Kenneth D. White
August 22, 2009 - December 18, 2014
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Kenneth White's cousin, 19 year old Tiffany VanAlstyne called 911 to report that two masked people had come into their home and kidnapped her nephew. An Amber Alert was issued and a search began.

After an hours long search, Police dogs were able to pick up the scent of Kenneth's body and he was found, covered in snow in a drainage pipe. It turned out that the main suspect in the missing boys death would be Tiffany herself. Craig Apple, the Sheriff said that when they were interviewing Tiffany, her story was not consistent and he began to suspect she was lying:

"Things did not add up. We're angry we had a five year old taken from us, a
senseless death. It's sinful
and it's sad"
Craig Apple - Sheriff

Tiffany was charged with second degree murder and she didn't say a word during her arraignment. Tiffany would be represented by the Albany County Public Defender's Office:

"We had more than enough evidence to go forward with a murder charge"
Craig Apple - Sheriff

Craig Apple said that he had three children at home and he was going to go home and hug them all. Brenda VanAlstyne said that her daughter suffered with Bi- Polar disorder for which she takes medication.

Uncle and Aunt Kenneth and Brenda VanAlstyne were the legal guardians of Kenneth, who was five years old, his twin sister Cheyenne and his four year old sister Christine since they had been in the custody of the family for a little over a year with the Uncle and Aunt having gained legal custody about nine months prior to Kenneth's death. It was unclear if any of the other children had been witnesses to the attack on Kenneth though reports said they were playing in another room of the home at the time.

Kenneth was reported to have suffered a blow to his head before he was strangled and then tossed like a piece of trash over the guard railing of a road that was about 40 years from the home they lived in. A warrant was granted and Police returned to the home to do a thorough investigation.

The mother of Kenneth and his siblings was reported to live in Amsterdam and their father lived in Massachusetts, they were both reported to have lost custody of the children. Tiffany was often the baby sitter for the children when her parents were out. Police had apparently been to visit the home on several occasions, though it wasn't reported what they had been there for.

District Attorney P. David Soares stated that the remaining children were placed in protective custody due to problems in the home which would put the lives of the occupants in danger and that several agencies were investigating the conditions in which the family had been living. P. David Soares said:

"Everyone prayed to find this child abuse, but unfortunately that was not the case"

Reports said that the town of Knox code enforcement had shut down the home that the family was living in.

The home was said to be a dangerous environment and several child protective agencies as well as law enforcement were working to make sure that none of the children would ever be returned to that home. Reports said that the floor in the home was close to caving in. A fireplace in the home did not have the proper venting system and duct tape had been used in several places and there were electrical problems in the home as well.

Brenda had a doctors appointment on the day Kenneth died and she left Tiffany to baby sit and it was only minutes later that Kenneth died. Tiffany called her mother after dumping Kenneth's body and told her that he had been kidnapped, Brenda told her to call 911.

On December 19, Tiffany was in court on Friday, December 19, 2014 and she plead not guilty to a charge of felony second degree murder, no bail amount was set for her.

Reports said that Jayson and Christine White had abandoned their children and a hearing had been set up in order for them to get custody of their children returned to them, neither of them showed up. Apparently, the surviving children had at least six other siblings, some live with their parent and one had died as an baby in 2005.

Berne-Knox Westerlo Elementary School planned to hold a candle light vigil in Kenneth's honor since that had been the school he attended. A candle light vigil was planned for December 22, 2014. The vigil was set to begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Helderberg Trail School. sadly, that's the day I am adding Kenneth's story to my site.

A small memorial was started for Kenneth on the road above where his body was found.


Kenneth "Kenny" D. White

Kenneth D. “Kenny” White 5, of Thacher Park Road, Town of Knox, Albany County, NY., passed away Friday morning December 19, 2014 at home.

Born on August 22, 2009 in Schenectady, NY; he was the son of Jayson and Christine VanAlstyne White.

Kenny was a kindergarten student at Berne-Knox Westerlo School.

Kenneth my son, you will always be the most important part of my heart and memories. I’ll forever cherish the moments that I held you in my arms. You graced me from day one with your smile and your charm. Now you’re up in heaven with all the angels there above, so go and rest in peace my boy. I’ll send you all my love. You will forever be my angel. My sweet baby boy, you may be gone, but not forgotten and you will live in my heart forever more. Love always, Mommy.

Along with his parents, Kenny is survived by one brother, Jaydon White, three sisters, Jaylize, Cheyanne, his twin, and Christine White. He is also survived by his maternal grandfather, Freeman VanAlstyne and his paternal grandmother, Mary Rotgers. Aunts, uncles and many cousins also survive Kenny.

Kenny was also predeceased by his brother, Jayson White and his maternal grandmother, Kathy Ortiz and paternal grandfather, Rexlee White.

Funeral services will be held Saturday morning December 27, 2014 at 11:00 at the Riley Mortuary, Inc., 110 Division Street, Amsterdam, NY.

Interment will take place at Calvary Cemetery, Glenmont, NY.

Relatives and friend may call at the Riley Mortuary from 8:30 to 11:00 prior to the funeral service.

Contributions can be made on Facebook at

Funeral home:
Riley Mortuary Inc.
110 Division St.

This obituary was found here: Obits For Life

Thank you to Maria who continues to make sure that the children are not forgotten.

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Death occurred in the state of New York

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