Ethan Thomas Henderson
February 21, 2012 - May 8, 2013
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When Ethan Henderson was taken to the hospital, Doctors noticed that he was dirty, his belly button was unwashed and he had a bad diaper rash. Most noted though was the fact that he had old brain injuries. Ethan died three days later from severe bleeding on his brain..

Gordon Collins-Faunce was 23 years old when he was arrested for abusing his ten week old son to death. Ethan's grand- father, Irving Faunce would like to know why his grandson died when there had been a previous incident where Gordon had broken Ethan's arm, he's wondering why Child Protective Services did not flag the case:

"A report and a follow up could easily have prevented Ethan's death. My wife and
I would do whatever we can do to make sure this doesn't happen again. I also
promised that we would work on his behalf to make sure that those who should be
accountable for what happened to him are held accountable"
Irving Faunce

While Christina Henderson was at work, Gordon picked up his son by the head and squeezed his skull before throwing him violently into a chair, snapping his neck. Gordon told Police that he had become upset at the fact that his son started crying and would not stop:

"He said he stood up straight and held Ethan by the head with both hands for
one minute max. He then hurled Ethan into a chair in the living room, seeing the
boys head snap back as he landed. On a scale of one to ten, he estimated his
force to be eight or nine"
Police Affidavit

Gordon was charged with depraved indifference murder and was being held on $100,000. bond.

Friends said that Christina had never been aware of the fact that Gordon had been "targeting" Ethan:

"He's been targeting Ethan and she just didn't realize it"
Nicole Tucker

On investigation was taking place and a spokeswoman for the Southern Maine Medical Center had this to say:

"There is an investigation that's open right now. There's not a way we would be able to
make any kind of comment about where Ethan received his care or the are he received"
Sue Hadiaris

Police were told by a Department Of Health And Human Services worker that a daycare employee had made reports that Ethan's half sister, a three year old, had been to daycare and she was covered in bruises and that she as well as Ethan and his twin brother appeared to be being abused, though it was not readily clear if any action had been taken after the report was made.

Irving Faunce had adopted Gordon and his two sisters when Gordon was eight years old after he had been in several foster homes. It was said that while in foster care, Gordon had been sexually and physically abused and was on medication for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Irving was trying to understand what had happened, where things had gone wrong and what mistakes were made as well as how to correct things so that nothing like what happened to Ethan, happen to any other children:

"I work in the health care business. I'm very aware of mandated reporting. It just strikes me
how an infant could go through having a fractured arm and have it seen by two Physicians
and it didn't go to someone"

Reports said that Gordon admitted that he had been changing Ethan's diaper one day and was having trouble doing so. Gordon said that Ethan's arm became caught in the rungs of his crib and was broken.

A memorial service was held for Ethan with people holding lit candles and releasing balloons. The service was held outside of the home where Ethan had died and his mother said he was their special Angel in heaven:

"We all miss him, but at least we know right now he's not in pain. Even though
he was a little baby, he touched our hearts"
Christina Henderson

Pictures of Ethan were shown and though reporters were there, no one spoke to them.

In October of 2013, Gordon Collins-Faunce, after pleading guilty to manslaughter, was sentenced to 20 years in prison and a 14 years maximum probation and during that time he is not allowed to have any contact with his surviving son.

In August of 2014, a nurse who failed to report the broken arm that Ethan suffered, lost her license. Virginia McNamara was said to have failed to report Ethan's broken arm to the Maine Department Of Health And Human Services and she would no longer be allowed to work as a nurse.


Ethan Thomas Henderson, infant
May 13, 2012

ARUNDEL- Ethan Thomas Henderson died Monday, May 8, 2012 at Maine Medical Center.

He was born in Portland Feb. 21, 2012, the son of Gordon Collins-Faunce and Christina Henderson.

Ethan is survived by his parents of Arundel; his twin brother Lucas and half-sister Nevaeh Frost; Grandparents Irving Faunce and Jan Collins of Wilton and Jane Henderson of Wilton; many aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. He is also survived by Dana and Deborah White of Arundel and Laura Harrington of Fryeburg.

A private service was held Saturday, May 12, 2012 at Dennett, Craig & Pâté 365 Main Street, Saco. Burial will be at Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Those wishing to post appropriate condolences may do so at Donations to the Ethan Henderson Memorial Fund may be mailed to Saco/Biddeford Savings Institution, c/o Melissa Boilard, 50 Industrial Park Road, Saco ME 04072.

Thank you again to Maria for her help in making sure the children are never forgotten.

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Death occurred in the state of Maine

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