Jon-Niece Jones
- August 15, 2002
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In the year 2005, a man was hunting deer when he came upon the bones of a child. A partially buried skull was found in Clayton Park and when the Police excavated the site they found a full skeleton of a child with a black, Nike Air Force One shoe and a piece of a shirt with the Warner Brother's cartoon character Sylvester The Cat on it.

For many years, the bones of that child would be known as only "Baby Bones". In the year 2009, Investigators asked America's Most Wanted to help with the case. A flyer was made with a bust and composite sketches in an effort to get information leading to who the little girl was. The bust was made using a cat scan of the child's skull and a DNA profile was created.

In October of 2012, an informant made a report with Child Welfare that a child may have been killed in Manhattan in the year 2002 and told them that about a location where they might find her body. Retired Police Officers who were working with Child Welfare, followed up on the lead and they found out that a child had been found in that location and that her case was being referred to as "Baby Bones". Child Welfare contacted the New Jersey State Police who were listed in an article about the case and the little Angel was finally identified:

"Thanks to the diligence and dedication of our Child Protective Specialist and
Investigative Consultants, working collaboratively with law enforcement, this cold
case has finally been solved. This brings long delayed resolution to the previously
unrecognized and tragic death of Jon-Niece Jones"
Administrator For Children's Services Commissioner - Ronald E. Richter

The Prosecutors office said that Jon-Niece had died in the home of her Aunt, Likisha Jones in New York on August 15, 2002. After she died, her Uncle James Jones and her Aunt's boyfriend, Godfrey Gibson had set her body on fire and then buried her. Jon-Niece had been abused by her mother, Elisha Jones, though she was not in the system as an abused child:

"The family members of Jon-Niece Jones turned a blind eye to the constant physical and
mental abuse this young girl endured for years. Because of the hard work by investigators,
these three suspects will now have to answer for their alleged unthinkable actions"
Rick Fuentes - Superintendent State Police

James Jones, who was 35 years old, Godfrey Gibson, who was 47 year old and Likisha Jones, who was 39  years old were all facing charges of third degree hindering the apprehension of another, fourth degree tampering with physical evidence, fourth degree obstructing the administration of justice and conspiracy to commit these crimes. James and Likisha were given bonds of $40,000. without the option of ten percent and  Godfrey was given $75,000. without the option of a ten percent bail out.

As it turned out, the informant was the sister of Jon-Niece, Iyonna Jones. Jon-Nieces's life had been full of abuse, first at the hands of her mother, who died only four months after her of unknown causes and then later she was abused after her death, at the hands of her Uncle, Aunt and her Aunt's boyfriend. Sadly, Elisha had been with them when they buried Jon-Niece.

In December of 2013, all three plead guilty to charges of third degree hindering apprehension of another and third degree conspiracy to hinder apprehension of another.

In March of 2014, Godfrey Gibson, 49 years old at the time, was sentenced by Judge John T. Mullaney to 364 days in jail as a condition of his probation. Likisha Jones, who was by then 39 years old and James Jones who was by then 36 years old, were each sentenced only to two years of probation.

How is it that this child suffered at the hands of her mother, while her family members WATCHED, not reporting or trying to stop the abuse, she dies at the hands of her mother, she is set on fire by one man, buried by four people and NO ONE involved is in prison for any serious amount of time? Jon-Niece Jones is worth more than that, at least she is to me. I can only be thankful that she is now walking the streets of Heaven, holding the hand of Jesus, in the safety of the Angels and she is no longer suffering at the hands of these monsters.

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Death occurred in the state of New York

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