Kazerion Harper
January 1, 2012 - December 9, 2014

In January of 2012, Child Protection Services received a complaint saying that a man was hitting his girlfriend, Chelsie Powe,  in the face and their three week old son was present at the time. Reggie Delanie Harper was arrested on suspicion of assault and the case was eventually closed without anyone contacting the CPS. In May of 2012, another call came in saying that Reggie was once again hitting his girlfriend and that he had scratched the arm of the baby. Reggie and Chelsie were found to be guilty of child abuse, but some how the couple retained custody of the child.

In May of 2013 the family moved to Michigan and CPS in that state immediately got a call stating that Reggie had hit their three month old son in the face because he didn't like that fact that he had been crying. In the E.R. the Doctor found the baby to have broken vessel of the eye, lacerations on his nose, a bruise on his bottom and his abdomen. Reggie was arrested at that time and charged with assault and child abuse.

Reggie and Chelsie quickly moved back to Minnesota and the charges against him were dropped. CPS in Michigan reported to CPS in Michigan about the incident and it was discovered that they couple were living together and a motion was filed in court to have the children in the home placed in foster care.

In February of 2014 the children went back to live with their mother and CPS decided that she had done everything she had been required to do in order to get her children back. Reggie was a different story, he had not done anything that had been required of him and even though he had not done anything he was required to do, the children were returned to their care.

In December of 2014, a call came in to 911 and first responders found Kazerion was not breathing so they started CPR on the one year old boy. Kazerion was taken to North Memorial Medical Center where he later died. Witnesses said that Kazerion had been attacked by his father Reggie, a 23 year old man who had left the scene before Police got there.

Reggie was eventually found and arrested.

Chelsie Powe said that her relationship with Reggie had been an on and off relationship and that she had met him at the funeral of her Aunt and while she was now planning a funeral for her son, she was happy that he could rest in peace since the man who killed him had been arrested:

"He was precious, emotional, heart of gold. Perfect in every way, shape and form.
I can't believe this is happening. I just wanted a family. I just wanted my kids to
have a father. I didn't know any of this was going to happen. All my intentions
at heart were good"

Kazerion was supposed to turn two years old on New Years Day, Chelsie was not having to plan his funeral. Sadly, I can't feel sorry for a woman who has put her son in danger the way she did. Reggie hurt him in the past and she knew it. Reggie refused to take classes to help him be a better parent and she knew it. Reggie didn't follow the rules set down for the family by CPS and Chelsie knew it, yet she allowed him back into the life of her son. Wanting to have a father for her children came before wanting to have a GOOD father for her children.

It had only been about two weeks since Chelsie and Reggie had gotten back together and they had all moved in with her sister, living in the basement of her home. Chelsie admitted that she had watched as Reggie had become angry when Kazerion would not stop crying, she watched as he took the baby out of his playpen, put him on the floor and punched him in the chest several times, the other children in the home were also watching when this happened:

"He told me to shut up and sit down or he would choke me out and I would die next.
He didn't care I wanted him to stop. He didn't care his son was on the toilet using the
bathroom, watching. He didn't care about any of it. I'm just broken. I just want to be
with my son right now. I want to be able to hold him again. Tell him I'm sorry. I've been
asking for his forgiveness"
Chelsie Powe

Again I say, it's sad that this woman didn't care about her son enough to jump in and help him, she cared about herself and what would happen to HER, the pain SHE would be in if she was beaten like her son was. There is NEVER an acceptable reason to stand by and watch a child be beaten to death as long as you are able to get to that child, that child should NEVER suffer so that a mother doesn't have to.

Chelsie told Police that it took a few minutes and then Kazerion stopped breathing and then Reggie and Chelsie's sister tried to do CPR on him, it didn't work and after being transported to the hospital, Kazerion was pronounced dead as a result of blunt for trauma injuries:

"This is a sickening case of child abuse where our office and county child protection
did all it could within the law to protect Kazerion and his older brother. The mother had
done everything social workers asked and as required by law, she was reunited with her
children. Unfortunately, despite an order of protection against him, she allowed her abusive
boyfriend back in the house. The complaint alleges that in a moment of shocking violence,
Mr. Harper punched his son to death"
County Attorney - Mike Freeman

And THERE IT IS! There was protection order to keep this man AWAY from the children and Chelsie ignored that order and allowed that man back in the house. Chelsie needs to face charges in this case, she needs to realize that she was wrong and she needs to understand that children are supposed to come first. Children are unable to protect themselves against those who choose to abuse them and those who choose to sit back and watch the abuse, like Chelsie did.

Chelsie said that she took Reggie back because she was hopeful that he would change and become a good man:

"I believed God could change him and I just honestly, I don't know. I'm asking myself
that question, why did I take him back. I feel like a monster. I feel like this is my fault
too, because I should have left him a long time ago and I didn't"

It's partly your fault, you didn't leave him when you should have and to keep yourself from pain, you sacrificed your son. If anyone feels I am being hard on this woman, I don't care. I am SICK TO DEATH of reading about mothers who are afraid of being hurt by men who are killing their children.

It was reported that Reggie had been convicted of a misdemeanor violation of a restraining order only 14 months before the death of Kazerion and that another woman had a restraining order against him for attacking her:

"We're still trying to conduct and investigation, but there was some on and off relationships
between the mother and the father. But at this night, they were together"
Mark Bruley - Deputy In Chief

Chelsie was in Family Court trying to keep custody of her other son and her sister had this to say when they left the court room in relation to if she should lose custody or not:

"I think she's going through punishment enough. I think that that would be the
worst decision that could be made. I think it's good that he was caught, but my
honest opinion is that I do not believe that he meant to murder his son. But the
cause of his action and his rage is why he's being held accountable"
Danielle Powe

MY opinion is that ANY time you punch a child in the stomach over and over, it doesn't MATTER if you "MEANT" to murder them, you are abusing that child, you have no business being AROUND that or ANY child and anyone who allows you to be around that child after the law has done what was needed to protect that child, should NOT have any other children in their care. If a person PROVES that they are not going to make the right choices, they should not be shocked when their children are taken away and I hope for the sake of the second child, that he IS taken away and that Chelsie is held accountable for HER part in the death of this little Angel.

This page was created on December 17, 2014
Death occurred in the state of Minneapolis

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