Hannah Renee Davenport
December 20, 1998 - January 29, 2005
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Hannah Davenport was born with medical problems, she was born with birth defect known as Ectopic Anus and would require a special, soft food diet and many trips to the Doctor. That was just the beginning of her sad life.

In 2003, Leonard and Karen Davenport got a divorce and Karen was given full custody of the couple's three children, Hannah and two brothers were all home schooled. Leonard had visited the children and at one point he tried to get Karen to take Hannah to the Doctor when he saw that she was losing a lot of weight and didn't look well, that was two weeks before Hannah died and Karen had refused to take her. I don't know why Leonard didn't take her himself or get help for her.

When a call came in to 911, First Responders came to the house on January 29, 2005 after being told that a child was not breathing and was unresponsive. When they arrived, they found one of Hannah's Uncles doing CPR on her, a very faint pulse was found and she was transported to Freeman Hospital where she later died, weighing only 27 pounds at the age of six years old.

In February of 2005, Karen Davenport and Linda Walsham were charged with one count of voluntary manslaughter though in the Spring of 2007, the charged was raised to one count each of second degree murder. Time seems to move on in this case and it wasn't until September of 2008 that Karen would be in court. At the age of 32 years old, Karen waived her preliminary hearing and was still facing one count of second degree murder and with an amended charges she was facing an alternate charge of of felony murder, both charges were class A felonies and would carry the death penalty if she was convicted. County Prosecutor Janice Durbin stated that she filed the the amended charge to help address all of the facts in the case and it would give the jury a chance to consider both charges.

An affidavit stated that a Doctor in the hospital had shown concerns about Hannah being malnourished and that she was being neglected and an autopsy showed that Hannah had died of malnutrition and dehydration. Gregg Sweeten, Chief Deputy with the Sheriff's Department said that preliminary results from the autopsy showed that Hannah had been severely neglected, underfed and did not receive needed medical care:

"She was very underweight for her age. It looks from the autopsy report that if she had
been taken to the doctor, she could have been saved"

Gregg Sweeten went on to speak about the condition of Hannah when First Responders had shown up and her being transported by helicopter to the hospital:

"The condition of the child was enough to start the investigation. As soon as officers
arrived, it was evident she was malnourished. Myself, Deputy Mike Miller, Deputy Bill
Davenport and Anderson Officer Mike Bickford started the investigation immediately
at home. We had an autopsy done in Springfield and the preliminary results show
medical neglect as well as child neglect"

Sadly, Karen was found guilty of second degree involuntary manslaughter after a four day trial in May of 2010. Karen was fined $5,000. and though she was facing only four years in prison,  was sentence to NO time in prison for what she had done to Hannah. Where is the justice for this little girl? Why is it okay to abuse a child to death and get away with it? No wonder so many people don't blink an eye when they decide to abuse their children, they know they are going to get away with it. This child suffered a horrible death and NO ONE paid a price for it. The Prosecutor, Janice Durbin, said she was happy with the verdict and sentence because Karen is now a convicted felon. So what, that means nothing, she got away with murder!

Linda Walsham, Karen's mother, was now 53 years old and was facing charges of her own and she had plead not guilty earlier in the year. In 2009, the charges against Linda were dropped due to a lack of evidence against her


Hannah Renee Davenport

Dec. 20, 1998 - Jan. 29, 2005

Hannah Renee Davenport, 6, of Anderson, Mo., departed this life Saturday, Jan. 29, 2005, in Freeman Hospital West in Joplin, Mo.

Hannah was born Dec. 20, 1998, in Fayetteville, Ark., the daughter of Leonard Ray and Karen Renee (Weible) Davenport. Hannah had a joyous spirit, and would often be found singing while playing with her brothers and friends. She greatly enjoyed her Strawberry Shortcake collection. Although Hannah's life on earth was short, the memories she created for us will live on in our hearts forever.

Hannah is survived by her mother, Karen Davenport of the home; her father, Lenny Davenport, and his wife, Christina, of Little Rock, Ark.; two brothers, Clay and Robby Davenport, both of the home; a step-brother, Dakota Davenport of Little Rock, Ark.; maternal grandmother, Linda Walsham of Anderson, Mo.; maternal grandfather, Robert Weible of the state of California; paternal grandmother, Mary Davenport of the state of Virginia; paternal grandfather, Gary H. Davenport of Little Rock, Ark.; maternal great-grandparents, John and Joann Stutts of Anderson, Mo.

Graveside funeral services are 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 3, 2005, in the New Bethel Cemetery west of Anderson, Mo., with Pastor David Munoz officiating.

Visitation will be on Thursday noon until 1:45 p.m. in the Ozark Funeral Home Chapel.

Arrangements are under the personal care and direction of the Ozark Funeral Home, of Anderson, Mo.

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Death occurred in the state of Missouri

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