I would like to know WHY it was necessary to say "A 2-year old black girl", why is the color of her skin even being mentioned? A CHILD died, not a black child, not a white child, A CHILD!

In October of 2010, Erica had been living with her maternal grandmother and a man named Davon Smith, Erica's mother was in jail. A call came in at bout 11:00 p.m. on October 6, 2010, first responders took Erica to Centinela Hospital Medical Center where she was found to be in critical condition:

"She was in full arrest. Doctors tried to revive her but couldn't
Steven Whitmore - Sheriff's Department

At first, the injuries that Erica suffered were not made public but Steven Whitmore said she had been through major physical trauma.

The same article said: "A day after the incident, authorities arrested Smith, a 21 year old black man, on suspicion of murder". Once again, why is color so important to some people? "Smith" was being held on $1 million bond and his next appearance in court was scheduled for November 9, 2010.

Erica's life started out bad with her grandparents calling CPS to let them know that her mother Taelor Moore, 16 years old and pregnant with her at the time, was a violent woman. A DCFS Case Worker took a report and filled out a risk assessment report for the baby and said she was considered high risk for abuse, the Case Worker recommended that case be look at seriously.

Sadly, the case was closed and DCFS decided that the baby was not at high risk for being abused and they decided that the accusations were "unfounded". DCFS defines "unfounded" as being when an investigator finds accusations to be: 1 - False, 2 - Inherently probable to involve an accidental injury, 3 - did not constitute child abuse or neglect.

This story just ends, right there. Nothing else can be found, at least by me, to say if anyone ever paid for the brutal death of this little Angel. But considering CPS was involved and failed this little girl, hopefully they faced some charges, but I doubt it.

UPDATE: January 15, 2015

While searching for updates to this story today, I am STILL unable to find anything about anyone being prosecuted for the death of this little Angel.

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Death occurred in the state of California

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